MAX BMW Off-Road Riding School - L1 requirements on Jun 23, 2020 (645709) |

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MAX BMW Off-Road Riding School - L1

Event Requirements

This event was cancelled May 12, 2020. Can we show you some more events nearby?


Make sure you have a safe reliable dual sport bike.

Tires must by knobby style tire we recommend the Continental TKC80 or Metzler Karoo.   Metzler Tourance, Michelin Ankee, or Heidenau tires are not suitable for the terrain at Hunter.

Tread dept should be greater than 50%

Make sure your bike has a strong battery since we will be starting and stopping the motorcycles all day.

If your bike is water cooled make sure all fans and cooling systems are functioning properly.  We will be riding slow in hot conditions for two days.

Luggage and tank bags must be removed for class.  GPS, radar, accessory lights should also be removed to prevent damage.


Proper protective riding gear is very important.

Jackets and pants should be breathable most of the class is slow speed in open areas with no shade.  Road riding suits without vents will make for a long day.

At minimum boots must cover the ankle.  We recommend a full motocross style boot to protect your feet and ankles from injury.  GS pro Rally boot is our favorite boot. (special pricing for students available)

Helmet a vented motorcoss helmet is recommended like the Arai XD or VX pro.  Full face or flip front road helmets are allowed but tend to be hot.

Gloves are required.


Drink lots of water days prior to the event.  If this is your first time off road you will be working harder than ever maneuvering your bike through difficult terrain.  There is plenty of help to pick up your bike and we always remain close to the main lodge so it's very easy to return back if you need a break.


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