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Attendee List

2018 PCA Zone 2 DE

PCA - Zone 2

Friday, Mar 16 — Sunday, Mar 18, 2018

Virginia International Raceway, Alton, VA

Due to last minute cancellations, this list may change at registration.

Time to request numbers is closed.  Please use the numbers assigned to you.

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HPDE  238 entries
#   Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
31 Avatar Image Aaby, Eric Confirmed Black 2002BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Abell, Chase Out White 2017Porsche 718 Cayman S
21 Avatar Image Alban, Marco Confirmed Black 2018Porsche GT3WORLD CLASS PACKAGING
305 Placeholder Avatar Alemani, Joseph Confirmed Green 2017Lotus Evora S
30 Placeholder Avatar Almeter, Jarad Confirmed Blue 1997Chevrolet CorvettePirate Flag Racing
330 Placeholder Avatar Ancona, John Confirmed Black 2007Porsche 997 C4S
983 Placeholder Avatar Aragona, John Confirmed Blue Porsche Cayman S
389 Placeholder Avatar Argenbright, Adam Confirmed Black 1991Porsche 944 S2
Avatar Image Ashbridge, Tim Confirmed Red 1997BMW M3
161 Placeholder Avatar Bacon, Paul Confirmed Red 2005Porsche GT3 CupSynergy Racing
20 Avatar Image Baker, Bill Confirmed Blue 2009Porsche Cayman S
516 Placeholder Avatar Balestrieri, Sebastiano Confirmed Red 2010Porsche Cayman S
33 Avatar Image Baucom, Marty Confirmed White 2017Chevrolet CorvetteRight Foot Racing Garage LLC
49 Placeholder Avatar Beddingfield, Scott Confirmed Green 2011Porsche 911 Turbo
Placeholder Avatar Bjornerud, Kelly Out Green 2018Porsche Targa 4 GT
Placeholder Avatar Blumenkranz, Uziel Out Blue 2009Porsche cayman s
104 Placeholder Avatar Brookeman, Hamish Confirmed Red 2007Porsche Cayman S
04 Avatar Image Brown, Preston Confirmed Red 1994Porsche 964 RSRetailinsights
16 Placeholder Avatar Brown, Robert Confirmed Blue 2014Porsche Cayman S
215 Avatar Image Brussel, Dana Confirmed White 2006Porsche Cayman S
Avatar Image Burgess, Otto Out Black 2012Porsche Cayman S
59 Avatar Image Chaudhary, Ayesha Confirmed Black 1990Mazda MX-5www.FastDriverMom.com
1 Placeholder Avatar Chavis, Dan Confirmed White 2006Porsche 911 Carrera S
156 Placeholder Avatar Chilcott, Ernie Confirmed Blue 1987Porsche Carrera
41 Placeholder Avatar Cinque, Chuck Confirmed White 2006Porsche Cayman S
4 Placeholder Avatar Cline, Shawn Confirmed Green Porsche 911
Avatar Image Coates, Jim Out White 2016BMW M4 GTS
Placeholder Avatar Coey, Brian Confirmed
6 Placeholder Avatar Collins, Jeffrey Confirmed Green 2012Porsche 911 S
522 Placeholder Avatar Colon, Michael Confirmed Red 1999Porsche 911
54 Placeholder Avatar Copeland, Randy Confirmed Black 2017Porsche Turbo SVelocity Micro Custom PCs
67 Placeholder Avatar Corcoran, James (Jim) Confirmed Black 1987Porsche 911 Carrera
55 Placeholder Avatar Cornett, Jason Confirmed Red 1997BMW M3
Avatar Image Cranford, Bobby Out Blue 2014Porsche Cayman
527 Placeholder Avatar Critcher, David H. Confirmed Black 1996Porsche 993
Placeholder Avatar Critcher, Josh Confirmed Green 1988Porsche 944
25 Placeholder Avatar Dallmann, R. Doug Confirmed Black 1987Porsche 911
39 Avatar Image Dalton, Ken Confirmed Blue 2011Porsche Cayman S
24 Placeholder Avatar DaSilva, Antonio Confirmed Red 2008Porsche 997 SROCCO RESTAURANT
317 Avatar Image Dekker, Dirk Confirmed Red 1988Porsche Targa
142 Placeholder Avatar Denegre, John Confirmed White 2012Porsche Cayman RSocial Security Administration
44 Placeholder Avatar Denegre III, Thomas Confirmed Green 2003car Porsche Boxster
62 Avatar Image DeShazo, Gib Confirmed Green 2001Porsche 911
47 Placeholder Avatar Devlin, Mark Confirmed White 1999Porsche 911
477 Avatar Image Dinon, Gene Confirmed Red 2014Porsche Cayman SThe Dinon Family!!!
Placeholder Avatar Doolittle, George Out Blue 2014Porsche GT3
201 Placeholder Avatar Edwin, Robin Confirmed White 2003Porsche C4S
Placeholder Avatar Ehler, David Out Green 2017Ford GT 350 2017Self
13 Avatar Image ElChaar, Joseph J Confirmed Red 2013Ford Boss 302ElChaar Group Motorsports
427 Placeholder Avatar Erosa, Edwin Confirmed Blue 2010Chevrolet Corvette
5 Avatar Image Estrada, Marco Confirmed Red 2002BMW M3
377 Placeholder Avatar Evans, George Confirmed Red 2008Porsche GT3 CupS.T.R
081 Avatar Image Faunce, Randy Confirmed Black 2016Porsche Cayman GT4none
691 Avatar Image Fernandez, Yoyi Confirmed Blue 2016Porsche 911 4 GTS
12 Avatar Image Flanagan, Steven Confirmed Black 2005BMW M3Racer Motors LLC
29 Avatar Image Font, David Confirmed White 2006Porsche Cayman S
49 Placeholder Avatar Font Mera, Anna Sofia Confirmed Blue 2012Volkswagen Golf GTI
Placeholder Avatar Fowler, Brad Confirmed Green 2017Chevrolet Corvette
981 Placeholder Avatar fuh, edward Confirmed Green 2016Porsche Cayman GTS
888 Avatar Image Gale, Thomas Confirmed Green 2016Porsche GT4
727 Placeholder Avatar Garbee, Cabell Confirmed White 1990Porsche 944S2
05 Placeholder Avatar Gebhardt, Todd Confirmed Black 2016Porsche Gt4
Avatar Image Gibson, Lawrence Out Red 2007BMW M3PDA Racing
18 Placeholder Avatar Gluckson, Mathew Confirmed Black Porsche Spec Boxster
Placeholder Avatar Goins, Danny Out Blue 2002Porsche C4S CoupeDanny L. Goins Architect LLC
127 Avatar Image Goldspinner, Leonard Confirmed Black 2006Porsche Cayman SLexi's Lyme Life
434 Avatar Image Graham, James Confirmed Black 1996Porsche 993 C4S
Placeholder Avatar Griffin, Rick Out Green 2016Porsche Cayman S
Placeholder Avatar Griffith, Gregory Out Green 2017Porsche 718 Cayman S
694 Placeholder Avatar Grobman, Bruce Confirmed Blue 2014Porsche Cayman SMy kids 529's
541 Placeholder Avatar Guerra, James Confirmed Red 2011Chevrolet Camaro SS
10 Avatar Image Habibzai, Yama Confirmed Blue 2007Porsche 911 Turbo
106 Placeholder Avatar Haig, Bill Confirmed Green 2011Porsche Cayman S
996 Placeholder Avatar Hart, Thomas Confirmed Red 2010Porsche Gt3
Avatar Image Hartman, David Out White 2018Chevrolet C7 Z06 Z07 7-speedBill Foster
17 Placeholder Avatar Hatfield, William Confirmed Red 2007Porsche 911 S
125 Avatar Image Hathaway, David Confirmed Blue 2016Porsche Cayman GTS
45 Avatar Image Hay, Mike Confirmed Green 2014Porsche Boxster S
333 Avatar Image Head, Stephen Confirmed Black 2006Porsche Cayman S
517 Placeholder Avatar Hendrickson, Mark Out Red 2005Porsche GT3
993 Avatar Image Hennessy, Kevin Confirmed White 1997Porsche 911 C2
23 Placeholder Avatar Hirth, Victor Confirmed Black BMW M3
331 Placeholder Avatar Hollister, Dean Confirmed Red 2010Porsche GT3
56 Placeholder Avatar Horowitz, Jeff Confirmed Black 1990Mazda MiataHotzTuff Racing
13 Placeholder Avatar Horvath, Ivan Confirmed White 2002BMW M3
Avatar Image Hotz, John Out Black 1999Mazda MiataHotztuff Racing
98 Placeholder Avatar Hutchens, Bill Confirmed Black 2017Ford mustang gt
37 Placeholder Avatar Israel, David Confirmed Black 2004Porsche GT3
4 Avatar Image Ivic, Tommy Confirmed Black 1995BMW M3Tier Car Care, S.T.R.
Avatar Image Jameson, Paul Confirmed Green 2014Porsche Panamera GTS
Avatar Image Jarrett, T Roy Confirmed Red 2016Ford GT 350R
7 Placeholder Avatar Jernigan, Anthony Confirmed Black 2018Radical RadicalThe Pinnacle Group
7 Placeholder Avatar Jernigan, Raleigh Confirmed Green 2018Radical RadicalThe Pinnacle Group
107 Placeholder Avatar Judge, Daniel Confirmed Blue 2002Porsche 911-Turbo
159 Placeholder Avatar Judge, Terrence Confirmed White 1990Porsche 964Holman Racing
99 Placeholder Avatar Kaufman, Peter Out Black 1992Mazda MiataHotztuff Racing; Index Finger Racing
901 Avatar Image Kaunitz, Michael Confirmed Red 1999Porsche 996Ruby Summit Point
14 Placeholder Avatar Kessler, John Confirmed Black 1971Porsche 911
66 Placeholder Avatar Kimmitt, Susan Confirmed Red 2010Porsche Cayman S
917 Avatar Image Kirkwood, Robert Confirmed White 2002Chevrolet Corvette Z06none
11 Placeholder Avatar Klar, Neal Confirmed Black 2012Audi R8
315 Placeholder Avatar kokkosis, stavros Confirmed Red 2014Porsche cayman Snone
902 Placeholder Avatar Kotlow, Kaz Confirmed Green 1986Porsche 944
91 Avatar Image Koupal, Lawrence Confirmed Green 2013Porsche Carrera S
Placeholder Avatar Kovacyk, Lutzo Confirmed
9 Avatar Image Krueger, Thomas Confirmed Red 2016Porsche Cayman GT4
98 Avatar Image Kuehn, Michael Confirmed White 2016Porsche GT4
116 Placeholder Avatar Lambert, Richard Confirmed Red 2007Porsche GT3Prime Mechanical Systems, Inc.
977 Avatar Image Lanka, Jeffrey Confirmed White 2009Porsche GT3 Cup
551 Placeholder Avatar Layton, Mike Confirmed White Porsche Cayman S
547 Avatar Image LeBlanc, Gordon Confirmed White 2005Porsche 911
547 Placeholder Avatar LeBlanc, Leslie Confirmed Blue 2005Porsche 911
88 Placeholder Avatar Lee, David Confirmed White 2003BMW M3
18 Placeholder Avatar Lee, Eric Confirmed White 2007Porsche Cayman S
Placeholder Avatar Lee, Kristin Out Green 2002Porsche 911
28 Placeholder Avatar Lee, Sherman Confirmed White 1999BMW M3
616 Placeholder Avatar Leeds, Melvin Confirmed White 2014Porsche 981
109 Placeholder Avatar Leerdam, Ed Confirmed Black Porsche Cayman R
1 Placeholder Avatar Levy, Stuart Confirmed Red 2016Chevrolet Corvette Z06
137 Placeholder Avatar Lim, Hong Confirmed Black 2016Porsche Cayman
Avatar Image Lincon, David Out Black 1999Porsche 996
Placeholder Avatar Lippman, Oliver Confirmed White 1999BMW M3
69 Avatar Image Lippner, Paul Confirmed White 2016BMW M4
33 Placeholder Avatar Lizada, Alexander Confirmed Black 1995BMW M3
Avatar Image Llorens, Luis Out Blue 2016Porsche Cayman GT4
8 Avatar Image Londeree, Brad Confirmed Blue 2010Porsche 911 sRBL Designs Inc
64 Placeholder Avatar Luster, Roy Confirmed Blue 2008Porsche Cayman S
821 Placeholder Avatar Lynam, Tom Confirmed Red 2016Porsche Cayman SRudtner's RAcing group
Placeholder Avatar Lyons, Jonathan Confirmed Blue 1991BMW 318isTorqueSpec
263 Avatar Image Maharlouei, Babak Confirmed Red 2015Porsche 911 GT3
244 Avatar Image Mangan, Joseph Confirmed Red 2016Porsche gt3RS
79 Placeholder Avatar Maples, Keith Confirmed Blue 1995Acura IntegraKWMaples Construction
103 Avatar Image Markadakis, George Confirmed Red 2010Porsche GT3Romano Paving & Contracting Corp.
93 Avatar Image Marshall, John Confirmed Black 2016Porsche GT4Smooth Thunder Motorsports
288 Placeholder Avatar Martinez, Gary Confirmed Black 2003Porsche 996 C4S
8 Placeholder Avatar Martinez, Nilaida Confirmed Green 2010Porsche 911 sRBL Designs
951 Placeholder Avatar Mattran, Don Confirmed Red 1989Porsche 944 Turbo
Avatar Image McDonough, Christopher Out White 2016Porsche Cayman GT4
430 Avatar Image McDonough, Rob Confirmed Black 2016Porsche GT4
80 Placeholder Avatar McFadden, Corey Confirmed Red 2006Porsche Cayman S
61 Placeholder Avatar McLaughlin, David Confirmed Red 2016Ford Mustang GTMcLaughlin Construction Company
113 Avatar Image Mechler, Collin Confirmed Red 1986Porsche 951Mechler Engineering; cheater parts
Placeholder Avatar Mera, Carlos Confirmed Green 2011Porsche Cayman R
303 Placeholder Avatar Mera, Jose Confirmed Blue 2012Porsche Cayman R
998 Avatar Image Meringolo, Peter Confirmed Red 2005Porsche Carrera S
69 Placeholder Avatar Merriken, Rick Confirmed Blue 2009Porsche Carrera S
05 Placeholder Avatar Michalove, Aaron Confirmed Green 2009Porsche 911 Carrera S
33 Avatar Image Miller, Don Confirmed Blue 2008Porsche CAYMAN SMILLER POOLS & SPAS
3 Placeholder Avatar Miller, Gregory Confirmed Black 2012Chevrolet Camaro
Placeholder Avatar Miller, Peter Confirmed White 2005Porsche Boxster
252 Placeholder Avatar Min, Justus Confirmed Green 2009Porsche 911 Carrera S
07 Placeholder Avatar Mitterer, Joe Confirmed Green 1986Chevrolet Corvette
471 Avatar Image Mittmann, Kurt Confirmed White 1999BMW M3
15 Placeholder Avatar Mulligan, Bob Confirmed Red 2005Porsche GT3
123 Placeholder Avatar Munsch, Ray Confirmed Black 1986Porsche 944 TurboRAM Automotive, Inc.
419 Placeholder Avatar Murtha, Charlie Confirmed Green 1996Mazda Miata
14 Placeholder Avatar Nodeland, Knut Confirmed White 1985Porsche 911 Carrera
Avatar Image O'Brien, William Out Black 2012Chevrolet CorvetteErin Go Bragh Racing
73 Placeholder Avatar OConnell, David Out White 2001Porsche Boxter S
777 Placeholder Avatar O'Connor, Monty Confirmed Blue 2014Porsche Turbo
00 Placeholder Avatar O' Hara, Patrick Confirmed Blue 2017BMW M2
019 Placeholder Avatar Ojikutu, Henrik Confirmed Green 2012Porsche 911 GTS
865 Avatar Image Olson, Andrew Confirmed Black 1986Porsche 928
Avatar Image O'Rourke, Brendan Out Blue 2003BMW 330ciHunt Valley EuroCar
Placeholder Avatar Ottaway, Jim Out Green 1997Porsche Boxster
34 Placeholder Avatar Parker, William Confirmed White 2003Porsche Carrera 4S
742 Avatar Image Peffen, J. Mark Confirmed White 2016Porsche Cayman GT4
123 Avatar Image Perez, Lyn Confirmed Red 2009Porsche Carerra S
411 Placeholder Avatar Persad, Rob Confirmed Red 2002Chevrolet Z06
Placeholder Avatar Poe, Robert Out Green 2008Porsche Cayman
24 Avatar Image Poteat, William Confirmed White 2010Porsche Boxster S
21 Avatar Image Purcell, Michael Confirmed Blue 2011Porsche SpyderHELOC
2 Placeholder Avatar Quick, Ken Confirmed White 2004Porsche GT3
17 Placeholder Avatar Reaves, Brad Confirmed Blue 2007Porsche Carerra S
707 Avatar Image Reiche, Colleen Confirmed Black 2016Chevrolet Corvette Z06
81 Avatar Image Reiche, Sean Confirmed White 2014Porsche Cayman S
Avatar Image Reid, Anne Out Blue 2016Porsche Gt3
5 Placeholder Avatar Rhodes, Aaron Confirmed Green 2016Ford Fiesta STRhodes Enterprises
005 Placeholder Avatar Rhodes, Scott Confirmed Blue 2016Ford Shelby GT350Rhodes Enterprises
45 Placeholder Avatar Richardson, Emmett Confirmed Red 2016Porsche Cayman GT4
Placeholder Avatar Rosen, Laurel Sue Out Red 1999Porsche Boxster
18 Placeholder Avatar Rosen, Marvin Confirmed Red 1999Porsche Boxster
628 Placeholder Avatar Rowe, Jeffrey Confirmed White 2012Porsche Carrera GTS
811 Avatar Image Salter, Christopher Confirmed Black 2016Porsche GT4
Placeholder Avatar Sarfaty, Steve Confirmed Black 1999BMW M3
10 Placeholder Avatar Savino, Bart Confirmed Red 2014Porsche GT3
76 Avatar Image Schoeneborn, Richard Confirmed White 2015Ferrari 458 Speciale
054 Placeholder Avatar Schuler, Kevin Confirmed Red 2011Porsche GT-3 CupMen of Steel Motorsports
398 Avatar Image Schutzenbach, Robert Confirmed White 2014Porsche CAYMAN S
99 Placeholder Avatar Shammas, Michael Confirmed Red 1995BMW M3
11 Placeholder Avatar Shanbrom, Andrew Confirmed Blue 2016Porsche GT4
Placeholder Avatar Shapiro, Aaron Out Red 1995BMW M3
991 Avatar Image Shearer, Randy Confirmed White 2015Porsche GT3
08 Placeholder Avatar Shemaka, Gary Confirmed Black Porsche Porsche 911 4S
51 Placeholder Avatar Shemaka, George Confirmed Black 2018Porsche Cayman S
1 Placeholder Avatar Shields, Kempton Confirmed Black 2002BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar shulman, brian Out White 2018Chevrolet Camaro zl1 1leBooze and chicks
997 Avatar Image Shum, Jonathan Confirmed Blue 2005Porsche 997
02 Placeholder Avatar Sibley, Jerry Confirmed Black 2014Porsche Cayman S
18 Placeholder Avatar Silverman, Jonathan Confirmed Green 2016Porsche Caymen GT4
40 Placeholder Avatar Skorepa, Brad Confirmed Blue 2016Porsche Boxster Spyder
28 Placeholder Avatar Snow, Frank Confirmed Red 2004Porsche 996
74 Placeholder Avatar Snyder, Steve Confirmed White 2006Porsche Cayman S
71 Placeholder Avatar spiegler, glenn Confirmed Black 2015Porsche cayman sKatie
42 Placeholder Avatar Stoner, Mike Confirmed White 1999Porsche Boxster
Placeholder Avatar Stover, Brandt Confirmed Red 2016BMW M4 GTS
Avatar Image Strickland, Nick Out Blue 2009Porsche 911 Carrera S
637 Placeholder Avatar Sunderland, John Confirmed Red 2003Mazda Miata
Placeholder Avatar Syme, Bernard Confirmed
998 Avatar Image Tally, Maggie Confirmed Blue 1996Mazda Miata
Placeholder Avatar Taylor, Charles Confirmed
213 Placeholder Avatar Taylor, Claude Confirmed White 2003Porsche Boxster S
114 Placeholder Avatar Templeton, Gary Confirmed Green 2004Volkswagen Jetta
003 Placeholder Avatar Therien, Bevan Confirmed Green 2014Mazda 3
100 Avatar Image Therien, Don Confirmed White 2015Porsche Cayman GTS
010 Avatar Image Therien, John Confirmed Blue 2014Porsche Cayman S
23 Placeholder Avatar Thomas, Gary Confirmed Green 1986Porsche 944 Turbo
Placeholder Avatar Toretta, Paul Out Green 2007Porsche 911
Avatar Image Trumbo, Holder Out Black 1999Porsche 996
17 Placeholder Avatar Tse, Eric Confirmed White 2016Porsche Cayman
81 Avatar Image Valentine, Mike Confirmed Black 2013Porsche Boxster S
47 Placeholder Avatar Van Hise, Jonathan Confirmed Red 2007Porsche Cayman S
747 Placeholder Avatar Van Hise, Timothy Confirmed Blue Porsche Boxster S
415 Avatar Image Vetter, Steve Confirmed Black 1990Porsche 944S2
Placeholder Avatar Vittorio, Michael Out White 2012Porsche Cayman R
205 Placeholder Avatar Walsh, Damien Confirmed Black 1997Porsche 97 Boxster
Placeholder Avatar Warner, John Out Green 2008Porsche 911 4S
692 Avatar Image Weiss, Ken Confirmed Red 1990Porsche Carrera 2Welsch Aviation, Inc.
15 Placeholder Avatar Wensinger, Jeremy Confirmed Black 1989Porsche 964
088 Placeholder Avatar Wilhite, Adam Confirmed White 1988BMW M3
7 Placeholder Avatar Wilhite, Alan Confirmed Black 2001Porsche TT
01 Placeholder Avatar Williams, Spencer Confirmed Black 1985Porsche 944
84 Placeholder Avatar Williams, Steve Confirmed Black 2007Porsche 997/Carrera SProfessional Catering inc
69 Placeholder Avatar Yeldezian, John Confirmed Black 2003Porsche 911
21 Placeholder Avatar Yeterian, Wahe Confirmed Red Porsche 991 gt3rs
813 Avatar Image York, Allen Confirmed White 2016Porsche GT4
03 Avatar Image Yurko, Karl Confirmed Black 2011Porsche GT3
21 Placeholder Avatar Yust, Greg Confirmed Green 2016Porsche Cayman GTS

238 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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