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Attendee List

Jzilla March AMP Death of Winter

Jzilla Trackdays

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Atlanta Motorsports Park, Dawsonville, GA

Participant  88 entries
#   Name Status Group  YrMakeSponsor
186 Placeholder Avatar Achanccaray, Peter Confirmed Green - Novice 2015Subaru BRZ
18 Placeholder Avatar Aharoni, Hanoch Confirmed Green - Novice 2015Audi S4
31 Placeholder Avatar Ahmed, Faisal Confirmed Green - Novice 2018Porsche Probably GT3
981 Placeholder Avatar Arnon, Rotem Confirmed Yellow - Intermediate 2015Ford Mustang GT
44 Placeholder Avatar Assuncao, Freddy Confirmed Red - Advanced 2012Porsche Cayman R
05 Placeholder Avatar Bandy, Kevin Confirmed 2013Volkswagen GLI
02 Avatar Image Biggs, Stuart Confirmed Red - Advanced 2000Mazda Miata
023 Placeholder Avatar Blake, Brendon New Yellow - Intermediate 2001Mazda Miata
77 Placeholder Avatar BONCHEV, VAL Confirmed Yellow - Intermediate 2005Honda CivicNone I pay it all!
089 Placeholder Avatar Bowman, Jeff New Blue - Solo 2013Subaru WRX STI
8 Placeholder Avatar Bunn, Cj Confirmed Green - Novice 2014Scion FR-S
33 Avatar Image Cappuccitti, Adriano Confirmed Red - Advanced 1999Mazda Miata
135 Avatar Image Cato, Steven Confirmed Blue - Solo 2009BMW 135i
11 Placeholder Avatar Chu, Alex New Yellow - Intermediate 1985BMW 325eJzilla
59 Avatar Image Cooper, Daniel Confirmed Yellow - Intermediate 2007Mazda Miata
12 Placeholder Avatar Covaci, Henry New Yellow - Intermediate 2003Mini Cooper S
311 Placeholder Avatar DeSalle, Daniel New Red - Advanced 2016Porsche 911 GT3 RS
7 Placeholder Avatar Devaux, Rob Confirmed Red - Advanced 2007Chevrolet corvetteDeVaux Consulting LLC
55 Avatar Image Dracos, William Confirmed Yellow - Intermediate 2009Mazda RX-8 R3Loose Lugnuts Racing; Lickety Split Motorsports
42 Placeholder Avatar Drane, Tommy Confirmed Red - Advanced 1995Mazda Miata
00 Placeholder Avatar Dunlop, Jasan Confirmed Red - Advanced 2013Scion FRSkids college fund/Beastronix
017 Placeholder Avatar Farrow, Franklin Confirmed Yellow - Intermediate 1973Porsche 911RS
117 Placeholder Avatar Farrow, Jack Confirmed Blue - Solo 1973Porsche 911RS
100 Avatar Image Ferris, Eric Confirmed Yellow - Intermediate 2009Mazda Rx-8Puff the Magic Dragon
468 Placeholder Avatar Ferris, Kathryn Confirmed Yellow - Intermediate Mazda Rx8
0 Avatar Image Finn, Peter Confirmed Yellow - Intermediate 2014Porsche Carrera 911 Snone
5 Avatar Image Forcino, Frank Confirmed Green - Novice 2016Ford Focus RS
039 Placeholder Avatar Gambill, Matthew New Yellow - Intermediate 2014Ford Fiesta ST
56 Placeholder Avatar Gibbs, Jeffrey Confirmed Blue - Solo 2017Honda Civic Type R
129 Placeholder Avatar Gilbert, Adam Confirmed Green - Novice 2015Scion FR-SParking lot loose change
072 Placeholder Avatar Glass-Hess, Phillip Confirmed Yellow - Intermediate 2000Mazda Mx5
666 Avatar Image Gonzalez, Rene Confirmed Green - Novice 2014Scion FRSBrian Keyes Working Hard
126 Avatar Image Gummer, Jamielle New Yellow - Intermediate 2009Honda
25 Placeholder Avatar Hammond, David Confirmed Green - Novice 2003Mazda miata
3 Placeholder Avatar Harris, Tommy Confirmed Green - Novice 1999Mazda Miata 10AE
66 Placeholder Avatar haseeb, Mohammad New Green - Novice 2018Ford Mustang
305 Placeholder Avatar Hines, Chris Confirmed Green - Novice 2001Honda S2000
888 Placeholder Avatar Hubbard, Beau New Green - Novice 1994Mazda Rx7
24 Placeholder Avatar Jacobs, Erik Confirmed Yellow - Intermediate 1992Lexus SC300
78 Placeholder Avatar Jiles, Brad Confirmed Yellow - Intermediate 2006Mazda Miata
306 Placeholder Avatar Kantner, Matt Confirmed Blue - Solo 2005Honda S2000
013 Placeholder Avatar Keiser, Scott Confirmed Yellow - Intermediate 1986BMW 325e
89 Placeholder Avatar Ket, Kevin Confirmed Blue - Solo 2015Subaru BRZAtlanta Speed Company, Jzilla Track days, Velox Motorsports, Dezod Motorsports
11 Avatar Image Keyes, Brian Confirmed Green - Novice 2015Scion FRSBrian Keyes Working Hard
8 Placeholder Avatar Kim, Joey Confirmed Red - Advanced 2017Ford CamaroBeastronix, Jack Shit!
37 Avatar Image Koh, Richard New Green - Novice 2017Subaru BrzAtlanta Speed Company
48 Avatar Image Krause, Steven Confirmed 1992Mazda MX5 Miata
3 Placeholder Avatar LAMARSH, Matt Confirmed Blue - Solo 1986Porsche 911
77 Placeholder Avatar Lee, Brandon Confirmed Blue - Solo 1996Mazda Miata
81 Placeholder Avatar Lewis, Matt Confirmed Yellow - Intermediate 2013Subaru BRZ
6 Avatar Image Lewis, Todd Confirmed Red - Advanced 1997BMW 328i
007 Avatar Image Lukyan, Victor New Yellow - Intermediate 2000Porsche 911
38 Placeholder Avatar Malloch, Brantt Confirmed Blue - Solo 2000Mazda Miata
818 Avatar Image McCallum, Shawn Confirmed Red - Advanced 1990Mazda Miata
286 Placeholder Avatar Mohr, Daniel Confirmed Green - Novice 2004Mazda Miata
26 Avatar Image Morris, Victoria Confirmed Green - Novice 2015Subaru BRZ
99 Placeholder Avatar Neumann, Andrew Confirmed Blue - Solo 2001Porsche 911
17 Placeholder Avatar Ngo, Yung Confirmed 1996Honda Civic
51 Placeholder Avatar O'Connell, Sean Confirmed Red - Advanced 2013Mazda Miata
120 Avatar Image Olsen, Eric New Red - Advanced 2001Toyota MR2 Spyder
11 Placeholder Avatar Padgett, Cliff New Blue - Solo 2013Scion FR-S
911 Avatar Image Palmer, Dana Confirmed Blue - Solo 1997Subaru BRIGHTONTOUGE FIGHTER
315 Placeholder Avatar Parker, Timothy New Yellow - Intermediate 1967Factory Five Shelby Cobra 427 SC Repli
19 Placeholder Avatar Pawlak, Shawn Confirmed Green - Novice 2016Subaru BRZ
42 Avatar Image Poage, Jesse Confirmed Yellow - Intermediate 1994Honda Civic EX CoupeFortyTwoMotorsports
300 Avatar Image Putureanu, Dragos New Yellow - Intermediate 2003Lexus is300DragosMedia, LEI Auto
23 Placeholder Avatar Reinard, Thomas New Blue - Solo 2013Scion FR-SAtlanta Speed Company
4 Placeholder Avatar Richardson, Steve New Yellow - Intermediate 2001Mazda Miata
37 Placeholder Avatar Rickenbaker, Garrett Confirmed Red - Advanced 2003Nissan 350z
13 Avatar Image Ritter, Kevon Confirmed Blue - Solo 2013Scion FR-S
72 Avatar Image Rivera, Joey Confirmed Yellow - Intermediate 2015Nissan GTR
97 Placeholder Avatar Rohan, Daniel Confirmed Green - Novice 2014Ford Focus ST
297 Placeholder Avatar Santelli, Jason Confirmed Blue - Solo 2013Ford Mustang GT
19 Placeholder Avatar Scott, Zach Confirmed Red - Advanced 2011Mazda 2DDMWorks
622 Avatar Image Shulkin, David Confirmed Blue - Solo 1999BMW 323i
201 Placeholder Avatar Silakowski, Steve New Green - Novice 2009Honda S2000
52 Avatar Image Spires, Calvin Confirmed Green - Novice 2016Scion FRS
23 Placeholder Avatar Stengard, Rick New Red - Advanced 2015Exomotive Exocet
21 Placeholder Avatar Stevenson, Dustin Confirmed 1999Mazda Miata
3 Avatar Image Taylor, Mark New Yellow - Intermediate 2004Dodge
4 Avatar Image Thornton, Conor New Green - Novice 1992BMW 325iHype Factory
86 Placeholder Avatar Truett, James New Green - Novice 2014Scion FrsTeam truett racing
89 Placeholder Avatar Truett, Lacey New Green - Novice 2013Scion FrsTeam truett racing
1 Avatar Image Tucker, Brad Confirmed 2012Porsche Cayman RGeorgia Square Collision
22 Placeholder Avatar Turner, Mark New Red - Advanced Scion FRS
71 Avatar Image Twilley, Brandon Confirmed Blue - Solo 2015Subaru BRZ
38 Placeholder Avatar White, Phillip Confirmed Green - Novice 2016Ford Mustang
11 Placeholder Avatar Wynn, Matthew Confirmed Red - Advanced 2000Ford Cobra R

88 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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