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Porsche Owners Club @ Spring Mountain

Porsche Owners Club

Saturday, Oct 5 — Sunday, Oct 6, 2019

Spring Mountain, Pahrump, NV

Cup Racing  54 entries

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Cup Race Red   28 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
120 Placeholder Avatar Blockus, Bruce GT1 2007Porsche Cayman S Henderson, NV
175 Placeholder Avatar Bloom, Kelvin GT1 Wolf
207 Placeholder Avatar Gibson, Scott GT1 2007Lotus Two Eleven Jackson, WY
0 Avatar Image Olberz, Eric GT1 2016Porsche GT3 R Bel Air, CA
460 Placeholder Avatar Persico, Charlie GT1 2016BMW M6 GT3 Rancho Santa Fe, CA
87 Avatar Image Monsalve, Mike GT2 Porsche GT3 CupProAudioLand.com / Monsalve Motorsports, LLC Torrance, CA
144 Placeholder Avatar Payne, John GT2 2006Porsche CaymanKiller Bee Racing Rancho Santa Fe, CA
31 Avatar Image Schmidt, Roland GT2 2010Porsche GT3 CupSEKO Worldwide San Diego, CA
248 Avatar Image Benade, Eben GT3 2013Porsche 991SVision Motorsports Trabuco Canyon, CA
176 Avatar Image Johnson, Nathan GT3 2004Porsche BoxsterAlways Evolving / Speed Gallery Sunset Beach, CA
763 Avatar Image Moore, Darin GT3 2002Porsche TurboSunset Mortgage Laguna Beach, CA
641 Avatar Image Mow, Peter GT3 2016Porsche GT4 CS Los Angeles, CA
250 Avatar Image Mueller, Bob GT3 1985Porsche CarreraOctavio Tequila Solana Beach, CA
202 Placeholder Avatar Roush, Kevin GT3 1993Porsche 993 RSRGAS Motorsport Upland, CA
47 Avatar Image Salehi, Behr GT3 1999Porsche 911TSR (Team Salehi Racing) San Diego, CA
1 Avatar Image Selby, Duane GT3 2007Porsche Cayman SVision Motorsports San Clemente, CA
619 Avatar Image Stad, Alain GT3 2019Porsche SRO GT4 Clubsport MR El Cajon, CA
24 Avatar Image Yochum, Richard GT3 2016Porsche GT4 Club Sport Alta Loma, CA
28 Avatar Image Keegan, Brad GT4 1982Porsche 930 - SlicksPRO Motorsports - Porsche Racing Optimized Burbank, CA
18 Avatar Image Kwan, Martina GT4 2009Porsche 911VISION MOTORSPORTS Santa Monica, CA
803 Placeholder Avatar Richardson, Chick GT4 2012Porsche Cayman R San Clemente, CA
217 Placeholder Avatar Saylor, Ryan GT4 2012Porsche Cayman Mission Viejo, CA
305 Avatar Image Sporea, Razvan GT4 2008Porsche BOXSTER CORONA, CA
812 Avatar Image Sussman, Jan GT4 2000Porsche Boxster SLOL Venice, CA
822 Avatar Image Town, Steve GT4 2004Porsche 996 - Slicks Laguna Niguel, CA
336 Placeholder Avatar Aspesi, Dan GTC-5 2004Porsche GT3 Cup Car North Hollywood, CA
170 Avatar Image Bolton, Paul GTC-6 2015Porsche 911 Cup CarSky21 Media & Vali Motorsports. Stop asking if car has ABS... it doesn’t Frisco, Tx
8 Avatar Image Beggs, Loren GTC-7 2017Porsche 991.2 GT3 Cup Car911 Design Montclair, CA

Class Totals: GT1: 5, GT2: 3, GT3: 10, GT4: 7

Cup Race Orange   26 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
26 Avatar Image Craig, Scott Boxster Spec 1999Porsche Boxter Santee, CA
193 Avatar Image Crocker, Robert Boxster Spec 1999Porsche Boxster Newbury Park, CA
922 Avatar Image Daily, Justin Boxster Spec 1997Porsche Boxster Newport Beach, CA
143 Placeholder Avatar Hainer, Alexandra Boxster Spec 1999Porsche Boxster Hidden Hills, CA
97 Placeholder Avatar Hainer, Anders Boxster Spec 1998Porsche Boxster Hidden Hills, CA
477 Avatar Image Hollander, Matthew Boxster Spec 1999Porsche BoxsterThe Speed Gallery / Century Financial Consultants Scottsdale, AZ
911 Avatar Image Kolbe, Marc Boxster Spec 1999Porsche Boxster Hidden Hills, CA
969 Avatar Image Kolbe, Maxwell Boxster Spec 1999Porsche Boxster Hidden Hills, CA
705 Placeholder Avatar Maidment, Nigel Boxster Spec 1998Porsche Boxster Topanga, CA
759 Placeholder Avatar Medley, Clay Boxster Spec 1999Porsche Boxster Spec Pasadena, CA
96 Avatar Image Momeyer, John Boxster Spec 1999Porsche BoxsterPrecision Motion Phoenix, AZ
369 Avatar Image Pendleton, Robert Boxster Spec 1999Porsche Boxster Carlsbad, CA
100 Placeholder Avatar Predescu, Ana Boxster Spec 1999Porsche BoxsterVali Motorsports Riverside, CA
346 Avatar Image Robinson, Karen Boxster Spec 1998Porsche Boxster Torrance, CA
371 Avatar Image Shulem, Jeff Boxster Spec 1999Porsche BoxsterPit Tootsie Racing Encino, CA
71 Placeholder Avatar Sigal, Gene Boxster Spec 1999Porsche BoxterSigalSport malibu, CA
868 Avatar Image Wiederholt, Joe Boxster Spec 1997Porsche Boxster San Diego, CA
197 Placeholder Avatar Barnes, Paul Carrera Spec 1985Porsche 911n/a Encinitas, CA
178 Placeholder Avatar Buwalda, Vern Carrera Spec 1986Porsche 911 LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA
14 Placeholder Avatar Steedman, Jim Carrera Spec Porsche 911Navcon Engineering _ GAS Motorsports Fullerton, CA
563 Placeholder Avatar Thacker, Robert Carrera Spec 1985Porsche Carrera Dana Point, CA
79 Placeholder Avatar Waterhouse, Kenneth Carrera Spec 1984Porsche 911 Palm Desert, CA
266 Avatar Image Haase, Larry GT5 1986Porsche 944 TurboWoodcrest Engineering Riverside, CA
506 Avatar Image Meeker, George GT5 2000Porsche BoxsterVision Motorsports Dana Point, CA
423 Avatar Image Steedman, Regan GT5 1997Porsche boxsterNavcon Engineering Fullerton, CA
155 Avatar Image Burke, William GT7 1986Porsche 944 Phoenix , AZ

Class Totals: Boxster Spec: 17, Carrera Spec: 5, GT5: 3, GT7: 1

Time Trials - Open Passing  9 entries
Time Trial   9 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
18 Avatar Image Kwan, Martina GT4 2009Porsche 911VISION MOTORSPORTS Santa Monica, CA
687 Placeholder Avatar Stone, Roy GT4 Porsche Boxster Riverside, CA
109 Avatar Image Schultz, Robert Modified 2 2014Porsche GT-3 Las Vegas, NV
222 Avatar Image Gertler, Ari Modified 3 2016Porsche GT4 Marina del Rey, CA
601 Placeholder Avatar Orton, Glenn Modified 3 2007Porsche GT3 Arcadia, CA
474 Placeholder Avatar Gussman, Frank Modified 4 2009Porsche Boxster SPOC Arroyo Grande, CA
129 Placeholder Avatar Latteri, Alex Modified 4 2009Porsche cayman s Laguna Hills, CA
917 Avatar Image Moore, Ryan D Modified 4 2014Porsche Cayman S San Diego, CA
970 Placeholder Avatar Volder, Douglas Modified 5 1987Porsche 911 Tucson, AZ

Class Totals: Modified 2: 1, Modified 3: 2, Modified 4: 3, Modified 5: 1, GT4: 2

The Racer's Clinic  18 entries
  18 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
401 Placeholder Avatar Hately, Matthew Boxster Spec 1998Porsche Boxster Oak View, CA
302 Avatar Image Mcloughlin, James Boxster Spec 1998Porsche BoxsterCatalina Design Group Carlsbad, CA
301 Avatar Image Mcloughlin, Jim Boxster Spec 1998Porsche BoxsterCatalina Design Group Carlsbad, CA
510 Avatar Image Sjulin, Brandon Boxster Spec 1999Porsche BSR Rancho Mission Viejo, CA
295 Avatar Image Marshall, Henry GT1 2012Porsche Cayman RHM Road Racing Las Vegas, NV
999 Avatar Image Tasic, Aleksandar GT1 2012Porsche Cayman R San Diego, CA
724 Avatar Image Paggio, Anthony GT3 2005BMW M3American Integrated Resources Laguna Niguel, CA
412 Placeholder Avatar Stevens, Tom GT3 Porsche GT4American Integrated Laguna Hills, CA
556 Placeholder Avatar Kolley, Chet GT4 2007Porsche Cayman SSpeedScene Scottsdale, AZ
758 Placeholder Avatar Roesner, Lee GT4 1983Porsche 911Mladen Buntich Const., Zefiro Monrovia, CA
353 Placeholder Avatar Wassel, Mike GT4 2012Porsche Cayman R Los Angeles, CA
913 Placeholder Avatar Festa, Rich GT5 1978Porsche 911 sc Pacific Palisades, CA
413 Placeholder Avatar Festa, Tony GT5 1978Porsche 911 sc Pacific Palisades, CA
612 Placeholder Avatar Marcy, Will GT5 1987Porsche 911 Tujunga, CA
707 Avatar Image Matz, Scott GT5 1979Porsche 911scThornberg & Forester Jersey City, NJ
688 Avatar Image Gartland, Bob Modified 2 Porsche GT3RS Manhattan Beach, CA
738 Avatar Image Welsh, Mike Modified 2 2019Porsche GT3RS Manhattan Beach, CA
1660 Avatar Image Cafferata, Diane Modified 6 2000Porsche Boxster Palm Springs, CA

Class Totals: Modified 2: 2, Boxster Spec: 4, Modified 6: 1, GT1: 2, GT3: 2, GT4: 3, GT5: 4

PDS - Point-By-Passing  3 entries
PDS (Point-By-Passing)   3 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
888 Avatar Image Albrecht, Jacques Modified 3 2011Porsche 911 Carrera GTS San Diego, CA
777 Placeholder Avatar Stolper, Scott Modified 3 2014Nissan GT-R San Diego, CA
971 Avatar Image Shortill, Katie Modified 4 2014Porsche Cayman S San Diego, CA

Class Totals: Modified 3: 2, Modified 4: 1

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