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Attendee List

Waterford Hills OTD #1

Waterford Hills

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Waterford Hills, Clarkston, MI

Waterford Hills  Open Track Day


Note to all attendees:    Final assignments to run groups will be done on Saturday before the event.   Drivers will be spread out based on experience.   All groups will contain the same number of participants (not to exceed 16).   Do not worry if you have more than 16 shown in your group at this time!   

No group will contain more than 16 drivers on final assignment.




Group Definitions for  OTD
Run Group       Experience levels

Avail Slots

Passing Restrictions
White HPDE-1 16 Point by passing on front and back straights
Gold HPDE-1 / HPDE-2 16 Point by passing on front and back straights
Yellow HPDE-1/2          16 Point by passing on front and back straights
Pink HPDE-2/3 16 Point by passing on front and back straights, as well as between Turn 2 -3
Red HPDE-3 16 Point by passing on front and back straights, as well as between Turn 2 -3
Blue HPDE-4/C 16 Point by passing on entire track except between T4 and T5
Green CW   Competition 30 Open Passing (This group not active until we get 16 Comp licensed drivers)

Waitlist entries will be processed based on registration date through Friday.   After that any open spots due to cancelations will be first come first serve on Sunday


Walk-In or At Gate registrations will be first come/first served.   If you plan to pay at the event and you've already registered, please arrive early to ensure you have a spot.

Event  99 entries
#   Name Status Class Group
63 Placeholder Avatar anderson, nathan Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
52 Avatar Image Armstead, Ben Confirmed HPDE-2 Yellow
22 Placeholder Avatar Barkas, Rafael Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
81 Placeholder Avatar Bartlett, David Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
30 Placeholder Avatar Bartlett, Jeff Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
Placeholder Avatar Beach, Robert Waitlisted HPDE-2 zNot Assigned
11 Placeholder Avatar Belwariar, Ujjwal Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
17 Avatar Image Benedikt, Erik Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
24 Avatar Image Biondo, Anthony Confirmed Competition Green
26 Avatar Image Biondo, Carl Confirmed Competition Green
Placeholder Avatar Bloom, Aaron Waitlisted HPDE-2 zNot Assigned
Placeholder Avatar Buttermore, John R Waitlisted HPDE-4 zNot Assigned
12 Placeholder Avatar Carwile, Ryan Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
Placeholder Avatar Chadwick, Lucas Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
47 Placeholder Avatar Ciccone, Thomas Confirmed HPDE-4 Red
31 Avatar Image Clifton, Sean Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
51 Avatar Image Cody, Doug Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
95 Placeholder Avatar Corrigan, Kevin Confirmed Competition Green
Placeholder Avatar Cullen, Tim Waitlisted HPDE-3 zNot Assigned
59 Avatar Image Davis, Matthew Confirmed Competition Green
Placeholder Avatar Decker, Brett Waitlisted HPDE-3 zNot Assigned
19 Placeholder Avatar DeGalan, Peter Confirmed HPDE-2 Yellow
21 Placeholder Avatar DeWaard, Jonathon Confirmed HPDE-1 White
91 Avatar Image Diakow, Nick Confirmed Competition Green
Placeholder Avatar Dobek, Chris Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
38 Placeholder Avatar Dommer, Jacob Confirmed HPDE-1 White
46 Avatar Image Donoso, Diego Confirmed Competition Green
57 Avatar Image Dorscht, John Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
75 Placeholder Avatar Dortenzio, Anthony New Competition Green
34 Placeholder Avatar Elavathur Ranganath, Subramanian Confirmed HPDE-2 Yellow
9 Placeholder Avatar Frank, Edward New HPDE-4 zNot Assigned
56 Placeholder Avatar Fridline, Todd Confirmed HPDE-1 White
80 Placeholder Avatar Gallagher, Ethan Confirmed HPDE-2 Red
76 Placeholder Avatar Gallagher, John Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
27 Placeholder Avatar Gehl, Alex Confirmed HPDE-1 White
69 Avatar Image Gillean, Cody Confirmed HPDE-2 Red
83 Placeholder Avatar Gilles, Ralph Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
152 Avatar Image Giuffre, Matt Confirmed Competition Green
6 Avatar Image Golebiewski, Todd Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
25 Avatar Image Gonzalez, Adriana Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
84 Avatar Image Goriee, Atheel Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
13 Placeholder Avatar Green, Carson Confirmed HPDE-1 White
20 Placeholder Avatar Greenwald, Ryan Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
39 Placeholder Avatar Gunderson, Ralph Confirmed HPDE-2 Yellow
41 Avatar Image Howie, Mike Confirmed HPDE-2 Red
36 Placeholder Avatar Huffmaster, Raymond E Confirmed Competition Green
112 Placeholder Avatar Hutmacher, Justin Confirmed Competition Green
50 Placeholder Avatar Irwin, Chad Confirmed HPDE-2 Yellow
88 Placeholder Avatar Kainu, Tim Confirmed HPDE-2 Yellow
89 Placeholder Avatar Karasev, Mikhail Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
28 Placeholder Avatar Kearney, Dave Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
37 Placeholder Avatar Kim, Jung Confirmed HPDE-2 Red
45 Placeholder Avatar Kiriluk, Dean Confirmed Open Wheel Restricted Passing Gold
86 Placeholder Avatar Mac, Anthony Confirmed Competition Green
110 Avatar Image Macdonald, Joey Confirmed HPDE-1 White
54 Placeholder Avatar Matthews, Bruce Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
23 Avatar Image Meyers, James Confirmed HPDE-1 White
Avatar Image Miskovich, Andrew Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
60 Avatar Image Moreno, David Confirmed HPDE-4 Red
53 Placeholder Avatar Motorsports placeholder, Vet Confirmed HPDE-1 White
33 Placeholder Avatar Nicolson, Sean Confirmed HPDE-4 Red
7 Placeholder Avatar Niswander, Steve Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
Avatar Image Nrekaj, Kristofer Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
58 Placeholder Avatar Orzechowski, Phillip Confirmed Competition Green
14 Avatar Image Pavlica, Andrew Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
72 Placeholder Avatar Pietras, Eric Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
Placeholder Avatar Ramirez, Josue Waitlisted HPDE-3 zNot Assigned
35 Placeholder Avatar Ribeiro Leao, Vinicius Confirmed HPDE-2 Yellow
94 Placeholder Avatar Roed, Jon Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
Avatar Image Schmidt, Larry Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
Avatar Image Schmidt, Mike Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
67 Avatar Image Servis, JJ Confirmed Competition Green
29 Avatar Image Shehan, Joe Confirmed HPDE-4 Red
97 Placeholder Avatar Skinner, david Confirmed HPDE-1 White
73 Placeholder Avatar small, al Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
44 Avatar Image Sosa, Fernando Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
Placeholder Avatar Sowa, Hayden Waitlisted HPDE-2 zNot Assigned
32 Placeholder Avatar Spicuzzi, Matt Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
Placeholder Avatar Stefanelli, Alex Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
77 Avatar Image Steinhafel, Jacob Confirmed HPDE-1 White
16 Placeholder Avatar Swartwood, Andrew Confirmed HPDE-2 Yellow
Placeholder Avatar Taylor, Mark Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
Placeholder Avatar Taylor, Michael Waitlisted HPDE-2 zNot Assigned
Placeholder Avatar Teste, Gilles Waitlisted HPDE-4 zNot Assigned
71 Placeholder Avatar Thomas, Loren Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
48 Avatar Image Titus, Jared Confirmed HPDE-1 White
Placeholder Avatar Townsend, Mitchell Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
82 Placeholder Avatar Trupiano, Michael Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
40 Placeholder Avatar Turney, John Confirmed HPDE-1 White
93 Placeholder Avatar Twehues, Josh Confirmed HPDE-1 White
43 Avatar Image Vincens, Adam Confirmed HPDE-2 Yellow
49 Avatar Image von Czarnowski, Armin Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
78 Placeholder Avatar Waldrop, Nick Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
1 Placeholder Avatar Wali, Siddharth Confirmed HPDE-1 White
62 Placeholder Avatar Wasenko, Kip Confirmed Competition Green
42 Placeholder Avatar Wecker, Eric Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
Placeholder Avatar Wilkinson, Alan Waitlisted HPDE-3 zNot Assigned
55 Placeholder Avatar Zrepskey, Robert Confirmed HPDE-1 White
79 Placeholder Avatar Zuchelkowski, Palmer Confirmed HPDE-1 White

99 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.