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ACH Motoring Trackdayz Streets of Willow CW

ACH Motoring Trackdayz

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Streets of Willow Springs, Rosamond, CA

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Track Day  97 entries
#   Name Status Group  YrMakeSponsor
119 Placeholder Avatar Aboyte, Johnny Confirmed Beginner 2001Honda S2000
101 Placeholder Avatar Abrahamian, Abraham Confirmed Beginner 2018Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
413 Avatar Image Asebedo, Michael Confirmed Low Intermediate 2000Toyota Mr-2 spyder
805 Placeholder Avatar Baliutavicius, Jokubas Confirmed Beginner 2015Ford Fiesta ST
063 Placeholder Avatar Belderes, James Confirmed Beginner 2019Mazda mx-5
024 Placeholder Avatar Bernard, Garrick Confirmed Beginner 2005Honda s2k
61 Placeholder Avatar Brozen, Josh Confirmed Advanced 2017BMW M2
110 Avatar Image Cabanzo, Juan Confirmed Advanced 2002Toyota MR2
35 Placeholder Avatar Calderon, Vincent Confirmed Beginner 1986BMW 325e
221 Placeholder Avatar Caputo, Michael Confirmed Advanced 1997Honda Civic
524 Avatar Image Carranza, Edwin Confirmed Beginner 2001Lexus Is300I
107 Placeholder Avatar Castro, Ryan Confirmed High Intermediate 1989BMW 325is
098 Avatar Image Chung, Gavin Confirmed Beginner 2002Toyota MR-S
085 Avatar Image Collins, Marcus Confirmed Beginner 2014Fiat 500 Abarth
333 Placeholder Avatar Cook, Brent Confirmed Beginner 2012Volkswagen Golf
124 Placeholder Avatar Cruz, Rainier Confirmed Beginner 2004Toyota MR-S
510 Placeholder Avatar Du, Zhong Confirmed Low Intermediate 2017Mazda Miata
071 Placeholder Avatar F, John Confirmed Advanced Honda S2000
868 Placeholder Avatar Farrel, Anthony Confirmed Advanced 2018Nissan 370z
72 Placeholder Avatar Farrel, Kirk Confirmed High Intermediate 2021-- Street Cars/Bikes
918 Placeholder Avatar Felipe, Anthony Confirmed High Intermediate 2000Mazda Miata
312 Placeholder Avatar Floresta, Nicolas Confirmed Advanced 2007Nissan 350z Nismo
48 Placeholder Avatar Gamiz, Sergio Confirmed Beginner 1991Mazda Miata
097 Placeholder Avatar Garcia, Jose Confirmed Beginner 2017Toyota 86na
55 Placeholder Avatar Gilbert, Jim Confirmed Advanced 2002BMW M3
63 Placeholder Avatar Gilbert, Paul Confirmed High Intermediate 2004Mini Cooper S
0 Placeholder Avatar Gomez, David Confirmed Advanced 2016Ford mustang
015 Placeholder Avatar Gonzalez, Daniel Confirmed Low Intermediate Subaru
080 Placeholder Avatar Gopez, Joseph Confirmed Beginner 2020Nissan GT-R
696 Placeholder Avatar Harwart, Brandon Confirmed Advanced 1986Mazda Rx-7
97 Avatar Image Hernandez, Jesse Confirmed Beginner Nissan 350z
122 Placeholder Avatar Herrera, Leandro Confirmed Beginner Infiniti G37s
78 Placeholder Avatar HOW, TE Confirmed High Intermediate 2003Toyota 2003
70 Avatar Image Huynh, Nick Confirmed Beginner 2004Mazda RX-8
112 Avatar Image Hy, Tommy Confirmed High Intermediate 2016Scion FRS
042 Avatar Image Jiang, Kenneth Confirmed Low Intermediate 2007Honda S2000
018 Placeholder Avatar Jimanaroj, Natt Confirmed Beginner 2005Toyota Corolla XRS
530 Placeholder Avatar Kalman, Daniel Confirmed Beginner 2003Nissan 350z
45 Placeholder Avatar Kan, Jimmy Confirmed Low Intermediate 2001Mazda MX-5 Miata
271 Placeholder Avatar Kang, Andrew Confirmed High Intermediate Toyota MRSPENSKE
326 Placeholder Avatar Kang, Johnny Confirmed High Intermediate 2006Honda Civic
404 Avatar Image Kassisieh, Brian Confirmed Advanced 1999Mazda miata
025 Placeholder Avatar Kikegawa, Shinobu Confirmed Low Intermediate 2001Mazda Miata
27 Placeholder Avatar Kim, Peter Confirmed High Intermediate 2005Honda s2000
090 Avatar Image Kulas, Ahren Confirmed High Intermediate 1997BMW 323isTemplar Wraps
220 Placeholder Avatar La, Kevin Confirmed High Intermediate 1994Mazda Miata
131 Placeholder Avatar Landman, Martin Confirmed Advanced 2017Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
219 Avatar Image Lector, Mico Confirmed Advanced 2000Toyota MR2 Spyder
444 Placeholder Avatar Lee, Alex Confirmed Low Intermediate 2013Mazda MX5
87 Placeholder Avatar Lei, Simon Confirmed Advanced 2003Toyota MRS
619 Avatar Image Linatoc, Kevin Confirmed High Intermediate 2002BMW M3
037 Placeholder Avatar Lopez, Edgar Confirmed Advanced 2014Toyota Frs
90 Placeholder Avatar Lu, Zequan Confirmed Advanced 2015BMW m4
125 Placeholder Avatar Lum, Derek Confirmed Advanced 2009Honda Civic
58 Placeholder Avatar Luna, David Confirmed High Intermediate 2004Acura TSX
040 Avatar Image Martin, Frank Confirmed Low Intermediate Mazda MX5 Miata
74 Placeholder Avatar Martinez, Ever Confirmed Low Intermediate 2016Mazda Mx-5
99 Placeholder Avatar Mody, Zubin Confirmed Advanced 2010Volkswagen GTI
222 Placeholder Avatar Monje, Martin Confirmed Low Intermediate 1996Honda Civic
689 Placeholder Avatar Montalvo, Jose Confirmed Low Intermediate 2002Acura RSX Type S
020 Placeholder Avatar Morales, Christopher Confirmed Beginner 1991Mazda Miata
926 Avatar Image Mosaad, Fady Confirmed Beginner 2001Mazda Miata
370 Avatar Image Nabilzadeh, Matthew Confirmed Beginner 2016Nissan 370Z Nismo
026 Placeholder Avatar Navarro, Jesus Confirmed Low Intermediate 2004Honda S2000
816 Placeholder Avatar Oliva, Kenny Confirmed Beginner 1985Toyota Corolla GTS
65 Placeholder Avatar Oliva, Kevin Confirmed Beginner 1965Ford Mustang
064 Placeholder Avatar Oliverio, Armand Confirmed Low Intermediate 2019Mazda MX5 Miata
737 Placeholder Avatar Osorio, Paul Confirmed Low Intermediate 2000Mitsubishi Mirage
029 Placeholder Avatar Pacleb, Arnold Confirmed Low Intermediate 2000Toyota Mr2
40 Avatar Image Phung, Peter Confirmed Beginner 1999Mazda MX5 Miata
365 Placeholder Avatar Ralleca, Jonathan Confirmed Low Intermediate 2006Honda S2000
553 Placeholder Avatar Rieger, Barrett Confirmed Advanced 2002Subaru Impreza wrx
089 Placeholder Avatar Rodriguez, Julio Confirmed Beginner 2015Nissan Versa
143 Avatar Image Salapare, Adrian Confirmed High Intermediate 1995BMW M3
066 Avatar Image Salazar, Jonathan Confirmed Low Intermediate 2018BMW M3Y Motorsport
37 Avatar Image Saldana, Chris Confirmed High Intermediate 2007Subaru STI
12 Placeholder Avatar Sanchez, Adrian Confirmed Low Intermediate 2003Mazda Miata
038 Placeholder Avatar Sandoval, Fernando Confirmed Low Intermediate 2021-- Street Cars/Bikes
087 Placeholder Avatar Soltero, Isai Confirmed Beginner 1988Toyota Supra
15 Placeholder Avatar Sparks, David Confirmed Low Intermediate 1993Toyota MR2
49 Avatar Image Tarnoff, Adam Confirmed Advanced 2017Fiat 124ShaftWorksUSA - OSGiken - RacelineUSA
127 Avatar Image Tran, Richard Confirmed Beginner 2009Honda Fit
187 Placeholder Avatar Trujillo, Antonio Confirmed High Intermediate 2002Subaru
415 Avatar Image Tsang, Man Confirmed High Intermediate 2004Honda EP3
021 Placeholder Avatar Tseng, Richard Confirmed Low Intermediate 2008BMW Bmw
92 Avatar Image U, Andrew Confirmed Low Intermediate 1991BMW 325i
13 Placeholder Avatar Vaish, Anuj Confirmed Low Intermediate 2017Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
52 Placeholder Avatar Valencia Jr, Anibal Confirmed Beginner 2016Chevrolet Camaro ss
06 Avatar Image Vargas, Timothy Confirmed Beginner 2006Honda S2000
016 Placeholder Avatar Vera, Ricardo Confirmed Beginner 2021-- Street Cars/Bikes
223 Avatar Image Villa, Francisco Confirmed High Intermediate 2006BMW Z4
645 Placeholder Avatar Wahib, Michael Confirmed High Intermediate 1999Toyota CelicaAced autowerks
030 Placeholder Avatar Washington, Eddie Confirmed Advanced 2013Nissan
123 Placeholder Avatar Weil, Paul Confirmed Beginner 2002Honda S2000
044 Avatar Image Wiley, Brandon Confirmed High Intermediate 2019Honda Civic
32 Avatar Image Xiong, Ger Confirmed Beginner 2001Toyota Mr2 spyder
070 Placeholder Avatar Zamora, Gabe Confirmed Advanced 2015BMW M3

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