Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing-RMVR announces 2018 RMVR Drivers' School Saturday, Apr 28 — Sunday, Apr 29, 2018 attendees at Pikes Peak Int'l Raceway, Fountain, CO 80817 (5039) > Attendees |

Attendee List

2018 RMVR Drivers' School

Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing-RMVR

Saturday, Apr 28 — Sunday, Apr 29, 2018

Pikes Peak Int'l Raceway, Fountain, CO

Segment-School  40 entries
  Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
Avatar Image Albert, Frank New
Avatar Image Alder, Robert New
Placeholder Avatar Allison, John New
Placeholder Avatar Arnold, Keith New
Placeholder Avatar Bandstra, James New
Placeholder Avatar Bries, John New
Placeholder Avatar Bush-Engel, Lori New
Placeholder Avatar Candee, Dan New None of the Above
Placeholder Avatar Chase, David New
Placeholder Avatar Chelsi, Rome New
Placeholder Avatar Cotsworth, Michael New
Avatar Image Daniels, Charles New
Avatar Image Darcey, Robert New
Placeholder Avatar Dudding, Bob New
Placeholder Avatar Evans, Judd New
Placeholder Avatar Fangue, Lynn New
Avatar Image Gray, Jim New
Avatar Image Hall, Jeff New
Placeholder Avatar Hill, Bob New
Placeholder Avatar Jones, Peter New
Avatar Image Kremer, Lothar New
Placeholder Avatar Lane, Jonathan New
Avatar Image Leach, Brad New
Placeholder Avatar Longstreet, Roger New
Placeholder Avatar McClung, Brant New
Placeholder Avatar Melsheimer, Frank New
Placeholder Avatar Merrifield, Greg New
Placeholder Avatar Mikkelsen, Jim New
Placeholder Avatar Mortimer, Bonnie New
Avatar Image Neal, Jess New
Avatar Image Payne, Jeff New
Placeholder Avatar Penley, Jack New
Placeholder Avatar Ragonetti, Tom New
Avatar Image Ries, Mike New
Avatar Image Rosetta, Randy New
Placeholder Avatar Schakel, Eric New
Placeholder Avatar Shaffron, Michael New
Placeholder Avatar Sumner, Branden New
Avatar Image Urbano, Steve New
Avatar Image Valentine, Jess New
Race  47 entries
  Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
Placeholder Avatar Abrams, Arlo Confirmed Competition-Production Car 1980BMW 2002
Placeholder Avatar Apple, Arthur Confirmed Precision 2001Mazda Miata
Placeholder Avatar Bailin, Daniel Confirmed Precision 2000Honda S2000
Avatar Image Bair, Christopher Confirmed Precision 2018Ford Rental
Avatar Image Bair, Danene Confirmed Precision 2018Ford Rental
Avatar Image Balles, Bradley Confirmed Competition-Production Car 1954MG TFn/a
Avatar Image Bauer, Carl Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel/SR 1969Winkelman WDF-1Bauer System Engineering
Placeholder Avatar Bowdish, William Confirmed Competition-Production Car 1991Mazda Spec Miata
Placeholder Avatar Caldwell, Marcus Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel/SR 1976Lola T-342SuperVee Tremolo Systems
Avatar Image Conyers, David Confirmed Competition-Production Car 1966Chevrolet Corvette
Placeholder Avatar Crasta, James Confirmed Competition-Production Car 1956Austin Healey TBD - still looking
Placeholder Avatar Creighton, Becky Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel/SR 1970Winkelman WDF2Corkscrew Interactive, Concierge Payment Systems
Placeholder Avatar Davenport, Scott Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel/SR 1969Winkelman Scholarship Car
Placeholder Avatar Finnimore, Zachary Confirmed Competition-Production Car 1972BMW 2002
Avatar Image Franke, Chris Confirmed Competition-Production Car Chevrolet ZR1
Placeholder Avatar Gardner, Brad Confirmed Competition-Production Car 1983Mazda RX-7
Placeholder Avatar Graham, Ryan Confirmed Competition-Production Car 2006Lotus Elise
Avatar Image Hicks-Wright, Tyler Confirmed Competition-Production Car 1964MG
Avatar Image Hopkins, Christy Confirmed Competition-Production Car 1964Triumph Spitfire
Placeholder Avatar Jones, Franklin Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel/SR 1970Winkelman WDF2
Avatar Image Joyner, Cliff Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel/SR 1977zink z10-BJoyner Construction CO. Inc.
Avatar Image Kalhoefer, Eric Confirmed Competition-Production Car 1970Porsche 914/6
Placeholder Avatar Lape, Andrew Confirmed Precision 2017Mazda Miata
Placeholder Avatar Lipscomb, Steven Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel/SR 1975Crossle 30F
Avatar Image Martin, Paul Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel/SR 1971Merlyn MK20A
Placeholder Avatar McDonald, Rodney Confirmed Competition-Production Car 1961Lotus Super 7
Placeholder Avatar McNurney, Heather Confirmed Precision 2006Porsche Cayman S
Placeholder Avatar McNurney, John Confirmed Competition-Production Car 2006Porsche Cayman S
Avatar Image Mercer, Steve Confirmed Competition-Production Car 2003Porsche 911 Turbo
Placeholder Avatar Nasrullah, Nick Confirmed Competition-Production Car 2014Subaru Impreza WRXJon Roelofs
Placeholder Avatar Newton, Robin Confirmed Precision 2008Porsche Boxster S
Placeholder Avatar Patierno, PJ Confirmed Competition-Production Car 2003Mazda MiataPeak Planning Group, LLC
Placeholder Avatar Perrine, Terril Confirmed Precision 2017Dodge Charger
Placeholder Avatar Quigley, Danny Confirmed Competition-Production Car 1970BMW 2002
Placeholder Avatar Schauls, Daren Confirmed Competition-Production Car 1964Triumph Spitfirermvr
Placeholder Avatar Schumacher, Joshua Confirmed Competition-Production Car 1970Chevrolet Corvette
Placeholder Avatar Seaman, Brad Confirmed Precision 2017Volkswagen Golf R
Placeholder Avatar Stowell, Daniel Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel/SR 1968Caldwell D-13
Placeholder Avatar Swiger, Scott Confirmed Precision 1974Datsun 260Z
Placeholder Avatar Thompson, Bob Confirmed Precision 2006Acura TL
Placeholder Avatar Towles, Sean Confirmed Precision 2010Ford Focus
Placeholder Avatar Van Cleve, Reece Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel/SR 1969Zink C4
Avatar Image Ward, Jerry Confirmed Competition-Production Car 1968Chevrolet Corvette
Placeholder Avatar Weaver, Tyler Confirmed Competition-Production Car 1990Honda CivicRally.Build
Placeholder Avatar Weinshenker, Donald Confirmed Precision 1999Toyota Camry
Avatar Image Williams, Steven Confirmed Competition-Open Wheel/SR Van Diemen rf82
Avatar Image Wolfel, David Confirmed Precision 2006Chevrolet Corvette C-6 Z-51Poor Boy Racing

87 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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