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BCA - Autocross #2 - Shelton (3 Days/4 Courses)

Event Requirements

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Welcome to BCA at Sanderson Field!

Due to the current situation, our drivers meeting will be done online. 


This event will have many differences from a typical event, not only due to the current Coronavirus situation, but because of the difference in venue.





  • You MUST obtain a wristband upon entry.
  • Tech inspection will be done on site - unless you have annual tech. Please be timely in getting tech inspection done. Tech will be primarily exterior - please remain IN your car.
  • Please have respect for the event and the people around you. Not everyone will want to shake hands or socialize. Some people are at high risk, and some have people that are high risk in their lives. Please respect everyone's decisions on distancing - its not likely that they have something against you. Though they might, and this is a great time to use social distancing as an excuse to avoid those people.
  • You get out of autocross what you put into it. Please look out for ways to help. The more people that volunteer, the smoother the event goes and the more runs you get in a safer environment.
    • We WILL be walking the course. Because of overlaps on this site we cannot do a parade lap. We will be STRICTLY enforcing the 6 foot distancing rule. We are lucky to be driving at all right now and we will NOT be taking it for granted. 
    • Unless you have a medical reason NOT to wear a mask, you MUST wear a mask while walking the course.


Stay alert!

Safety is everyone's responsibility. If you see something that does not look safe, say something. Find someone with a lanyard or find someone with a radio if it’s an


  • Safety is # 1
  • This is a Car Control Event, not a drift event. Due to the length of the course, it is vital that you do your best to keep under control. We will have up to FOUR cars on course at a time, and any spinout or "off" will result in significant delays. Offenders will be warned once, repeat offenders will lose their remaining runs.
  • Safety is # 1
  • There is some inherent risk involved with this sport. Due to the width of the site, there is a bit of added danger if a cars goes into the sand
  • Spinning out is a bigger issue in this event than in any other event. The rate at which cars are approaching you from behind, the lack of run out room if you go off track, the danger of sliding sideways into sand are all factors that make this more dangerous. Please do your best to stay under the limits and under control.
  • To illustrate the point for new people, Raise your hand if you have seen *many virtual hands raised, I promise*
    • Cars do 180’s and 360’s suddenly... at speed… in the rain AND dry
    • Driver get lost and drive the wrong way on the course
    • Vehicles hit a concrete barrier
    • A car slide off the course into a solid object coming out of the ground
    • A car going sideways through the finish and taking out the timing lights and hitting 20 cones...
    • A car have come to a complete stop to not hit a corner worker running to get a cone
    • Corner workers scatter as a car comes hurtling toward them out of control
    • Random cars drive onto the course while the course is hot
    • Spectators walk onto the course
    • Kids on bicycles
    • Skydivers (okay that one is site specific)
  • At every BCA event, the finish line and shut down area is an area designated to slow a vehicle down to less than 5 mph to travel through the pit/staging areas
  • Safety is # 1
  • Your car MUST come to a stop before entering the pit/staging/return area.
    • If you/your vehicle cannot stop in the amount of space designated, you probably have a mechanical problem and should be removed from the Grid until the mechanical problem is corrected. We will have tested the slow down area to ensure that there is sufficient distance to stop safely.
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure everyone is safe. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Go have fun and be safe!


  • You are the first line of defense for the driver and your corner worker team!
  • Never turn your back on a car. Make sure your team is not turning their backs on cars either!
  • If you don’t think that you can get to a cone and safely out of the way, DON'T TRY!!! It’s not worth it!
  • Be aware that there will be several cars on the course at any given time. If one car has gone by, another will be coming shortly.
  • Split up and spread out. Know the area that you are covering:
    • Try to memorize how the cones are laid out when you first get to your corner so it is easier to remember where they were before being drug away. If a cone is stuck under a car, don't run out to fix the missing cone without grabbing a spare! Watch to see if the cone comes out from under the car before disappearing into the distance.
    • Watch out for the other corner workers. They may be "in the zone" and run out onto the course when it is not safe.






This is really important: Red Flags

  • A red flag can be waved in an instant. A red stick cannot. Make sure your flag is IN HAND and UNFURLED.
  • When do we use a red flag?
    • When a car spins and Can not restart, if a participant is lost, or if an outside vehicle or pedestrian gets onto the course
    • When one red flag comes out…   all red flags come out! The driver may miss the first flag they pass
    • Get the driver’s attention but do NOT get in front of the car. Be visible but not in danger
    • Get on the radio “RED FLAG, RED FLAG". All cars will remain stopped until told to proceed
    • When allowed to proceed, the driver may travel at a reasonably safe speed thru the FINISH LINE timing lights
    • If you are the driver, and you see a red flag, come to a stop SAFELY and controlled. Wait for a corner worker to advise


Cars should be gridded up after it has been through tech. If you are driving first: After tech, take your car and get in grid.
If you are working first: After tech, park your car out of grid and proceed to course walk.

    • Please ensure that you have everything you need for your work assignment ready to go, to ensure a quick start. (water, sweatshirt, hat, etc)
      • This will expedite getting workers to stations and beginning runs, which means MORE RUNS!
    • Radios will already be at all stations
    • Please ensure that you have everything you need in grid after tech, and that your car is ready to go. Once course walks are finished, workers will be going to their assignments, and we will be starting IMMEDIATELY


  • When you finish your run, return to grid, get back into the SAME LINE and SAME ORDER you started
  • If you are on course and the car dies and cannot be restarted, it must be removed from the course before runs resume. Signal workers to relay this information to timing.
  • If you have to stop because of a red flag, and you did not cause the red flag, you will get a rerun at the end of the session
    • During a red flag, the starter will hold the staged car
  • Radio in when:
    • A red flag comes out or an unauthorized person or vehicle is on the course
    • When a driving penalty has occurred
  • How to use the radio:
    • Press and hold the button for one second, then report, the car number, and the number of downed cones or missed gates. If you don't hold down prior to talking, your message will get cut off.
    • We will split into TWO groups, which will either work or drive first, then switch. After lunch, we will return and repeat in the same order
  • Photographers wishing to take shots from inside the course boundary will need a safety vest and a spotter. Spotters will be positioned to be able to grab the photographer at all times
  • All others, including participants, need to stay off of the course
  • No kids under 14 or pets are allowed in the Grid Area
  • No drugs, alcohol, or controlled substance are allowed at this event
  • No cell phones


  • Why accuracy is important?  A two second penalty can make the difference between first place and 11th place
  • Cones standing and TOUCHING the chalked box = no penalty
  • Cones standing but completely OUTSIDE the box or knocked down = 2 seconds per cone
  • Cones at the start, before the timing lights, as well as those in the stopping lane after the finish ARE STILL PENALTIES
  • Missing a gate is a DNF and no time will be recorded
  • Pointer cones carry no penalty

Please proceed and acknowledge that you have read these items

Registration closed May 31, 2020 9:00 AM at 2020-05-31T09:00:00-0700
Registration opens January 3, 2020 12:00 AM at 2020-01-03T00:00:00-0800

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