Dominion Raceway announces High Performance DR Education (HPDRE) 6/17/18 Sunday, June 17, 2018 attendees at Dominion Raceway, Thornburg, VA 22580 (3853) > Attendees |

Attendee List

High Performance DR Education (HPDRE) 6/17/18

Dominion Raceway

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Dominion Raceway, Thornburg, VA

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Tentative 6/17/18 Schedule: click here.

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HPDRE Entrant  83 entries
#   Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
83 Placeholder Avatar Anderson, John Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 1990Acura Integra
4 Placeholder Avatar Aquino, Mark Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2016BMW M4Moore Automotive
92 Placeholder Avatar Ardolino, Charles Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 2002Honda s2000patchmypc, hpd, Cornwell tools
41 Placeholder Avatar Ashby, Chris Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 2017Ford Mustang base
167 Avatar Image Astley, Matthew Confirmed HPDRE Black Group 2002BMW M3
27 Placeholder Avatar Bass, William Confirmed HPDRE Black Group 1998BMW M3
117 Avatar Image Bennett, Marc Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 1993Chevrolet Camaro
44 Avatar Image Bernard, Ed Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 2011Subaru ImprezaTeam B&B
444 Avatar Image Blow, Colin Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 2018Subaru BRZ - tSPrisma3 Motorsports
36 Placeholder Avatar Boroday, Roman Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 1995BMW M3ELIS Group LLC
15 Placeholder Avatar Brown, Alvin Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2017Chevrolet Corvette GS
8 Avatar Image Buckley, Christopher Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 2007Mazda Miata
45 Placeholder Avatar Burghardt, Karl Confirmed HPDRE Black Group 2015Chevrolet Corvette Z06
3 Avatar Image Burton, Brett Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2017Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport 2LT
69 Avatar Image Caplan, Jeff Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group BMW M3Odometer Gears Ltd.
11 Placeholder Avatar Chang, Warren Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2017Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
59 Avatar Image Crenshaw, Justin Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 2005Scion xAPTUNING
53 Avatar Image Dabbar, John Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 1999Porsche 996
58 Avatar Image Diviney, Dirk Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2017Ford Mustang GT
903 Avatar Image Dogaru, Emil Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 1997Mazda MiataInsane Miata Motorsports
77 Avatar Image Dole, Chris Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group Mazda Miata
7 Placeholder Avatar Dubasov, Dmitry Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 2004Mazda Miata
12 Placeholder Avatar Dunlap, Dennis Confirmed HPDRE Green Group Chevrolet corvettenone-
143 Avatar Image Fahey, Michael Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 2016Subaru WRX STI
80 Avatar Image Feaster, Nicholas Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 2005Mitsubishi Evo
113 Placeholder Avatar Frederick-bittner, Eliot Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 1999BMW 328iFox towing
357 Placeholder Avatar Gammon, Bill Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 2014Ford Fiesta ST
75 Avatar Image Getz Jr., Robert Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 1995BMW 325i
240 Placeholder Avatar Green, Gary Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2009BMW M3
121 Avatar Image Harper, Stephen Confirmed HPDRE Red Group 1995Porsche 911
91 Avatar Image Hebert, Chris Confirmed HPDRE Black Group 2016Porsche GT4
17 Placeholder Avatar Helms, John Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2003Chevrolet Corvette
917 Placeholder Avatar Hicks, Craig Confirmed HPDRE Black Group 2015Porsche GT3
6 Avatar Image Hill, Peter Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2011BMW 335i
158 Placeholder Avatar Howard, Cory Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 2014Ford Focus STAmerican do it yourself garage
515 Placeholder Avatar Hunnicutt, Jeff Confirmed HPDRE Black Group 2005Infiniti G35 coupe
14 Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Lance Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2012Volkswagen Jetta GLI
18 Placeholder Avatar Kaplan, Rob Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 1990Mazda Miata
10 Avatar Image Karras, Thomas Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2017BMW M235i
915 Avatar Image Kelly, Mike Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 1985Porsche 944
13 Placeholder Avatar King, Joe Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 1991Ford Festiva
65 Placeholder Avatar Kramar, David Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 2017Ford Fiesta ST
804 Avatar Image Leonard, Richard Confirmed HPDRE Green Group Ford GT500Wife
2 Placeholder Avatar Long, Zachary Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 1997BMW M3
43 Placeholder Avatar MacLeod, Jack Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 1996Mazda MiataPTuning
749 Placeholder Avatar Mashkov, V Confirmed HPDRE Black Group 1997Mazda Miata
20 Placeholder Avatar McCarthy, David Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2006Mitsubishi Lancer
5 Placeholder Avatar Mchugh, Patrick Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 2007BMW M3
123 Placeholder Avatar Mickle, Zach Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 1990BMW 325i E30
808 Avatar Image Miller, Martin Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 1987Porsche 944 Turbo
112 Avatar Image Miller, Mike Confirmed HPDRE Black Group 2017Chevrolet Camaro
761 Placeholder Avatar Mills, Baron Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 1995BMW M3European Sport Garage, Laurel MD
61 Placeholder Avatar Mills, Steve Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2013Chevrolet camaro
25 Avatar Image Mills, Tim Confirmed HPDRE Red Group 2006Subaru WRX STIRacecomp Engineering
99 Placeholder Avatar Moran, Chris Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2015Subaru WRXGNG Motorsports
32 Avatar Image Obernberger, Joe Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 2009BMW 135i
46 Placeholder Avatar Olsen, Mike Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 2004BMW 330i
73 Placeholder Avatar Olsen, Patrick Confirmed HPDRE Black Group 2005Cadillac CTS-V
68 Placeholder Avatar Orr, Scott Confirmed HPDRE Black Group 2014Porsche 911
30 Placeholder Avatar Ortiz, David Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 1995BMW M3
550 Avatar Image Owens, Steve Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 2015Ford Mustang GT
19 Placeholder Avatar Parlati, Anthony Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 1999Mazda Miata
96 Avatar Image Patrick, Cameron Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 1996Ford Mustang
451 Placeholder Avatar Phillips, Tom Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 1987Porsche 944 Turbo
74 Placeholder Avatar Pinckney, Frank Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group Porsche 911
111 Avatar Image Pirpiris, Alex Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 1995BMW 325is
602 Placeholder Avatar Pudeyev, Oleg Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 2003Mazda
79 Placeholder Avatar Rainey, Larry Confirmed HPDRE Black Group 1989BMW 325i
103 Placeholder Avatar Ratcliffe, Alex Confirmed HPDRE Red Group 1968Triumph
71 Placeholder Avatar Rosen, Eric Confirmed HPDRE Red Group 2017Chevrolet SS
777 Avatar Image Schneider, Bryan Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2015BMW M4
16 Placeholder Avatar Sellier, Sten Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 1998BMW M3Beltway Brewing Company
567 Placeholder Avatar Sheldon, Rhonda Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2012Nissan 370Z Nismo
555 Placeholder Avatar Skeel, Travis Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 2016Ford Fiesta St
28 Placeholder Avatar Snow, Frank Confirmed HPDRE Black Group 2004Porsche 996
171 Placeholder Avatar Spinner, Herbert Confirmed HPDRE Black Group 2014Ford Fiesta
9 Placeholder Avatar Stanley, Ryan Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 2017Subaru BRZ
115 Placeholder Avatar Stephens, Dave Confirmed HPDRE Instructor / Red Group 2000Honda CivicDominion Motorsports
151 Placeholder Avatar Stephens, Zachari Confirmed HPDRE Black Group 2000Honda
1 Placeholder Avatar Walters, Eugene Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2016Volkswagen GTI
213 Avatar Image Webb, James Confirmed HPDRE Blue Group 1997BMW M3
51 Placeholder Avatar Webber, Jason Confirmed HPDRE Green Group 2015Alfa Romeo 4C
230 Placeholder Avatar Xia, Tian Confirmed HPDRE Black Group 1990BMW 325i

83 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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