Tri-State Sports Car Council announces TSSCC 2018 #6: The Battle of the Binary Cones Sunday, September 30, 2018 attendees at Route 66 Raceway, Joliet, IL 60433 (6659) > Attendees |

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TSSCC 2018 #6: The Battle of the Binary Cones

Tri-State Sports Car Council

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Route 66 Raceway, Joliet, IL

Attendees   83 entries

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Unknown   2 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
99 Avatar Image Razny, Mike 2007Mazda Rx8FGMK Financial Services, LLC, BOR! Racing, Stranoparts Lake Zurich, IL
600 Placeholder Avatar Mintu, Florian 2018Chevrolet Camaro Chicago, IL
Tire-Limited   8 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
50 Avatar Image Vandermey, Erik 2007Mazda MX-5 MS-R#MinimalUpgrades, #MazdaSpeed, #RideTech #CarbonMiata, #OptimaBatteries, #DriveUSCA West Chicago, IL
57 Placeholder Avatar Daly, Adam 2006Mazda MX-5 Zeeland, MI
75 Avatar Image Rogers, Frank 2005Mazda Miata Burr Ridge, IL
261 Placeholder Avatar Kirchoff, Kevin 1993Mazda RX7 Valparaiso, IN
453 Avatar Image Czarnecki, Brian 2008Mazda Miata Chicago, IL
479 Placeholder Avatar Maloy, Pete 1995BMW M3Pickled Herring Racing Chicago, IL
735 Placeholder Avatar Lipkowski, Adam 1989Honda CRX Roselle, IL
769 Placeholder Avatar Schwarz, John 2006BMW Z4 M West Chicago, IL
Pro Class   7 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
10 Avatar Image Berman, Ian 2016Subaru WRX Woodridge, IL
83 Avatar Image Kolatorowicz, Paul 2016Ford FocusBOR!!!!!! Racing | Cary, IL
141 Placeholder Avatar Bianchi, David 2003Nissan 350Z Lockport, IL
557 Placeholder Avatar Forero, James 2016Mazda Miata Lombard, Il
677 Avatar Image Tonnesen, Drew 2005Nissan 350ZBOR!!! Racing [Brokagain] Island Lake, IL
747 Avatar Image Azevedo, John VW Golf GTI Blauschweiger the German BLUE-boat, AASS, BDR, BOR!!!!!! Elmhurst, IL
977 Placeholder Avatar Waldbaum, Matt 2005Nissan 350ZTonnesen Racing Shenanigans, LLC Chicago, IL
Super Street   3 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
35 Placeholder Avatar Folkes, Shawn 2016Porsche Cayman GT4 Team Sturm & Drang Hawthorn Woods, IL
51 Placeholder Avatar Crisostomo, Paul 2007Porsche GT3 Hinsdale, IL
288 Avatar Image Fitzsimmons, William 2010Porsche 911 Carrera SReaper Racing, Lowend Garage Chicago Des Plaines, IL
A Street   7 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
80 Placeholder Avatar Regganie, Brian 2002Chevrolet Z06 Joliet, IL
165 Placeholder Avatar Tziortzis, Alek 2004Chevrolet Fivecar Finch mobile Palatine, IL
390 Avatar Image Damhoff, William 2003Chevrolet Corvette Z06BOR!!!!!! Racing | BDR Orland Park, IL
597 Placeholder Avatar Seipos, Andy 2016Chevrolet Corvette Z51All 4 Wheels Still Well Attached Chicago, IL
651 Avatar Image Finchum, David 'FiveCar' 2004Chevrolet Corvette Z06BOR!!!!!! Racing, Alan Au Speedshop,, BDR Bolingbrook, IL
706 Avatar Image Simms, Dan 2009Chevrolet Corvette Z06BOR!!!!!! Racing|AASS|BDR Fanclub Villa Park, IL
724 Avatar Image Francis, Andrew 2004Chevrolet Corvette Z06BOR!!!!!! Racing | #BDR Palatine, IL
B Street   3 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
36 Avatar Image Lindsay, Bob 2007Mazda MX-5 Indianhead Park, IL
370 Placeholder Avatar Remeika, Robert 2012Nissan 370Z FOREST PARK, IL
813 Placeholder Avatar Lo, Raulie 2016Ford focus rs Naperville, IL
D Street   2 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
39 Placeholder Avatar Dvorak, Chris 2016Subaru WRX Addison, IL
898 Placeholder Avatar Wright, Jason 2015Subaru BRZAfterMath Racing Cedar Falls, IA
E Street   4 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
14 Avatar Image Maraviglia, Michael 1996Mazda MIATA Buffalo Grove, IL
29 Placeholder Avatar Groseth, Mark 1996Mazda MiataFor Sale Carol Stream, IL
231 Avatar Image Palou-Rivera, Ignasi 1999Mazda Miata Flossmoor, IL
814 Avatar Image Luxon, Bill 1999Mazda Miata Batavia, IL
F Street   4 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
60 Placeholder Avatar Ramasran, Anthony 2014Infiniti Q60 Sport Oak Lawn, IL
110 Avatar Image Zhao, Gordon 2012Infiniti G37Lowend Garage Chicago, Reaper Racing Chicago, IL
115 Placeholder Avatar Palagiewicz, Jerry 2014Infiniti Q50 Willowbrook, IL
313 Placeholder Avatar Palagiewicz, Luke 2005BMW 545i Bartlett, IL
G Street   3 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
882 Avatar Image Beall, Tom 2008Volkswagen GLITSSCC Midlothian, IL
885 Avatar Image Beall, Denise 2008Volkswagen GLITSSCC Midlothian, IL
887 Avatar Image Beall, Savannah 2008Volkswagen GLITSSCC Midlothian, IL
H Street   4 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
37 Placeholder Avatar Handoko, Roy 2015Ford Fiesta STBOR!!!!!! Racing | AlanAuSpeedShop | BDR Buffalo Grove, IL
58 Placeholder Avatar Toth, Steve 2018Mazda 3 Lombard, IL
430 Avatar Image Raad, Tim Ford Fiesta ST Aurora, IL
842 Avatar Image Fredricks, Eric 2015Fiat 500 AbarthAfterMath Racing Davenport, IA
D Street Prepared   1 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
969 Avatar Image Onofrei, Mihail 2007Volkswagen GTI Chicago, IL
X Prepared   1 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
478 Placeholder Avatar Kositarut, Jason 1993Honda Del SlowTime Bomb Racing Chicago, IL
B Modified   3 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
221 Placeholder Avatar Klopack, Zachary 2001Chevrolet CORVETTE Schiller Park, IL
242 Placeholder Avatar Klopack, Mark 2001Chevrolet CORVETTE Schiller Park, IL
244 Placeholder Avatar Klopack, Ronald 2001Chevrolet CORVETTE Schiller Park, IL
Solo Spec Coupe   1 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
49 Placeholder Avatar Politsky, Aaron 2014Subaru Special Snowflake Coupe Chicago, IL
Street Touring R   5 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
6 Placeholder Avatar Hathaway, Tyler 2008Honda S2000 Geneva, IL
16 Avatar Image Gleaton, Kevin Honda S2000 Lake Zurich, IL
61 Placeholder Avatar Hathaway, Cecelia 2008Honda S2000 Naperville, IL
678 Avatar Image Au, Alan 1999Mazda miataAlan Au Speedshop/Mike M ES fan club Palatine, IL
851 Avatar Image Villanueva, Hans 2016Mazda MX-5#TeamAMRacing | SakeBombGarage | Karcepts | CorkSport Dubuque, IA
Street Touring S   1 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
881 Placeholder Avatar NISIPESCU, RAZVAN 2004Nissan 350Z Chicago, IL
Street Touring X   3 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
87 Avatar Image Perry, Chris 2010BMW 128i Thanks Jim! Chicago, IL
718 Avatar Image VanBladel, Jim 2010BMW 128i Palatine, IL
774 Avatar Image Orasan, Sorin 2003Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V Arlington Heights, IL
Street Touring U   2 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
688 Placeholder Avatar Weddle, Ryan 2007Nissan 350Z GT10 Karat Racing Westmont, IL
789 Placeholder Avatar Kirilova, Zornitsa 2006Mitsubishi Lancer EvoTSM Racing Rolling Meadows, IL
Formula Jr B - 8-11 yrs   1 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
27 Placeholder Avatar Crisostomo, Quintin 2014Birel Kart Hinsdale, IL
Street Touring R Ladies   1 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
217 Avatar Image Czarnecki, Liz 1997Mazda Miata Chicago, IL
CAM Traditional   5 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
32 Placeholder Avatar Freise, Donny 1971Chevrolet Camaro Beach Park, IL
33 Avatar Image Gregory, Dickie Lee 1969Chevrolet CamaroFrame-up Wheelworks Barrington, IL
118 Avatar Image Werner, Mike 1987Chevrolet Camaro Z28Eurotoys Ltd. Elgin, IL
132 Placeholder Avatar Freise, Angela 1971Chevrolet Camaro Beach Park, il
738 Placeholder Avatar STEHLIN, JIM 1973Chevrolet Camaro Batavia, IL
CAM Contemporary   11 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
95 Placeholder Avatar Gosda, Robert 2013Ford MustangSkoolBoss Racing, Conestoga Axle Technologies Yorkville, IL
133 Placeholder Avatar Andres, Shaun 2006Ford Mustang New Lenox, IL
215 Placeholder Avatar Becker, Dave 2018Chevrolet CamaroDumb Schmuck Racing Libertyville, IL
300 Avatar Image Fox, Greg 2015Ford MustangGrey Fox Racing Lakemoor, IL
302 Avatar Image Charles, Robert 2016Ford Mustang GT PP West Chicago, IL
406 Placeholder Avatar Untch, Richard 2014Ford Mustang GT Naperville, IL
475 Avatar Image Murphy, Alan 1998Pontiac FirebirdBOR!!! Racing [Brokagain] Hoffman Estates, IL
729 Placeholder Avatar McGreevy, Brian 2015Ford Mustang GT Naperville, IL
781 Avatar Image Wagenknecht, Jeff 2007Ford Mustang GT Davenport , IA
905 Placeholder Avatar Vaisys, Mindaugas 2015Ford Mustang GT Orland Park, IL
972 Placeholder Avatar Pichman, Jerry 2016Ford mustang New Lenox, IL
CAM Sports   1 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
341 Placeholder Avatar Janulis, Greg 2007Chevrolet PlasticFantastic Bolingbrook, IL

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