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Central PA-PCA Wigglesworth Memorial Porsche ONLY

Event Requirements

This event was cancelled Mar 24, 2020. Can we show you some more events nearby?

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Helmet (Snell M or SA 2005 or newer) (a limited quantity of loaner helmets are available).   Car must pass safety tech inspection at the event.

You must be 16 or older, present a valid drivers license and a current PCA membership card (to receive the PCA registration price). Drivers under 18 must have parent or legal guardian present.

CPA-PCA Car Classing 2020 - Classing will be from PCA National Parade Competition Rules (PCRs).  Drivers should classify themselves correctly!  Please see full rules and class info here.  We are using slightly modified Small Region Classes shown below.  In-region competitors will be competing in a season long championship with a PAX handicap system.   


Showroom Stock – Basically “as delivered” in every way.  Zero modifications! Street Tires.

S1: 968 (All), 911 Carrera 2 (964:1990-1994), Carrera

4 (964:1989-1994), RS America (1993-1994), 911

Carrera (993:1995-1998), Boxster (986:1997-2004),

Boxster S (986:2000-2004); Boxster (987:2005-2012),

Cayman (2006-2012), Cayenne (9PA: 2003-On),

Panamera (2010- On), Boxster (981:2013-2016),

Cayman (981: 2013-2016), Macan (2014-On)


S2: Boxster (718: 2017-On), Boxster S (987:2005-2012),

Cayman (718: 2017-On), Cayman S (2006-2012), 911

Carrera (996:1999-2005), 911 Carrera (997:2005-

2011), 997S except X51 (2005-2009), 911 Carrera

(991:2012-On), all except 991S, 911C2 Turbo (964:

1990-1994), Boxster (981:2013-2016), Cayman S



S3: Boxster S (718: 2017-On), Cayman S (718: 2017-On),

991 (All), 992 (All), 993 Turbo (All), 996 Turbo (Non-GT2), 997S X51 (2007-2009), 997S/

GTS (2010-On), 991 S/GTS (2012-On), (All), Boxster

Spyder/Cayman R (2011-12), 996 GT2/GT3 (2002-2005), 997

997 Turbo/Turbo S(All),


S4: Taycan, Cayman GT4 (All), Boxster Spyder 4.0, 992 (All)

GT2/GT3/GT3RS (2007-On), Carrera GT (980:2004-On), 918 (2014-2015),

All other not classified


Production – Modest modifications allowed – suspension, wheels, brakes, safety etc.  NO body mods, no lightening, must use Street Tires.  Please read the rules!

P1: 356 (All), 912/912E (All), 914/4 (All), 924 (All),

Cayenne (9PA:2003- On), Panamera (2010- On),

911 (1965-1969), 911 (1970-1977), 911SC (1978-1983),

914/6 (All), 924S (all), 924 Turbo (931: All), 944,

(All), 944S (All), 944 Turbo (951: All), 928 (All),

Macan (2014-On), 911 Carrera 3.2 (1984-1989), 911 Speedster (1989),

911 Carrera 2 (964:1990-1994), Carrera 4 (964:1989-

1994), RS America (1993-1994), 944S2 (All), 968 (All), Boxster (986:1997-2004)


P2: 911 Turbo (1976-1989), 911 Carrera, Carrera S,

C4S (993:All), Boxster S (986:1997-2004), Boxster (987:2005-2012),

Cayman (2006-2012), Boxster (981:2013-2016),

Cayman (981: 2013-2016), 911 Carrera (996:1999-2004)


P3: 997S (2005-2009), Boxster (718: 2017-On), Cayman (718: 2017-On)

911C2 Turbo (964: 1990-1994), 997 Base, Boxster S (987:2005-2012),

Cayman S (2006-2012), Boxster S (981: 3013-2016), Cayman S (981)


P4: 911 Carrera (991/991S all), 993 Turbo (All), 996

Turbo (Non-GT2), 997S/GTS/ X51 All, 996 GT2/GT3 (2002- 2005),

Boxster Spyder, Cayman R, (2011-2012) Cayman GTS (981:2013-2016)



Cayman GT4, (All), GT2/GT3/GT3RS, 997 Turbo/Turbo S (All); Carrera GT (980:2004-On),

Boxster S (718: 2017-On), Cayman S (718: 2017-On), 918 (2014-2015), 911 R

911T, Taycan, 992 - All other not classified.


Improved – Many Mods allowed! Suspension, engine, trans, body, etc.  Must have full interior and working lights. DOT racing tires OK (Hoosiers)

I1: Improved Automobiles Air Cooled (-1998)

I2: Improved Water Cooled (1999-)

Modified - Anything goes, must be a Porsche!

Ladies - Ladies run in one class with PAX results

Novice - 1st year autocrossers only.


Please see full rules and classing information here.  For classing questions please contact Autocross Chair Rick Newman - newms911@comcast.net


Our autocrosses are designed to be friendly competition, not an all-out assault. Competitors should be sportsmanlike in self-classing. While it is possible to prepare a car to the limits of these rules that will soundly trounce more casually prepared cars that is non-sportsmanlike behavior and those competitors who insist on stretching the spirit to win will be asked to reevaluate their self-classing. Likewise, competitors who have modified their cars extensively but without regard to autocross competitiveness, should not be surprised to be bumped into a class with faster cars.

Ride-along policy - Our insurance does not allow any ride-along except for a driver and an instructor. Only instructors designated by the autocross chair are authorized. If there are two people in a car, one must be a CPA-PCA approved autocross instructor.

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