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Attendee List

Jzilla November CMP presented by ProAuto-LLC

Jzilla Trackdays

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw, SC

Participant  61 entries
#   Name Status Group  YrMakeSponsor
26 Avatar Image Albert, Jeremy Checked in Blue - Solo 1999Mazda Miata
42 Placeholder Avatar Allen, Derrick Checked in Blue - Solo 2008Nissan 350ZNone
07 Avatar Image Baclawski, Curt Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2003BMW 330i
83 Avatar Image Bandy, Darrell Checked in Red - Advanced 1994BMW 325i
33 Avatar Image Barnard, Lee Checked in Red - Advanced 2013Roadster Thunder
211 Avatar Image Bingley, Nick Checked in Blue - Solo 1998Honda Civic Hatchback
717 Placeholder Avatar Borodin, Alex Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2006BMW M3
63 Placeholder Avatar Bridges, Sam Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2016Ford Fiesta STsfbridges.com
07 Avatar Image Burris jr, Gary Checked in Blue - Solo 1999Mazda MiataProAuto LLC, Maxxis
48 Avatar Image Carter, Annika Checked in Red - Advanced 1990Mazda MiataAnnika's Racing, LLC; Racing Analytics; ProAuto LLC
17 Avatar Image Carter, Tony Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2017Ford Mustang GT
777 Placeholder Avatar Clark, Brian Checked in Blue - Solo 1989Ford Mustang GT
9 Placeholder Avatar Clark, Tony Checked in Blue - Solo 1981Chevrolet Camaro
59 Avatar Image Cooper, Daniel Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2007Mazda MiataThis Miata is brought to you by nobody
42 Placeholder Avatar Craig, Bart Checked in Red - Advanced 2004BMW M3
025 Avatar Image Cushing, Jacob Checked in Blue - Solo 2005Honda S2000
48 Placeholder Avatar Czarnocki, Mateusz Checked in Blue - Solo 2016Subaru BRZProAuto LLC
2 Avatar Image Davis, James Checked in Blue - Solo 2000Mazda Miata
16 Avatar Image DeMolina, Michael Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 1999Mazda MiataMe
77 Avatar Image Devaux, Robert Checked in Red - Advanced 2007Chevrolet corvetteDeVaux Consulting LLC
007 Avatar Image Duhe, Billy Checked in Blue - Solo 2009Dodge Challenger
370 Avatar Image Dunn, Rodney Checked in Blue - Solo 2012Nissan 370z Nismo
11 Placeholder Avatar Esterl, Nick Checked in Blue - Solo 1990Honda Civic
11 Placeholder Avatar Evans, Shea Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2017Ford Mustang GT
80 Placeholder Avatar Garris, Winston Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2016BMW M3
391 Avatar Image GILES, WALTER Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 1989Mercedes-Benz 190E
325 Avatar Image Hampton, Brent Checked in Blue - Solo 2016Dodge Challenger HellCat
17 Placeholder Avatar Hole, Jason Checked in Blue - Solo 2014Chevrolet StingrayProAuto LLC, BackRoom Juice LLC
5 Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Chris Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2000Chevrolet CorvetteChris Realty group
62 Avatar Image Johnston, Scott Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 1999Mazda MiataProAuto LLC
111 Placeholder Avatar Lee, Brandon Checked in Blue - Solo 1996Mazda Miata
316 Placeholder Avatar Lowry, Danny Checked in Red - Advanced 2006Mazda MX5
74 Placeholder Avatar Lumsden, William Checked in Blue - Solo 2010Mazda RX8
66 Placeholder Avatar Mactutus, Charles Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 1991Mazda miataPanic Motorsports
03 Avatar Image Maler, Boston Checked in Blue - Solo 2003Honda S2000
90 Avatar Image Manley, Gino Checked in Red - Advanced 2011Mazda Mazda2
Avatar Image Marcellana, James Checked in
6 Placeholder Avatar McCallum, T.J. Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 1990Nissan 240sx
35 Placeholder Avatar MILLER, KEVIN Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2003BMW e46 M3
14 Placeholder Avatar Moore, Allen Checked in Blue - Solo 2004Mazda Miata
214 Placeholder Avatar Moore, Brock Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 1995Nissan 240sx
166 Placeholder Avatar Naydenov, Naid Checked in Blue - Solo 2006Honda S2000Crimson Simulation
Avatar Image Ngo, Yung Checked in 1995Honda Civic
3 Placeholder Avatar Nielsen, Mark Checked in Blue - Solo 2008Mini Cooper S
49 Avatar Image Patterson, James Checked in Blue - Solo 2015Dodge Challenger
128 Avatar Image Pittard, Gregory Checked in Blue - Solo 2014Porsche Cayman S
96 Avatar Image Probert, Thomas Checked in Blue - Solo 2005Subaru Forester XT
57 Avatar Image Reimer, Robert Checked in Blue - Solo 1994BMW 325i (e36)
88 Avatar Image Rhyne, Adam Checked in Blue - Solo 2008BMW 135iZFG Racing
44 Avatar Image Riordan, John Checked in Blue - Solo 2016Dodge SRT 392 challenger
32 Avatar Image SANDERS, SCOTT Checked in Red - Advanced 2004Nissan 350z
7 Avatar Image Schramm, AJ Checked in 2012Fiat 500 AbarthSchrammSchnell
69 Avatar Image Schwartzenberger, Alex Checked in Blue - Solo 2005Ford MustangDomestic Alex
622 Avatar Image Shulkin, David Checked in Blue - Solo 1999BMW 323i
51 Placeholder Avatar smith, donovan Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2013Scion FRS
18 Placeholder Avatar stevens, chuck Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2014factory five SV818RRockett Racing
21 Avatar Image Stevenson, Dustin Checked in Red - Advanced 1999Mazda Miata
94 Placeholder Avatar Strader, Cameron Checked in Blue - Solo 2006Mazda Mx5
53 Placeholder Avatar Svoboda, Robert Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 1998BMW 2.8L Z3
25 Placeholder Avatar Trostle, Paul Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2013Scion FR-SProAuto LLC
60 Avatar Image Wehe, Nick Checked in Red - Advanced 1995Nissan S14ProAuto LLC, Maxxis Tires, BC Racing, Voodoo13, G-Loc Brakes

61 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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