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Challenge Cup Series - CMSP

Challenge Cup Series

Thursday, Apr 1 — Saturday, Apr 3, 2021

Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw, SC

CMP  21 entries

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Driverz Cup   9 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
2 Avatar Image Ragsdale, William Duke 1999Vorscha GB3Martin Printing Co., Inc. Easley, SC
04 Avatar Image Hughes, Mark 1978Lynx B B Spartanburg, SC
4 Placeholder Avatar Lampley, John 1978Agitator FV 005Brookshire Hendersonville, NC
9 Placeholder Avatar Morris, Charles Formula Vee Lynx B Calhoun Falls, SC
38 Avatar Image Ragsdale, Smith Jackson Mysterian M2Martin Printing Easley, SC
87 Placeholder Avatar Wojtalik, Zachary 1981Volkswagen Citation Formula VeeREW Racing Hanahan, SC
99 Avatar Image Bruns, Gregory 1993Vorscha GB3Vorscha Moore, SC
152 Placeholder Avatar Ferguson, Mitchell 1999Vorscha GB4Vorscha Moore, SC
192 Placeholder Avatar Guyette, Rich 1990Citation Columbia, SC
FV Yokohama   10 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
7 Avatar Image Carmody, Trevor 1994Volkswagen Protoform horseheads, NY
51 Avatar Image Thompson, David 2001Womer EV3DMT Motorsports, Maloney Racing Pasadena , MD
52 Placeholder Avatar Elwell, Chris Womer EV-3 Cortland, OH
59 Avatar Image Maloney, Jack 1996Protoform P2Maloney Racing/DMT Motorsports Potomac, MD
63 Avatar Image Davis, Greg 2003Volkswagen Protoform P-3Greg Davis Motorsport Art Westline, PA
67 Placeholder Avatar Weisheit, Jonathan 2011Protoform Protoform P3JK Technologies, LLC Baltimore, MD
81 Placeholder Avatar Carmody, Raymond 1992Mysterian M2 Horseheads, NY
86 Placeholder Avatar Qualls, Ray 2003Protoform P3 Reisterstown, MD
88 Avatar Image Ennis, Dermot 1995F1200 Brd 95Duck’N’ Monkey/ Custom Laminating/ Spring Grove, PA
92 Avatar Image Clark, Matt 1992RTJ -02Clark Motorsports, Quicksilver Race Engines Montoursville, PA
FV Falken   2 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
5 Placeholder Avatar Sager, Tim 1987Viper F1-200Quixote Racing, Autowerks Buffalo, NY
10 Placeholder Avatar Engler, Sherman 2003Vortech Express Oil Change,Noble Engine by Cox Adger, AL

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