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2020 PCA Zone 2 Advanced DE

Event Requirements

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  1. Participants must be at least 18 years of age, must have a valid driver’s license, and be a PCA member or member of a Zone 2 approved guest organization.  A valid driver’s license must be presented at registration.   Zone 2 reserves the right to reject any applicant for any reason.
  2. Guests are welcome; if under 18 years of age they must remain in spectator areas and are not allowed on the track, in the pits. Parents must sign a waiver for their minor aged children.
  3. No off-leash pets are permitted.
  4. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed by anyone (participant or guest) during the event.
  5. All participants will drive in one run group only. (This is an Advanced Group DE) 
  6. All cars must be pre-Tech Inspected prior to, but no earlier than 4 weeks before the event. Your car must be Teched by a professional repair facility or mechanic or a shop that specializes in your marque. A Zone 2 Tech form is required. It must be signed by the inspector and driver. Drivers MUST have completed BOTH registration and final car tech PRIOR to the driver’s meeting (approx 1:30)  or they will not be allowed to drive that day.  Tech Form Zone2AdvancedDE2019.pdf . PCA Club Race cars  that were entered in the Zone 2 race weekend with current and valid annual Tech inspections can show their logbooks to the Tech inspectors will not require a Tech form. 
  7. Participants must wear a SNELL 2010 or later approved helmet.  All open/convertible car drivers (including Cabriolets) must wear face shields or goggles and the car must have "fixed" roll-over protection (no factory pop-up bars allowed). Cars with roll bars/cages, race seats and harnesses must have head and neck resraints as well.
  8. Participants must wear rubber-soled shoes, long pants, and a long sleeved shirt.  (Natural, not synthetic fibers).  Cars that have been prepped for the track (race cars, stripped interior, cage, etc. are highly encouraged to wear a fire proof racing suit)
  9. Non-participants are not permitted to ride in cars.  Only registered drivers will be in cars.
  10. Harnesses (optional) must include a sub strap and be mounted in a manner consistent with the manufacturer’s recommendations and SCCA requirements.  Harnesses may only be used with seats designed to accommodate them. If your car is equipped with harnesses and racing seats you MUST wear a HANS or similar device (Bring to track Tech. 
  11. Fire extinguishers (optional) must be securely fastened metal-to-metal.  (Minimum 2.5 lb., two strap metal bracket is recommended.)
  12. All open cars, including Cabriolets and Boxsters, must have an approved roll bar mounted at least two inches above the driver’s helmet.   Until an approved after-market solution is found, many Boxsters with taller drivers will not meet the requirement and not qualify for participation.)  Roll hoops do not meet track specifications.  Roll hoop extensions for older Boxsters are available from Brey-Krause.
  13. All open cars, Targas and 914’s must run with tops up unless they have a full roll cage and any open car requires arm restraints and eye protection to be worn.
  14. All sunroofs must be closed.
  15. Driver side windows must be fully down.  Use of window nets is not permitted.
  16. Street tires must have a minimum tread depth of 2/32” completely around at least two grooves, excluding wear bars.  R-rated tires and slicks must have visible tread indicators around the circumference.
  17. Passing is only permitted with a signal from the car being passed.  
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