BMW CCA - Heart of Dixie Chapter announces 2017 BMW CCA HOD Fall HPDE at Barber Motorsports Saturday, Sep 23 — Sunday, Sep 24, 2017 attendees at Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham, AL 35094 (9711) > Attendees |

Attendee List

2017 BMW CCA HOD Fall HPDE at Barber Motorsports

BMW CCA - Heart of Dixie Chapter

Saturday, Sep 23 — Sunday, Sep 24, 2017

Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham, AL

Sat./Sun.  102 entries
  Name Status Class Group  YrMakeSponsor
Avatar Image Adams, Jason Out I Unassigned 2002BMW 330CI
Avatar Image Alexander, Tiffany Confirmed I Unassigned 2001Porsche Boxster S
Placeholder Avatar Arnett, Jon Confirmed X 2006Panoz GTS
Avatar Image Barksdale, Todd Confirmed I Unassigned 1990BMW 325isAlpine Motorsports and Auto Sales, LLC
Placeholder Avatar Barnes, Gregg Confirmed C 1991BMW 325I
Avatar Image Barnes, Justin Confirmed I Unassigned 1997BMW M3
Avatar Image Bloomquist, Brad Confirmed B 2014Porsche Carrera SMy wife.
Placeholder Avatar Bowes, William Confirmed X BMW 2002
Avatar Image Bridenbaugh, Chad Confirmed X Unassigned 1999BMW M3EPIC Renovations, Bimmerworld, Stinky Dog
Placeholder Avatar Buckley, John Confirmed C 2008BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar BUGNA, Adrian Confirmed B 2013BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Burruss, Jim Confirmed C 1992Acura NSX
Placeholder Avatar Charlton, Bill Confirmed A 2005Lotus Elise
Avatar Image Chaudhary, Ayesha Confirmed B 1990Mazda
Avatar Image Clinkinbeard, Don Confirmed C 2005Lotus Elise
Placeholder Avatar Coan, Rodger Confirmed I Unassigned 1992Lexus SC300Eurasian Auto, Burningham Too Racing
Placeholder Avatar Collins, Peter Confirmed A 2004BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Colmer, John Out Unassigned BMW 1987 M6
Placeholder Avatar Congiundi, Pete Confirmed I Unassigned 1999BMW E36 M3
Avatar Image Cornett, Lee Confirmed I Unassigned 2006Mini Cooper S
Avatar Image Corwin, Erik Confirmed I Unassigned 1995BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Cox, John Confirmed X Unassigned 2005Lotus Elise
Placeholder Avatar Crawford, John Confirmed B 2011BMW M3
Avatar Image Culler, Cherie Confirmed A 1991BMW 328iRTR Website Service
Avatar Image Downey, John Confirmed C 1995BMW M3
Avatar Image Ehmann, Graham Confirmed X 2005Infiniti G35sRathole Racing
Placeholder Avatar Ellison, Al Confirmed I Unassigned 2012Porsche Cayman REllison & Ellison, PC
Placeholder Avatar Ellison, Jennifer Confirmed A 2012Porsche Cayman REllison & Ellison, PC
Placeholder Avatar Gibson, Ali Confirmed I Unassigned 1987Porsche 944
Avatar Image Gonzales, Chris Confirmed C 2016Ford Mustang
Placeholder Avatar Grande, Rick Confirmed I Unassigned 2002BMW M3
Avatar Image Harkins, Thaddeus Confirmed C 2007Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Avatar Image Harrison, David Confirmed X Unassigned 1988BMW 325i
Placeholder Avatar Harrison, Simone Confirmed B 1998BMW M3 crew cab
Placeholder Avatar Heilman, John Confirmed A 2017Chevrolet CorvetteVintage Boys Club
Placeholder Avatar Henry, Timothy Confirmed C 2017BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Hodges, Jake Confirmed B 1998BMW M3R & D Mototsports
Placeholder Avatar Hodges, Spain Confirmed A 2004BMW m3Bimmer Motor Works
Placeholder Avatar Holcomb IV, John Hudson Confirmed C 2008BMW E60 TMSAPEX Pro
Avatar Image Hooper, Casey Confirmed I Unassigned 2003Porsche 911 TURBOEURASIAN AUTO SERVICE
Avatar Image Horneck, Gary Confirmed A 2011BMW 335i
Placeholder Avatar Horton Jr, Charles Confirmed C 2013BMW 335is
Placeholder Avatar Huang, Conway Confirmed A 2005BMW m3
Avatar Image Hunt, Edward Confirmed B 2003BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Hunter, Eric Confirmed A 2003BMW E46 M3
Placeholder Avatar Hutzell, Adam Confirmed C 1997BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Imlah, Brett Confirmed C 1999BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Inman, Duane Confirmed A 1988BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Jones, Christopher Confirmed B 2013Audi TTRS
Avatar Image Joos, Christopher Confirmed X 2007BMW M Coupe
Avatar Image Joos, Matthew Confirmed X 1997BMW M3Lins Specialty Automotive
Avatar Image Joyner, Jack Confirmed X Unassigned 1998BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Kelly, Michael Confirmed I Unassigned Maserati coupe
Placeholder Avatar Kidd, Greg Confirmed A 1990BMW 325ISspouse
Avatar Image King, Brynley Confirmed X Unassigned 2007Porsche 997Racing for Children's
Avatar Image Kniseley, Chris Confirmed I Unassigned 1995BMW M3
Avatar Image Kwok, Hung-Chi Confirmed A 2015Porsche GT3
Avatar Image Lattanzi, Richard Confirmed A 2003Acura CL Type SArrel Enterprises, Inc.
Placeholder Avatar Lattanzi, Todd Confirmed A 2013BMW M3
Avatar Image Leonard, Bryan Confirmed I Unassigned 2004Chevrolet
Placeholder Avatar Lovoy, Zachary Confirmed A 2005BMW M3
Avatar Image Mauch, Scott Confirmed C 2015BMW 435 xdrive
Placeholder Avatar McGlaun, Scott Confirmed A 2015Chevrolet Camaro Z28
Placeholder Avatar Merritt, Brad Confirmed I Unassigned 1999Porsche
Placeholder Avatar Montana, Scott Confirmed I Unassigned 1992BMW 325is
Placeholder Avatar Moses, Chris Confirmed C 2009BMW 135i
Placeholder Avatar Mota, Manuel Confirmed B 2011BMW 328iTom Williams BMW
Placeholder Avatar Murk, Terry Confirmed C 2015BMW M4
Avatar Image Murphy, John Confirmed I Unassigned 2000Chevrolet Corvette
Placeholder Avatar Neil, Doug Confirmed X Unassigned 2007Porsche 911Racing for Children's
Placeholder Avatar Norris, Chris Confirmed C 2013BMW 328i
Avatar Image Norwood, Tripp Confirmed A 1996Porsche 911 C2
Placeholder Avatar Patel, Amit Confirmed C 2006BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Pegues, Boles Confirmed X 2009Porsche 911 4s
Placeholder Avatar Pivar, Benjamin Confirmed X Unassigned 1997BMW M3
Avatar Image Preston, Chris Confirmed I Unassigned 2000BMW 328I
Avatar Image Pulliam, Max Confirmed C 1989BMW 325i
Avatar Image Rains, Andrew Confirmed I Unassigned 2005BMW M3Alabama Gearheads
Avatar Image Retzer, Daniel Confirmed X 2009Porsche 911
Avatar Image Robertson, Brian Confirmed A 2000BMW Mcoupe
Placeholder Avatar Robinson, Todd Confirmed I Unassigned 2006Panoz GTS
Avatar Image Roddy, Paul Confirmed I Unassigned 2005BMW M3
Avatar Image Sanford, Karen Confirmed C 2011BMW 328i
Avatar Image Sewell, Mike Confirmed A 2004BMW 330ci
Avatar Image Shearer, Robert Confirmed B 2002BMW BMW
Avatar Image Simpson, Allan Confirmed I Unassigned 1998BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Sledd, Chad Confirmed I Unassigned 1996BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Sledd, Scot Confirmed I Unassigned 1998BMW m3
Placeholder Avatar Smith, Andrea Confirmed B 2011BMW 1M
Avatar Image Smith, Jeffrey Confirmed A 2011BMW 1M
Placeholder Avatar Striebel, Grayson Confirmed B 1997BMW M3
Avatar Image Taylor, Dean Confirmed C 2015BMW M4
Avatar Image Teas, Wayne Out Unassigned 2011BMW M3
Avatar Image Thorpe, Edwin Confirmed A 2017BMW M2
Avatar Image Thrasher, Alan Confirmed B 2008BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Van Booven, Phillip Confirmed C 1997BMW M3 Sedan
Placeholder Avatar Varnell, Jason Confirmed C 1986BMW 325es
Avatar Image Veal, Mike Confirmed A 2012BMW E92 M3
Placeholder Avatar Ware, Chuck Confirmed C 1999BMW E36 M3
Placeholder Avatar Wohlfarth, Dan Confirmed I Unassigned 1999BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Yates, Benjy Confirmed B 1998BMW M3-4-5
Avatar Image Yeager, Russell Confirmed B Chevrolet Corvette Z07

102 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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