Gimmick Rally requirements on Aug 16, 2020 (602189) |

This event is over! Can we show you some more events nearby?

Gimmick Rally

Event Requirements

This event was cancelled Jul 16, 2020. Can we show you some more events nearby?

All participants (both driver and navigator) must agree to sign two documents: 1) the standard PCA Event Waiver and 2) the PCA COVID-19 Release, in order to participate in the gimmick rally.  We are now able to sign both documents electronically on the MotorsportReg ("MSR") website using an app called SpeedWaiver.  There will be a link to the Speedwaiver app in both the registration confirmation page as well as the confirmation email.  Confirmation that both documents have been signed (along with your photo) can be downloaded onto your smartphone(s) to be displayed at event check-in.  The download will display the name and date of the event, and your photo, to confirm that you have signed both waivers.  If any difficulty is experienced in accomplishing the waiver signing, or downloading of the confirmation, please contact Alan Wagner (262) 416-8503.

This rally is another step toward getting back on our busy 2020 schedule that has been derailed by the Coronavirus pandemic.  We will be following health & safety guidlines established specifically for this event.  These guidelines are listed below:

1.    If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home.

2.    Registration for the rally shall be accomplished electronically via MSR (hopefully, that's why you are reading this) a minimum of 7 days prior to the rally date (i.e., by 10:00 PM CDT on August 9, 2020 aka: the "deadline").

3.    No late, nor on-site, registrations shall be accepted.

4.    The Rally Masters will provide details of the rally starting location and time to registered participants several days in advance of the rally date.

5.    Driving directions, questions, photo clues, and answer sheet, will be sent to all registered participants electronically prior to the tour date.  Participants should print this information, or have it available  on an easily accessible electronic device, and bring it with them for use on the event.

 6.    Both the standard PCA event waiver and the PCA COVID-19 release must be signed electronically by each participant in advance on (“MSR”) and confirmation must be displayed on each participant's smart phone at check in.

7.    The Rally Masters will wear a face mask during their confirmation of waiver signing on each participants’ smart phone at check-in.  The participants shall also wear face masks during the brief check-in process. 

8.    During the Drivers’/Navigators’ meeting, and at any other times together during the rally, a minimum of six-foot social distancing and the wearing of face masks is recommended.

9.    No touching of any car (other than your own) shall be allowed.

10.  At the completion of the rally, each teams' completed answer sheet(s) should immediately be turned in to the Rally Masters for scoring.

11. There will be 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-place winning teams .  In the event of a tie, the team turning in their score sheet first will be declared the winner.  Winning teams will be announced and recognized at the picnic following the rally, and later on our website, and in Steinlifters.  Winning teams will also be presented with codes for prizes on Amazon. 

Registration closed