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MoE HPDE NJMP Thunderbolt Oct 4

Motorsports Enthusiasts HPDE

Friday, October 4, 2019

NJMP Thunderbolt, Millville, NJ

Friday  74 entries
#   Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
77 Avatar Image Adamisin, Radovan Confirmed Solo Novice 2011BMW M3
7 Placeholder Avatar Addis, Simon Confirmed Advanced 2019Porsche GT3 RS
50 Placeholder Avatar Aggus, Trevor Confirmed Intermediate 2004Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Placeholder Avatar Amador, Lee Confirmed Private Group 2002BMW 330Ci
973 Placeholder Avatar Amador, Lee Confirmed Intermediate 2002BMW 330Ci
69 Placeholder Avatar Arbuckle, Luke Confirmed Intermediate 1990Mazda MX-5
64 Placeholder Avatar Argyros, Tasso Confirmed Intermediate 2007BMW Z4-M
Placeholder Avatar Borelly, Scott Confirmed Advanced 2009Chevrolet Z06JSC Speed
824 Placeholder Avatar Bornstein-Chau, Judith Confirmed Advanced 1995BMW M3
15 Avatar Image Burgermeister, Robert Confirmed Advanced 1997Mazda miataSJF Performance
17 Placeholder Avatar Chen, Mingzhao Confirmed Advanced 2018Chevrolet Corvette Z06
44 Placeholder Avatar Christman, John Confirmed Advanced 2009Chevrolet corvetteVANSTEEL
19 Avatar Image Clark, Dan Confirmed Advanced Lincoln MKS
Avatar Image Colontonio, Maurice Confirmed Advanced 2002Howe/Port City GTA Stock
Placeholder Avatar Como, John Confirmed Private Group
69 Placeholder Avatar Coomes, Richard Confirmed Advanced 2010Dodge VIPERNavy Pension
25 Placeholder Avatar Demian, Pavli Confirmed Solo Novice 2019Audi Rs3
007 Placeholder Avatar DGinto, Joe Confirmed Novice - Instructed (Must also add $49 fee above) 2018Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE
64 Placeholder Avatar Durcan, 07James Confirmed Advanced 2017Chevrolet Corvette GS
10 Placeholder Avatar Esposto, Frank Confirmed Intermediate 2016Chevrolet corvette z06
Placeholder Avatar Friedman, Gary Confirmed Private Group Mini Cooper S
Placeholder Avatar Friedman, Matthew Confirmed Private Group
33 Placeholder Avatar Girgis, Tamer Confirmed Intermediate 2015Chevrolet Corvette Z06
59 Placeholder Avatar Golann, Robert Confirmed Advanced 2008Chevrolet Corvette Z06
38 Placeholder Avatar Golden, Ken Confirmed Intermediate 2013Ford Mustang Boss 302
74 Placeholder Avatar Gray, Christopher Confirmed Advanced 2004Mazda Rx8Mazdaspeed Motorsports, TK Autosport, Carbotech, Motoring Alliance, Elevated Lifestyle
1 Avatar Image Guirguis, Nassef Confirmed Advanced 2018BMW M3
34 Placeholder Avatar Hawthorne, Austin Confirmed Advanced 2014Porsche Cayman S
709 Placeholder Avatar Hurvitz, Marc Confirmed Advanced 2014Porsche 911 GT3
423 Avatar Image Ketterer, Rodney Confirmed Novice - Instructed (Must also add $49 fee above) 2012Ford Boss 302
044 Placeholder Avatar Khalil, Mark Confirmed Intermediate 2016Audi
49 Avatar Image Kolbe, Don Confirmed Novice - Instructed (Must also add $49 fee above) 1991Mazda Miata
32 Placeholder Avatar Kreiner, Ian Confirmed Advanced 2002Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Placeholder Avatar Kreiner, Ian Confirmed Advanced
Placeholder Avatar Kreiner, Sean Confirmed Solo Novice
32 Placeholder Avatar Kreiner, Sean Confirmed Solo Novice 2002Chevrolet Corvette
4 Placeholder Avatar Landry, Michael Confirmed Advanced 2018Porsche Cayman GTS
Placeholder Avatar Law, Joe Confirmed Intermediate 2004Chevrolet Corvette
1 Avatar Image Leatherdale, John Confirmed Advanced 2014Porsche Panamera GTS
Placeholder Avatar Leich, Fred Confirmed Private Group 2008Ford Mustang Bullitt
33 Avatar Image Liang, Xiaoyu Confirmed Solo Novice 2015Mercedes-Benz C63s
97 Avatar Image Lombardi, Robert Confirmed Advanced 2002Chevrolet ZO6
Placeholder Avatar Longo, Michael B. Confirmed Advanced 2003Pontiac GTA-27 oil co inc
25 Placeholder Avatar maguire, david Confirmed Advanced 2006Ford mustangnone
699 Placeholder Avatar Martinelli, Richard Confirmed Solo Novice 1987Porsche 944martinelli plumbing
5 Placeholder Avatar mathew, freddy Confirmed Intermediate 2006Honda S2000
143 Avatar Image McCombs, Jim Confirmed Advanced 2018Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE
07 Placeholder Avatar Meckael, Sherif Confirmed Intermediate 2011BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Meneses, Peter Confirmed Private Group 2013Dodge Viper
121 Placeholder Avatar Meneses, Peter Confirmed Intermediate 2013Dodge Viper
599 Avatar Image Miazga, Andrew Confirmed Advanced 1995Porsche 993 Turbo EVO
51 Avatar Image Miazga, Julian Confirmed Intermediate 1996Mazda MX-5 Spec Miata
11 Avatar Image Muller, Greg Confirmed Solo Novice 2011Subaru WrxNone
17 Placeholder Avatar Neal, Christopher Confirmed Intermediate Stock car Monte Carlo
Placeholder Avatar Olesuk, John Confirmed Private Group 2006Ford Roush Stage 2
02 Avatar Image Palmer, Chuck Confirmed Intermediate 2007Porsche gt3
Placeholder Avatar persanis, matt Confirmed Private Group 2012Ford mustang bossmyself!
713 Placeholder Avatar Porter, Noah Confirmed Intermediate 2003Honda S2000
536 Placeholder Avatar Rhee, Jaehyuk Confirmed Novice - Instructed (Must also add $49 fee above) 2019BMW M5 competition
Placeholder Avatar Russell, Randall Confirmed Intermediate 2002Chevrolet Corvette
958 Avatar Image Sanford, Aaron Confirmed Intermediate 2017Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE
118 Placeholder Avatar shulman, brian Confirmed Advanced 2018Chevrolet Camaro zl1 1leBooze and chicks
77 Placeholder Avatar Sorensen, Kurt Confirmed Intermediate 2008Factory Five Racing Roadster Mk III
17 Placeholder Avatar Steigerwald, Johannes Confirmed Intermediate 2003Mazda Miata
43 Placeholder Avatar Steigerwald, Stefan Confirmed Intermediate 2003Mazda Miata
164 Avatar Image Stellhorn, Don Confirmed Advanced 1964Pontiac Gto road racer
Placeholder Avatar stevens, john Confirmed Advanced 2014Audi
777 Placeholder Avatar Tuscano, Jason Confirmed Advanced 2003Honda s2000
40 Avatar Image Valdivia, Rob Confirmed Novice - Instructed (Must also add $49 fee above) 2016Ford Mustang GT
3 Placeholder Avatar Wohler, James Confirmed Solo Novice 2015Ford Mustang EBNone
77 Placeholder Avatar YOSKIN, NICK Confirmed Advanced 2017Chevrolet camaroBAM BAM ENTERPRISES
17 Avatar Image Zachowski, Joseph Confirmed Intermediate Mazda Miata
88 Placeholder Avatar Zajdel, Daniel Confirmed Advanced 2016Ford GT 350
126 Avatar Image Zhang, Zhenyu Confirmed Novice - Instructed (Must also add $49 fee above) 2016Nissan GTR

74 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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