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Attendee List

VDCA Season Finale 2019


Friday, Dec 13 — Sunday, Dec 15, 2019

Roebling Road Raceway, Bloomingdale, GA

3-Day Event   79 entries

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Group 1   24 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
128 Placeholder Avatar Brown, Shea 1CS 1974Fiat 128cs Myrtle Beach, SC
12 Placeholder Avatar Collard, Alan 1DSR 1972HAGUE 72 Jupiter, FL
210 Placeholder Avatar Burke, Fred 1FM 1957Elva Mk2 Sportsracer Atlanta, GA
181 Placeholder Avatar Scopes, Tim 1FM 1957Lotus Eleven Series 2 Hickory, NC
2 Placeholder Avatar Beck, Lamar 1FP 2000Caterham 3 Upatoi, GA
017 Avatar Image Craig, Mark 1FP 1972Triumph SpitfireZapata Racing Brentwood, TN
43 Avatar Image Giffin, Hank 1FP 1960Turner Stars and Stripes Racing Norfolk, VA
9 Placeholder Avatar Hagopian, Gary 1FP 1958Austin Bugeye Sprite Sunapee, NH
16 Placeholder Avatar Russell, Andy 1FP 1972MG Midget Charlotte, NC
189 Placeholder Avatar Stein, Burton 1FP 1962MG MGAGold Mountain Entertainment Nashville, TN
776 Placeholder Avatar Stein, Jonas 1FP 1964Triumph SpitfireGold Mountain Entertainment Nashville, TN
197 Placeholder Avatar Turner, Tom 1FP 1982Alfa Romeo Spyder Jacksonville, FL
83 Placeholder Avatar Childs, William Mark 1FV 1969Formula V Lnyx B Fernandina Beach, FL
57 Placeholder Avatar Cotter, Brian 1FV 1969Horton FV Atlanta, GA
97 Placeholder Avatar Ennis, Michael 1FV 1969Lynx B Hobe Sound, FL
15 Placeholder Avatar Fuchs, John 1FV 1968Lynx B Inglis, FL
131 Avatar Image Lemmon, Mark 1FV 1965Formcar FV Franklinton, NC
17 Avatar Image Slater, Tim 1GP 1965Triumph LeMans Spitfireslater marine llc West Palm Beach, FL
7 Placeholder Avatar Crews, Todd 1HP 1959Austin Healey Sprite Mk I (Bugeye)Zapata / MSA Classics Brierfield, AL
13 Avatar Image Daniels Jr, John 1HP 1960Austin Healey Spriten/a Minneapolis, MN
18 Placeholder Avatar Hofer, Jim 1HP 1959Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite Memphis, TN
511 Avatar Image Merchlewitz, Buzz 1HP 1959Austin Healey Sprite Crossville, TN
09 Placeholder Avatar Joslin, Craig 1ITC 1983Volkswagen Rabbit GTI Hoschton, GA
155 Placeholder Avatar Ebert, Scott 9PW 1939Dreyer Ford Special Crystal River, FL

Class Totals: 1CS: 1, 1DSR: 1, 1FM: 2, 1FP: 8, 1FV: 5, 1GP: 1, 1HP: 4, 1ITC: 1, 9PW: 1

Open Wheel   16 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
10 Placeholder Avatar Fraelich, Thomas 2CF 1979Crossle CF Marathon, FL
2 Placeholder Avatar Gaffney, Tim 2CF 1974Lola 342 Birmingham, MI
23 Placeholder Avatar Griffin, Joseph 2CF 1981Crossle 45F Winter Garden, FL
27 Avatar Image Meis, Doug 2CF 1974Lola T340Team Escargot Winston Salem, NC
74 Avatar Image Merchlewitz, Buzz 2CF 1974Lola T340Okie Racing Crossville, TN
55 Avatar Image Nichols, Timothy 2CF 1978Hawke DL17 DALLAS, TX
52 Avatar Image Oddi, Leo 2CF 1978TIGA FFA 1600Oddity Racing Fredericksburg, VA
92 Avatar Image Seiler, Mark 2CF 1977Crossle 32fRising Son Racing Bessemer City, NC
62 Avatar Image Waldrop, Duke 2CF 1973Titan MK9BRed Wine & Brew Racing Winter Haven, FL
155 Placeholder Avatar Yaged, Jon 2CF 1981Windshadow Formula FordPowerslide Motorsports New York, NY
88 Placeholder Avatar Hanrahan, James 2FF 1972Hawke FF Easton, MA
63 Avatar Image Nettleship, Scott 2FF 1981Crossle 45F Leland , NC
5 Avatar Image Kennedy, Mike 5FM 1962Lotus 23RAutogroup Racing Service Kissimmee, FL
133 Placeholder Avatar Hibdon, Robert 7VS2 Swift DB2 North Charleston, SC
4 Placeholder Avatar miller, greg 7VS2 1985Swift DB2 North Chesterfield, VA
6 Placeholder Avatar Gaffney, Brian Post Club Ford 1982Van Diemen RF-82 essex fells, NJ

Class Totals: 2CF: 10, 2FF: 2, 5FM: 1, 7VS2: 2, Post Club Ford: 1

Group 3   22 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
72 Placeholder Avatar Bondon, Dave 3BP 1964Morgan 4/4Splinter Group Racing Duluth, GA
26 Avatar Image Anderson, David 3BS 1967Alfa Romeo GTV Tallahassee, FL
971 Placeholder Avatar Gompels, Mark 3BS 1971Alfa Romeo GTV 1750 Savannah, GA
91 Placeholder Avatar Burke, Fred 3DM 1962Cooper Monaco Atlanta, GA
391 Placeholder Avatar Davis, Robert S. 3DM 1960Lola MK1 San Francisco, CA
23 Placeholder Avatar LeVeque, Michael 3DP 1966Chevrolet Yenko StingerLeVair Performance , Indy Custom Machine Fayetteville, Tn
61 Placeholder Avatar Porter, Herman 3DP 1972Porsche 914/4Slo-Motion Speed Johns Island, SC
19 Placeholder Avatar Rapp, Jeff 3DP 1965Chevrolet CorvairIndy Custom Machine, LeVair Performance Indianapolis, IN
66 Placeholder Avatar Shepard, Spencer 3DP 1966Chevrolet CorvairShepard Automotive Charlotte, NC
159 Placeholder Avatar Dunn, Peter 3EP 1963Morgan 4x4 Midlothian, VA
18 Avatar Image Fontanella, John 3EP 1964MG BBlue Crab Racing Annapolis, MD
7 Avatar Image Jemison, Richard 3EP 1967Alfa Romeo Spider DuettoRjR Racing / Scuderiagiallo.com Pensacola, FL
74 Placeholder Avatar Lembcke, Bob 3EP 1961Elva Mk 1 Courier Pensacola, FL
362 Avatar Image Levine, Mike 3EP 1964Chevrolet Corvair MonzaBill Thomas Race Cars Cumming, GA
34 Placeholder Avatar Morrison, Mike 3EP 1975MG B Lyman, SC
333 Placeholder Avatar Poteet, Jack 3EP 1962Morgan 4x4 Morganton, NC
25 Placeholder Avatar Slattum, Ken 3EP 1973MG B Angier, NC
6 Avatar Image Morgan, Ray 3FM 1964Merlyn Mk 6Vintage Motorcar Restorations Jasper, GA
9 Placeholder Avatar Buttrose, Paul 3ITA 1994Mazda MiataMick Dundee Fort Lauderdale, FL
31 Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Johnny 3ITA 1992Mazda Miata Tifton, GA
36 Avatar Image Schuster, Ken 3ITA 1990Mazda Miata Savannah, GA
43 Avatar Image Tyson, Charles 3ITC 1990Mazda Miata Savannah, Ga

Class Totals: 3BP: 1, 3BS: 2, 3DM: 2, 3DP: 4, 3EP: 8, 3FM: 1, 3ITA: 3, 3ITC: 1

Groups 6 & 8   17 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
88 Placeholder Avatar Lott, Andrew 6 American Sedan 1988Consulier GTP6's n 7's racing Loxahatchee, FL
14 Placeholder Avatar Perry, John 6 Outlaw Vintage 1972Porsche 914/6Zip Ties & Duct Tape Rescue, VA
73 Avatar Image Bearden, David 8AP 1972Porsche 911RSn/a Brentwood, TN
89 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Houghton 8AP 1978Datsun 280ZN/A Montgomery, AL
161 Placeholder Avatar Costanzo, Henry 8BP 1973Datsun 240ZTollyrat Racing Marietta, GA
33 Avatar Image Cotter, Tom 8BP 1964Chevrolet CorvetteSelf Davidson, NC
24 Placeholder Avatar Hagopian, Douglas 8BP 1968Porsche 911Hye-Fire Distributors Windermere, FL
86 Placeholder Avatar Baucom, H Gary 8BS 1969Fiat 124 CoupeBaucom Motorsports Monroe, NC
56 Placeholder Avatar Bello, Ernie 8BS 1974Opel Kadett GT/EErnie Bello Motorsport West Palm Beach, FL
206 Avatar Image Liles, Joe 8BS 1970BMW 2002Autobarn classic cars. com Charlotte, NC
72 Placeholder Avatar Thompson, Robert 8BS 1973BMW 1973none Chatham, VA
23 Avatar Image Lipsky, Steve 8CP 1971Datsun 240ZDust Free PC Jacksonville, FL
62 Avatar Image Cone, Ceasar 8DP 1967Alfa Romeo Duetto Charlotte, NC
16 Placeholder Avatar Bryan, Skip 8RS 1987BMW 325iRoad - N - Race The Villages, FL
06 Avatar Image May, Blake 8RS 1974BMW 2002 Beaufort, SC
144 Avatar Image Skeen, Mark 8RS 1972BMW 2002 Durham, NC
21 Placeholder Avatar Taylor, Al 8RS 1987BMW 325i Milton, NC

Class Totals: 6 American Sedan: 1, 6 Outlaw Vintage: 1, 8AP: 2, 8BP: 3, 8BS: 4, 8CP: 1, 8DP: 1, 8RS: 4

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