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Tarheel & Toe HPDS Summer '19

Event Requirements

Registration closed June 11, 2019 6:59 PM on June 11, 2019 6:59 PM EDT Registration ends June 11, 2019 6:59 PM on June 11, 2019 6:59 PM EDT Registration opens April 16, 2019 12:00 AM on April 16, 2019 12:00 AM EDT Registration runs from April 16, 2019 12:00 AM to June 11, 2019 6:59 PM

This is not optional.  All HPDS participants must have a current valid BMW CCA membership.  Contact BMW CCA National at 1-800-878-9292 or sign up online at BMWCCA.ORG.  Your registration cannot be confirmed until you provide a verifiable current membership number.  You will be leapfrogged by validated member registrations.

The first 10 days of registration are reserved for current Tarheel Chapter members and registered affiliate  (Primary BMW CCA Chapter + Tarheel as your 2nd chapter) members only.  Entry fee includes Saturday and Sunday.  Confirmation of current membership is BMW CCA is automated, you will not be confirmed as accepted in the school without current membership.  Associate Members: If you are listed with BMW CCA as an immediate family member of a current BMW CCA member and you are living at home or in college, you may also register during the first 10 days. Your membership card will list your parents membership number preceded by an "A".  On the 11th day registration will open to other current BMW CCA chapter members on a first received basis, same cost as Tarheel Members.

HPDS participants MUST be current BMW CCA members per BMW CCA National HPDS Guidelines.  Interested participants may become BMW CCA members using the link provided in the registration process.  One need not own a BMW to become a CCA member. New CCA members may request their primary chapter to be Tarheel Chapter for preferential registration/confirmation during the first 10 days. Please join at www.bmwcca.org.

No one under the age of 18 years may participate in a Tarheel BMWCCA High Performance Driver School.  Check out www.StreetSurvival.org for a potential alternative geared specifically to young drivers.

 BMW CCA guidelines prohibit it;  data acquisition or filming your laps is not considered to be TIMING provided lap times are not visible while driving the track.  You may be required to obscure real-time lap data from view while driving.  Gathering information can help you be more proficient, aid your education, and define progress. However, this is NOT competition; anything that makes it so violates our stated mission.

Please check www.tarheelbmwcca.org  under HPDS Insurance to read the latest information on what is covered by our purchased Event Insurance.   You as waiver signed participants are covered for liability during your participation in this event. You are not protected by this policy for collision. This is a gentleman's sport. You are responsible for your vehicle and that of anyone else involved with you in a collision at the event. Private insurance policies may not cover a "racing surface" based school. READ your insurance policies exclusions.  Hint: Do not ask your Insurance Agent whether you are covered during a driver school on a track; rather ask for all exclusions in writing.  We, as organizers strive to comply with the BMW CCA HPDS Guidelines and to be diligent in enforcing the policies. This gives the best opportunity to successfully defend any lawsuit (heaven forbid) occurring out of executing this HPDS. Your cooperation and safe conduct enables us to maintain reasonable insurance costs. 


  • All cars must be tech inspected and Tech Sheet completed prior to registration.  Tarheel Chapter staff do NOT tech your car on-site.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your car is safe. After the meet and greet you and your assigned instructor will Clean Tech your car and get familiar with the car and its modifications if any.
  • A Snell-rated helmet (with SNELL sticker) is mandatory! DOT Rating is NOT sufficient. Any SA, M or K rated SNELL 2010 or newer helmets are allowed.  NOTE SA2005 HELMETS ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED
  • Equal restraints are required for driver and passenger.  This applies to EVERYONE. 
  • Long sleeve shirts and long pants are required unless special permission is granted to the school; usually it is based on temperatures. Come prepared for either short or long sleeves.
  • All cars participating in the school Sat./Sun. must have front passenger seat. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Requirements for participation in a CONVERTIBLE OR OPEN TOP car are based on BMW CCA Guidelines and may be found on our website: www.tarheelbmwcca.org  Contact our Chief Instructors Paul Tillery/April Curtis or our safety officer, Mike Hinkley well ahead of the event to insure that you understand and comply with the convertible guidelines.  We adhere to them without exception.
  • The event will be held rain or shine. However, the club may cancel or close down the event if the track or weather conditions pose an inordinate safety concern for the participants. The decision is that of the Chief Instructor and Event Coordinator.
  • The Sleep INN Danville Airport will be the headquarters hotel for this school. We have access to a BLOCKED A SECTION WITH REDUCED RATES. Be sure to request the "VIR RATE" negotiated block rate.
  • VIR provides a number of convenient accommodation options on-site.  Checkout the details on their website virnow.com.


Vehicles must have a muffler sufficient for use of headset communicators for all student groups . Stock exhaust systems are fine.  If you can't carry a normal conversation in the cabin at highway speed WITH WINDOWS DOWN, your exhaust will not be compliant...  Contact the Chief Instructor prior to registering if you have questions about your vehicle's compliance.

When selecting your run group preference, use the following guidelines.

  • A-Plus: Experience 4 or more schools (8 days) in the A group with Tarheel Chapter in the most recent three seasons.  Achieve scores of all 5's Attitude and 11's or better on skills in your student evaluation. Recommendations of 2 Tarheel instructors to qualify.  Confirmed A-Plus students may register to drive on Fridays in addition to Sat/Sun.

  • A : Experience 8 or more schools &/or completed B with recommendation of Instructor to move to A.

  • B : Experience 6 or more schools &/or completed C with recommendation of Instructor to move to B.

  • C : Experience 4 or more schools &/or completed D with recommendation of Instructor to move to C.

  • D : Experience 0-4 schools.

Students may elect to remain in a lower group for more experience at any level; an instructor may elect not to advance a student even if s/he has enough schools to advance. Note that a recommendation from your last instructor to move you up is needed in order for you to advance. You may request a specific instructor at the time of registration. We will TRY to accommodate that request in registration timestamp order.  Do NOT wait until a week prior to the school to make special requests, it is likely your requested instructor will have been taken by then.

HPDS on-track training will be provided by in-car instructors tayloring to your individual needs & level of experience.  There are typically 4 run groups, 4 sessions daily and ample classroom instruction. First time students/D group students will ride in the instructor's car with their instructor driving for their first session of the day to provide a good orientation to the track, corner workers' location and a general overview of what they may expect during the school.  This is done without helmets at lower than highway speeds. This follows our MEET and GREET session at which time you will meet your instructor and together you will set a time to clean tech your car. D students will also have classroom prior to their first driving session on track.  Read all of the Student Confirmation packet at http://tarheelbmwcca.org/track.html prior to arrival. Confirmation packets will be made available on line AFTER YOU'VE BEEN CONFIRMED as attending.  Be Safe and Have Fun.

Run group preference is only that, we reserve the right to reassign as indicated or necessary based on multiple factors. We review your log book prior to confirmation into a run group.  Please keep the "External Experience" section of youyr profile up-to-date if you wish us to consider experience not logged in MotorSportReg.


  • A WORKING COMMUNICATOR is essential for good communication. In the case of medical reasons why YOU can't use the ear pieces, just use the microphone. Your student can wear the ear pieces. He/she can hear you, you can't hear him over the intercom.  Not ideal, but better than shouting.
  • All cars participating Sat/Sun must have the front passenger seat. NO EXCEPTIONS! Part of your instructing job includes taking your student out in your car to demonstrate the skills that you are trying to impart. This demonstration is done at the STUDENT'S RUN GROUP LEVEL speeds.  Please, no thrill rides.
  • Participant Registration is done on Friday at the track.  The arm band is placed on your arm at registration by our staff when you sign the waiver. VIR also has a waiver that you must sign to gain entrance to VIR, that is different and in addition to our insurance waiver. 
  • BMW CCA guest instructors belonging to chapters other than Tarheel, who have instructed with us in the recent past, may register at the same time as our regular Tarheel Cadre. Guest instructors will be used as needed. If you have not instructed with us in the recent past and you are available, please contact Scott Meyer at scottmeyer400@gmail.com Your online registration is time-stamped when you sign up online. The instructor fee for Friday is $160 for instructors who are instructing Saturday and Sunday. You cannot pay on line for Friday.  We will accept checks or cash at the Friday AM registration at the track.  Please bring your check (filled out in advance) or cash.  No participant may attend Friday if they are not participating Sat. & Sun.  Our policy is that instructors will have A & C or B & D students to facilitate time for pre-track communication and post-track debriefing.  Completed student evaluations are required as part of your duties . Please be precise and share your scoring with your student.  If you wish to add an additional comment for staff only, do so after your review with your student.
  • Special Registration Note: If you are a recognized instructor for Tarheel Chapter do NOT sign up as a student or "BMW CCA Member", doing so puts you in the student pool.  If you are not presented with access to the instructor signup packages, and you have instructed with Tarheel Chapter BMW before, contact the Tarheel Chief Instructor or Instructor Coordinator, Scott Meyer  (scottmeyer400@gmail.com) and request to be flagged as a "Recognized Instructor".  If you were already flagged as instructor by the CI, you should have been directed to the Instructors only sign up. Once you are on the "Recognized Instructor" list,  select the Fri/Sat/Sun or the Sat/Sun option and continue.  Thank you for choosing Tarheel Chapter HPDS. Your help is essential and very much appreciated. We hope you have a rewarding experience with Tarheel Chapter.  It is our honor to have you instruct with us.
  • Instructor confirmation packet is available at http://tarheelbmwcca.org/track.html for further information on headquarters, etc...  PACKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE AFTER YOU'VE BEEN CONFIRMED as attending by our Chief Instructors.


  • BMW CCA Membership is required. 
  • Advanced HPDE passing rules (anywhere with a point) will apply. 
  • There will be a mandatory all-hands meeting Friday morning. 
  • You will be required to upload a copy of a current valid race license credential (BMWCCA, SCCA, NASA, PCA, IMSA, FIA, etc.). 
  • We reserve the right to refuse access to anyone, particularly rookie, provisional and probationary status licenses.
  • This registration and fee is per driver, not per car, for Friday only.  
  • You will be required to submit a pre-event tech inspection form.  Download it here. (http://tarheelbmwcca.org/track.html)  We allow Club Racers to self-tech so you may complete the form yourself without a shop stamp.  

Registration closed June 11, 2019 6:59 PM at June 11, 2019 6:59 PM EDT

Registration closed

Registration opens April 16, 2019 12:00 AM at April 16, 2019 12:00 AM EDT

Registration closed

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