ACCO Spring Track Day requirements on Apr 25, 2020 (353738) |

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ACCO Spring Track Day

Event Requirements

This event was cancelled Apr 22, 2020. Can we show you some more events nearby?


All cars that are not equipped with a permanently fixed roof must have roll over protection capable of protecting the driver / passenger in the event of an overturn vehicle.

The broom stick test applies (a line 2 inches over the driver’s helmet from the top of the bar to a forward point of the car capable of withstanding the force of an overturned vehicle…..ect).
Factory “pop up” roll bars that can be deployed, and measured (includes some BMW and others) that meet the above criteria will suffice.

Non-deployable (pyrotechnically activated) bars are not considered measurable and are not accepted.

Measurements are taken with the occupants in their normal driving position.
Several low cost rental cars with ICSCC inspected roll cages are available to accommodate those who require but prefer not to install a roll bar.

Guest should call for fit, pricing and availability. We can also refer those in need to a fabricator experienced in roll bar design and fitment.

Oregon Raceway Park 541-333-2452

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