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Attendee List

Miatas Before the Gap - Powered by KMiata

Jzilla Trackdays

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Atlanta Motorsports Park, Dawsonville, GA

Event schedules and Driver Info Packets can be found HERE.

Participant  110 entries
#   Name Status Group  YrMakeSponsor
1 Placeholder Avatar Bacher, Danny Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2018Volkswagen Gti
83 Avatar Image Bandy, Darrell Checked in Red - Advanced 1994BMW 325i
203 Placeholder Avatar Banzen, Jim Checked in 1991Mazda KMiataKmiata
777 Avatar Image Barber, Calvin Checked in Green - Novice 1992Mazda
921 Avatar Image Barnett, Jamin Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 1993Mazda RX-7
90 Avatar Image Basha, Christopher Waitlisted Green - Novice 2017Subaru Brz
9 Placeholder Avatar Bolling, Brian Checked in Green - Novice 2019Mazda MX-5Motoring for thre Masses
44 Avatar Image Bolling, Robert Checked in Blue - Solo 2016Mazda MX-5Motorsport 4the Masses
77 Avatar Image Bonchev, Val Checked in Red - Advanced 2005Honda CivicNone I pay it all!
40 Avatar Image Bowman, Curtis Checked in Red - Advanced 1991Mazda Miata
13 Placeholder Avatar Brady, Mathew Checked in Blue - Solo 2018Mazda Miata
32 Placeholder Avatar Brewer, Jason Checked in Green - Novice 2000Mazda Miata
47 Avatar Image Brock, Ken Checked in Blue - Solo Mazda 1990 Miata
30 Placeholder Avatar Calzada, David Confirmed 2000Mazda MiataKMiata
17 Avatar Image Carter, Tony Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2017Ford Mustang GT
8 Avatar Image Castro, Jose Checked in Red - Advanced 2008Mazda MiataFiebre INME
123 Placeholder Avatar Chen, Brent Waitlisted Green - Novice 1993Mazda Miata
098 Avatar Image Chen, Sunny Checked in Red - Advanced 2018Exomotive Exocet Race
111 Placeholder Avatar Chu, Christopher Checked in Blue - Solo Honda S2000
720 Placeholder Avatar Coleman, Lucas Checked in Red - Advanced 1987BMW 325is
86 Avatar Image Coleman, Sarah Checked in Blue - Solo 2014Porsche Cayman S
59 Avatar Image Cooper, Daniel Checked in Red - Advanced 2007Mazda MiataCompound Interest
89 Placeholder Avatar Copeland, Chris Checked in Red - Advanced 1999Mazda Miata
12 Avatar Image Covaci, Henry Checked in Red - Advanced 2003Mini Cooper S
86 Placeholder Avatar Cowden, Andrew Checked in Red - Advanced 1995Mazda Miata
174 Avatar Image Cushing, Jacob Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2005Honda S2000
37 Avatar Image Dale, Joseph Checked in Blue - Solo 2002Mazda protege 5Atlanta Speed Company / BC Racing / Southrnfresh
5 Avatar Image Dangelo, Stephen Checked in Blue - Solo 1999Mazda Miata 10AE
4 Avatar Image Dauby, Jeff Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2015Subaru BrzAtlanta Speed Company
85 Avatar Image De Barros, John Checked in 2006Mazda 6All Out Auto USA/BF Goodrich/MazdaSpeed
11 Placeholder Avatar Dotson, Steve Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2006Honda S2000
55 Avatar Image Dracos, William Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2009Mazda RX-8 R3Loose Lugnuts Racing; Lickety Split Motorsports
20 Avatar Image Engle, Ron Checked in Green - Novice 1999Mazda miata
2 Avatar Image Forcino, Frank Checked in Blue - Solo 2017Honda Civic Si
088 Placeholder Avatar Foster, Casey Checked in Red - Advanced Mazda Miata-Eliminator
15 Avatar Image Freeman, Cameron Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2013Mazda Miata
351 Placeholder Avatar Fremd, Timothy Checked in 2013Mazda Mazda3None
829 Placeholder Avatar Funk, Corey Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2002Honda S2000
000 Avatar Image Fusco, David Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2009Mazda MX5AOA MOTERSPORTS
039 Placeholder Avatar Gambill, Matthew Checked in 2014Ford Fiesta ST
73 Placeholder Avatar Gascoigne, Aaron Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2003BMW M3
4 Placeholder Avatar Gilbert, Adam Checked in Blue - Solo 2015Scion FR-SParking lot loose change
01 Avatar Image Goldstein, Steven Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2017Ford Shelby GT350
77 Placeholder Avatar Goodfriend, Aaron Checked in Blue - Solo 1992Mazda Miata
64 Avatar Image Haley, Paul Checked in Green - Novice 2014Mazda MX-5
9 Placeholder Avatar Hamilton, Glenn Checked in Yellow - Intermediate BMW E46 M3
70 Placeholder Avatar Hazelton, Fred Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 1987BMW e30
321 Avatar Image HOLMES, BRADLEY Checked in Red - Advanced 1995Honda Civic
24 Placeholder Avatar Holmquist, Ben Checked in Blue - Solo 1996Mazda Miata
229 Placeholder Avatar House, Matt Checked in Green - Novice 2001Mercedes-Benz E55
06 Placeholder Avatar Houston, Tray Checked in Green - Novice 2006Lotus exige
8 Placeholder Avatar Hubbard, Beau Checked in Green - Novice 2006Nissan Sentra
14 Avatar Image Hutson, Steve Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 1968BMW 1600Alpenwerks, 4wheeldrift
3 Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Chris Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2000Chevrolet CorvetteChris Realty group
96 Avatar Image Johnston, Trevor Checked in 2016Mazda Exocet
129 Placeholder Avatar Jury, Mason Checked in Green - Novice 1997Mazda Miata
961 Placeholder Avatar Khalek, Areeje Checked in Red - Advanced 1990Mazda Miatatata
404 Avatar Image Kline, Charles Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2018Mercedes-Benz GTR
23 Placeholder Avatar Kosgi, Arvind Waitlisted Green - Novice 2017Subaru BRZ
35 Avatar Image Krause, Steven Checked in 1999Mazda Miata
197 Avatar Image Lane, Jason Checked in Red - Advanced 1995BMW M3Shut Up Racing
777 Avatar Image Lukyan, Victor Checked in Red - Advanced 2006Volkswagen R32Global Tires
22 Placeholder Avatar Luttrell, Doyle Checked in Blue - Solo 2003Mazda Miata
92 Avatar Image Luttrell, Marcus Checked in 1999Mazda MiataNine Lives Racing / Hoosier Tire / Inertia Lab
137 Placeholder Avatar MacDonald, John Checked in Blue - Solo 1991Mazda Miata
11 Placeholder Avatar Makinson, David Checked in Green - Novice 1999Mazda Miata
22 Avatar Image Maler, Boston Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2003Honda S2000
88 Placeholder Avatar Malik, Faisal Checked in Blue - Solo 2018Nissan 370z
3 Placeholder Avatar Manjee, Azim Checked in Green - Novice 2017Subaru WRX
45 Avatar Image Manker, Bob Checked in Red - Advanced 1995Mazda Miata
60 Avatar Image Manley, Gino Checked in Red - Advanced 2003BMW 330i
88 Avatar Image Merry, Colin Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2000Mazda MiataChillout Systems
297 Placeholder Avatar Mills, Julian Checked in Blue - Solo 2017Subaru BRZKrypticWrx / CeramicPro North Ga
86 Placeholder Avatar Mohr, Daniel Checked in Blue - Solo 1990Mazda Miata
50 Placeholder Avatar Morrow, Denny Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2006Porsche 911
086 Avatar Image Murphy, Grant Checked in Red - Advanced 2013Scion FRSHype Factory
7 Avatar Image Ngo, Yung Checked in 2018Honda Civic
88 Avatar Image O'Brien, John Checked in Green - Novice 2003Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V
54 Avatar Image O'Brien, Sarah Waitlisted Green - Novice 2002Ford Focus SVT
138 Avatar Image Olsen, Eric Checked in Red - Advanced 2001Toyota MR2 Spyder
73 Placeholder Avatar Ostlund, Matthew Checked in Blue - Solo 2006Mazda Miata
13 Avatar Image Owings, Clint Checked in Red - Advanced 1999Mazda Miata
7 Placeholder Avatar Patel, Mit Waitlisted Green - Novice 2018Ford mustang
39 Placeholder Avatar Patterson, Andy Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2016Volkswagen GTI
55 Avatar Image Philip, Hart Checked in Blue - Solo 1994Mazda Miata-
128 Avatar Image Pittard, Gregory Checked in Red - Advanced 2014Porsche Cayman S
5 Placeholder Avatar Rambow, Dan Waitlisted Green - Novice 2015Subaru BRZnone
68 Avatar Image Robertson, Clifford Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2000Mazda Miata
7 Placeholder Avatar Rodgers, Landry Checked in Green - Novice 1999Mazda Miata
214 Placeholder Avatar Rusden, Christopher Checked in Green - Novice 2015Audi A3 quattro
28 Placeholder Avatar Schoenholz, Mark Checked in Red - Advanced 1991Nissan Sentra SE-R
44 Placeholder Avatar Seegers, John Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2018Honda Civic R
08 Placeholder Avatar Silva, George Checked in Green - Novice 2014Subaru BRZ
95 Placeholder Avatar Simsa, Scott Checked in Green - Novice 1995Mazda MiataSpinnywhoosh Graphics
131 Avatar Image Slocum, Steve Checked in Blue - Solo 1993Mazda Miata
021 Avatar Image Slotten, Matt Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2013Subaru BRZ
7 Placeholder Avatar Smallwood, Dan Checked in Red - Advanced 2011Chevrolet Corvette Z07
077 Avatar Image Smith, Aaron Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 1992Mazda Miata
2 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Steve Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2016Mazda MX-5 Miata
77 Placeholder Avatar Snyder, Mark Checked in Yellow - Intermediate 2006Porsche Farnbacher Loles GTR
513 Placeholder Avatar Sossa, Juan Checked in Green - Novice 1999Mazda Miata
23 Avatar Image Stengard, Rick Checked in Red - Advanced 1995Mazda Miata MX-5
69 Avatar Image Thompson, William Checked in Green - Novice 1992Mazda Miata
29 Avatar Image Traylor, Brianda Checked in 1998BMW M3Traylor Motorsports
82 Avatar Image Urban, Steven Checked in Blue - Solo 2016Ford Focus RSMe myself & I
92 Placeholder Avatar wagliardo, john Checked in 2000Mazda miata
27 Avatar Image Werner, Mark Checked in Blue - Solo 2000Mazda Miata
1 Placeholder Avatar Wissner, Jack Checked in Blue - Solo 1999Mazda MiataKayakjack Racing
75 Placeholder Avatar Wyatt, Roger Checked in Green - Novice 1999Mazda MX-5 Miata
1 Avatar Image Zellmer, Tyler Checked in Red - Advanced 1995Mazda Miata

110 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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