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Attendee List

2017 PITL Autoslalom Series Event #1

Push it to the Limit

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Powerade Centre, Brampton, ON

Saturday May 20   100 entries

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A-Stock   22 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
6 Avatar Image Chong, Karston 2015Scion FRS Toronto, ON
15 Avatar Image Desai, Adi 2017Mazda MX-5 RF SportDoubleClutch.ca Magazine Mississauga, ON
16 Avatar Image De Mel, Rumesh 2013Subaru BRZAimforApex Mississauga, ON
27 Placeholder Avatar Mitchell, Lorne 1967MG MGB Toronto, ON
28 Placeholder Avatar Bullock, Stefan 2014Subaru BRZ
47 Placeholder Avatar George, Paul 2004BMW 325i Waterloo, ON
48 Placeholder Avatar Lau, Frankie 2013Subaru BRZ Richmond Hill, ON
50 Placeholder Avatar Chan, Geoffrey 1999Mazda Miata Toronto, ON
57 Placeholder Avatar Dent, Luke 2013Subaru BRZ Mississauga, ON
70 Placeholder Avatar Ferreira, Dave 2013Scion Innisfil, ON
73 Placeholder Avatar Vo, Louis 2017Mazda MX-5 RF SportDoubleClutch.ca Magazine Toronto, ON
93 Avatar Image Wong, Ivan 2016Scion FR-STeam Gazoo NA Mississauga, ON
102 Avatar Image DiPietro, Valeriano 1997Mazda MiataSUCK IT A-STOCK Stoney Creek, ON
111 Placeholder Avatar Faria, Ken 2002Mazda MiataRusty Miata Corp. Mississauga, ON
112 Placeholder Avatar Biagioni, Dave 2009Mazda MX5Dave's Garage
115 Placeholder Avatar Tragianis, Nick 2017Mazda Miata RF Scarborough, ON
142 Avatar Image McCuaig, Andrew 1990Mazda RX7 Niagara Falls, ON
151 Placeholder Avatar Chan, Andrew 1999Mazda Miata North York, ON
175 Avatar Image Salazar, Kassim 2013Scion FRS Brampton, ON
186 Avatar Image Chen, Kevin 1997Mazda Miata Mississauga, ON
193 Placeholder Avatar Wong, Andrew 2014Scion FRS Mississauga, ON
198 Placeholder Avatar Li, Joe 1991Mazda MX-5 Toronto, ON
A-Mod   12 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
10 Placeholder Avatar Tran, Dat 2014Scion FRSnone Brampton, ON
14 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Patrick 2001Mazda Miata St. Catharines, ON
18 Avatar Image Reid, Alex 1968Datsun Roadster CALGARY, ON
24 Avatar Image Mocny, Sebastian 1997Mazda Miata Belfountain, ON
33 Placeholder Avatar Aslam, Imran 2015Subaru BRZ Whitby, ON
42 Avatar Image Sui, Yang 2000Mazda Miata Toronto, ON
51 Placeholder Avatar Rayner, Brook 1990Mazda Miata Burlington, ON
87 Placeholder Avatar Pucyk, Michael 2013Subaru BRZ Mississauga, ON
90 Avatar Image Cornelio, Luigi 2006Mazda MX-5 Mississauga, ON
135 Avatar Image Yoshida, Howie 1981Nissan 280ZXH.K. Yoshida & Associates Ltd. Mississauga, ON
138 Placeholder Avatar Tirto, Dylan 1994BMW 318iOrigins Machine Works Brampton, ON
165 Placeholder Avatar Hinton, Thomas 1994Mazda Miata Oakville, ON
B-Stock   8 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
4 Placeholder Avatar Huen, Lance 2005Subaru Impreza North York, ON
31 Avatar Image Morrison, Suze 1995Honda Del Sol VTEC Toronto, ON
39 Placeholder Avatar Robis, Daniel 1996Acura Integra LSNone Etobicoke, ON
60 Placeholder Avatar Tham, Jonathan 2011Subaru Impreza Maple, ON
71 Avatar Image Ho, Anthony 2002Acura 1.7 EL Toronto, ON
81 Placeholder Avatar Cheng, Alex 2009Honda Civic Etobicoke, ON
91 Avatar Image Sweet, Tielor 2009Mazda 3 Brampton, ON
150 Placeholder Avatar Olynik, Megan 2013Ford Focus Cambridge, ON
B-Stock-Plus   9 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
8 Placeholder Avatar Siewdass, Dev 2013Mini GP Markham, ON
20 Placeholder Avatar Johnston, Geordan 2009Volkswagen Jetta 2.0Tnone East York, ON
21 Placeholder Avatar MACC, Chaz 2009Honda Civic Si North York, ON
45 Placeholder Avatar Prymak, Shari 2017Ford Focus ST Toronto, ON
55 Avatar Image Yang, Joseph 2012Honda Civic SiDanger Jim Racing, Zestino Canada, Akii Tire Toronto, ON
64 Placeholder Avatar Danila, Alex 2015Volkswagen GTI Cambridge, ON
89 Placeholder Avatar Day, Keegan 2000Honda Civic SiR Alliston, ON
98 Avatar Image Day, Steven 2000Honda Civic SiR Alliston, ON
100 Placeholder Avatar arezza, adam 2005Acura RSX Brampton, ON
B-Mod   5 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
23 Placeholder Avatar Nembhard, Gerald 2015Honda Civic Sistagefourmotorsports.com Hamilton, ON
43 Placeholder Avatar Macatangay, Andre 2009Acura CSX Type S Pickering, ON
66 Avatar Image Phelps, Ryan 2012Volkswagen GTI Brampton, ON
67 Placeholder Avatar Kirkpatrick, Matt 2002Nissan Sentra Spec VHAF Competizione Brampton, ON
200 Placeholder Avatar Callender, Jerome 2006Honda Civic SiHAF Competizione Markham, ON
C-Stock   5 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
3 Placeholder Avatar Birch, Mike 2006Mazda Rxate Brampton, 0n
80 Placeholder Avatar Oporto-Gola, Victor 2009Mazda RX8 Barrie, ON
85 Avatar Image Harris, Mael 2001Saab 9-5La Patisserie Fine Cakes & Pastries Inc. Guelph, ON
92 Placeholder Avatar Tan, James 2016Mercedes-Benz C450 North York, ON
121 Avatar Image Chugh, Aditya 2016BMW 340i Brampton, ON
C-Stock-Plus   15 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
26 Avatar Image Seams, Clayton 1970Chevrolet Corvette Toronto, ON
29 Placeholder Avatar Hasiuk, Gregory 1994Chevrolet Z28 Stouffville, ON
32 Avatar Image Umali, Christopher 2017Ford MustangMustang, what’s your excuse? Mississauga, ON
36 Placeholder Avatar Drew, Ginger 2008Porsche Cayman S
38 Placeholder Avatar N, Steve 2016Chevrolet Camaro 2SS Toronto, ON
46 Placeholder Avatar Hughes, William 2002Honda S2000 Kitchener, ON
56 Avatar Image Nystrom, Erik 2005Honda S2000Don't buy Kris' Mini. Stoney Creek, ON
68 Avatar Image Tsang, Jay 2008Lotus ExigePinnacle Advanced Driving Academy Hamilton, ON
113 Avatar Image Holland, Thomas 2005Honda S2000 Guelph, ON
117 Placeholder Avatar Floros, Peter 2006Lotus Elise
131 Avatar Image Wong, Kevin 2004Honda S2000Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy Scarborough, ON
136 Placeholder Avatar Drew, Ian 2008Porsche Cayman S
168 Avatar Image Tsang, Amanda 2016Ford Focus RSPinnacle Advanced Driving Academy Hamilton, ON
182 Avatar Image Walters, Desiree 2016Volkswagen Golf R"C is for Cookie" racing team Etobicoke, ON
183 Avatar Image Lemos, Bryan 2016VW Golf RPinnacle Advanced Driving Academy York, ON
C-Mod   21 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
1 Placeholder Avatar Tanurkov, Constantin 2012Subaru WRX STI Mississauga, ON
5 Placeholder Avatar Vo, Jerry 2009Pontiac G8 GTDoubleClutch.ca Magazine
25 Avatar Image Zhang, Ping 2000Honda EK20RRRRRRApex Performance / Stage Four Motorsports Oakville, ON
30 Placeholder Avatar Demers, Alan 2012Volvo C30 T5
34 Placeholder Avatar Brutzki, Jeremy 2000Honda S2000Stage Four Motorsports Conestogo, ON
49 Avatar Image Crljen, Evan 2003Saab 9-3 Mississauga, ON
63 Placeholder Avatar Brooks, Walter 2011Subaru STIFlaming Brakes Inc. Milton, ON
69 Avatar Image Caissie, Colin 2015Alfa Romeo 4CPinnacle Advanced Driving Academy Guelph, ON
77 Avatar Image Kock, Kris 2000Mazda MiataBuy My Mini. Seriously. Please? Brantford, ON
78 Placeholder Avatar O'Kane, Dara 2000Honda Civic Toronto, ON
79 Placeholder Avatar Lewis, Chris 2015Ford FocusST Guelph, ON
83 Placeholder Avatar Lambert, Graham Honda S2000 North York, ON
86 Avatar Image Hall, David 1985Toyota CorollaRaven Motorsports Brampton , On
88 Avatar Image Olynik, Jason 2005Mazda RX8You Just Gotta Believe @ Lexusval.ca Cambridge, On
95 Placeholder Avatar Bisson, Christopher 2013Subaru BRZ Mississauga, ON
110 Placeholder Avatar Tong, Stephen 2005Mazda MX8 Markham, ON
120 Placeholder Avatar Ishmail, Shaad 2011Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Brampton, ON
123 Placeholder Avatar Manguino, Ray 2011Subaru STD Caledon, ON
149 Avatar Image Hanson, Mike 2005Infiniti G35xWhitehead Performance Toronto, ON
169 Placeholder Avatar Dimitroff, Darryl 2015Alfa Romeo 4CPinnacle Advanced Driving Academy / MSOC Mississauga, ON
171 Placeholder Avatar Lam, Bobby 2007Infiniti G35 Thornhill, ON
D-Class   3 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
12 Placeholder Avatar oddy, steve 1973MG Broto-b-racing niagara falls, On
13 Avatar Image furlan, pat 1996Mazda miataall about imports & broken suspension Brampton, ON
40 Placeholder Avatar Kidd, Al 1967Lotus seven Caledon, ON

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