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PCA-SDR Cayenne/Macan Off-Road Adventure Tour

Event Requirements

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Porsche Cayenne or Macan capable of off-pavement driving.  A full tank of gas should work for the entire day including the drive to and from home within San Diego.  For reference, my '11 Cayenne Turbo uses 5/8 tank of gas for the entire off-road drive, including my 1 hour drive to Dudley's from home, plus my 1.5 hour drive back home at the end of the event.

All-terrain tires on smaller diameter wheels are preferred for decreased puncture risks, but good condition all-season tires even on 20-inch diameter wheels will be adequate.  Old tires with little to no tread depth will likely get you stuck in the sandy wash or climbing portions of this drive so please check your tires!!  Tire inflation at the lower "partial load" setting is recommended as airing down to a setting lower than "partial load" should not be necessary for this event and will likely trigger recurrent TPMS warnings.  Low-profile summer street type tires and wheels 21" or larger in diameter with minimal sidewall protection may work if you are careful but they do have a higher risk of punctures or even wheel damage from the rocky terrain that we may encounter.  Due to it being the rainy season, if it's muddy due to recent rains, summer street-focused tires will have a higher chance of getting your vehicle stuck on the trails we are planning to run.

Off-road driving experience is not necessary as we hope to aid new drivers to help manage any situations that may be uncertain.  And thanks to the Porsche off-road programming and control systems, challenging terrain can usually be passed with little effort.  Overall the trails are not overly difficult and should be handled by any version of Cayenne or Macan that is carefully driven with tires that have decent tread remaining.

The driver should have a working knowledge of the Off-road programming features specified on your Cayenne or Macan.  The owner's manual is the best place to familiarize yourself on the suspension settings, Off-road programming settings, and other features like Porsche Hill Control/Hill Descent - read up before the event, or email the event organizer and ask any questions you might have.  Since we are traveling off the road, we will want to be using Off-road mode!  In a Macan, that means just pressing the off-road program button on the console.  In the Cayennes, using the maximal amount of off-road features will make the drive much easier: use off-road mode, lock the center differential, and if equipped, lock the rear differential as well.

A well-maintained vehicle is essential, which includes:

  1. Tires in good condition with tire pressures set at the lower partial load setting; the full load setting will work, but will be less comfortable on the bumps and have a tendency to slide off or launch rocks and may have reduced traction compared to lower pressure setting of the partial load range.  Make sure valve stem caps are installed and if you have a full-sized spare, bring it!
  2. Fluids at proper levels as steep grades will angle the vehicle and if fluids are low, it may cause issues or warnings at a minimum.
  3. No known suspension or chassis control faults: we will be utilizing the traction control wizardry of your Porsche so properly functioning vehicle systems are important!
  4. Due to the bumps and ruts, remove or restrain all loose items inside and outside!  That includes headlights!

This is a special kind of PCA SDR event since the whole family can come along for the drive.  If minors will be attending the event, which they are absolutely encouraged to do, a Waiver for Minors must be signed by both parents.  If only one parent will be actually attending the event, download the waiver PDF, print it using a color printer, and have both parents sign the waiver, and bring it to be turned in at the 8:15am tour briefing at the Dudley's parking lot.  Both parents need to sign the waiver for any minors in attendance.

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