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Attendee List

Schattenbaum NJMP Thunderbolt-April

PCA - Schattenbaum

Thursday, Apr 30 — Friday, May 1, 2020

Thunderbolt Raceway, Millville, NJ

Run Group and Number Assignments

Please check your number assignment shortly before the event

  • YELLOW:  Student (instructor assigned)
  • BLUE/YELLOW:  Novice solo (no instructor), running with YELLOW
  • BLUE/WHITE:  Novice solo (no instructor), running with WHITE 
  • WHITE:  Intermediate
  • BLACK:  Advanced
  • RED:  Advanced / Instructors
Day 1&2  19 entries
#   Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
21 Avatar Image Brussel, Dana New White 2011Porsche Cayman
25 Avatar Image Cady, James New White 2011Porsche Cayman SBreakinthebank racing
7 Avatar Image Carouge, Kevin New Red 2016Porsche GT4
44 Placeholder Avatar Christman, John New Black 1993Chevrolet corvetteVANSTEEL
99 Avatar Image Dentice, James New Yellow 2002BMW M3
90 Placeholder Avatar Elliott, Mark New Black 2009Chevrolet corvette
369 Placeholder Avatar Fried, Kent New Blue - Novice (solo) Nissan 370Z touring cp
51 Placeholder Avatar Hargesheimer, Bob New Red 2007Porsche Cup
99 Placeholder Avatar Kim, Peter New Blue - Novice (solo) 2010Porsche 911 C2S
94 Avatar Image Kohler, Devyn New Blue - Novice (solo) 1999Porsche BoxsterRed Dragon Racing (Below)
43 Avatar Image Kohler, Thomas New Red 1995Porsche 993Thomas M Kohler, DDS
84 Placeholder Avatar Lawrowski, Tom New White 2017BMW M3 ZCPTommy L Garage
11 Avatar Image Lee, Wayne New White 2014Porsche Cayman S
155 Placeholder Avatar McLaughlin, James New Red 2014Porsche Cayman
23 Avatar Image Mehmedovic, Mirza New Yellow 2017BMW M3
201 Placeholder Avatar Shah, Paul New Blue - Novice (solo) 2014Porsche Cayman S
117 Placeholder Avatar Stine, Robert New Red 2004Porsche GT3
12 Placeholder Avatar Tolentino, Aimyle Brykel New Blue - Novice (solo) 2003Honda S2000
63 Avatar Image Turner, Kelly New Yellow 2015Porsche Cayman S
Day 2  2 entries
#   Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
110 Placeholder Avatar Shih, Thomas New Red 2010Porsche GT3
322 Avatar Image Tsang, Artemus New White 2016Porsche Gt4 clubsport

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