Team Continental Track Time Trials/HPDE CANCELLED requirements on Mar 28, 2020 (829198) |

This event is over! Can we show you some more events nearby?

Team Continental Track Time Trials/HPDE CANCELLED

Event Requirements

This event was cancelled Mar 17, 2020. Can we show you some more events nearby?

Requirements for Students:

  • Minimum 18 years of age with a valid state or provincial drivers license.
  • An attentive, safety first attitude.

Requirements for Cars:

  • Sound Mechanical condition.
  • Fluids filled - oil, water, transmission.
  • Good belts, hoses and BRAKES.
  • 3/32" minimum tire tread depth or race tires in good condition.
  • Clean, inside and out, including engine compartment.
  • All loose items removed. Spare tire, jack, battery secured.
  • Open top and convertible cars MUST have a properly installed roll bar as a minimum. The top of the main hoop must be at least 2" above the driver's helmet when in a normal seated position. Factory pop-up roll-over protection is NOT acceptable and there will be no exceptions.
  • Glass headlights taped to prevent possible breakage.
  • Two seats with working seat belts (for Driving School with instructor)

  • Late registrations accepted morning of event, required to attend Driver's Meeting at 8:15am

Registration & Information:

How the Online Payment works: Your credit card will not be charged immediately.  However, a pre-authorization check is done electronically to confirm validity and capacity of your account by, much like a hotel might do.  The pre-auth should fall off your account in 24-72 hours depending on your bank card's practices.  DEBIT CARD USERS, you can use your card on, but, you should treat the pre-authorization as a debit, and account for this, until the "hold" is dropped by your bank. 

  • Credit cards will be processed by square payment system the day of the event. (the club prefers cash or checks to save credit card fees). 
  • The price is $195.
  • Price is per driver - more than one driver per car can enter as long as the drivers qualify for different run groups.
  • Offline payment option:
  • Payment may be by cash or check made out to Team Continental (strongly preferred to save credit card service charges to the club)
  • Payments can be made at check-in or can be mailed to TC Track Time Trials Registrar PO Box 2273 Portland, OR 97208
Registration closed