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Where to Upload Images and Documents

When using our Text and Waiver editor, you have the ability to insert links to documents or images into your registration flow. This provides necessary information or helps customize the registration experience.

As of this writing, does not host the files for you. You need to have your own website where you place the files and then use the URL to those files as a link.

If you are not web-savvy, you will want to ask your webmaster to place the file on your webserver and give you the link. It will start with "http://" or "https://".

Whether you or someone else performs this step, be sure the file is sized appropriately for the web. Images should be 72dpi and generally no wider than about 500 pixels. The smaller the image, the faster the page will load and the less aggravation you will cause to your attendees.

What if I don't have a website?

If you don't have a website or need to get a document hosted quickly, we recommend setting up an account at is a free, hosted blogging platform that gives you up to 3GB of space to put images and documents.

By publishing your images and documents on your own site, you can copy and paste the links into your pages. Here's the steps necessary to upload documents to Wordpress and then get the links you need for MSR:

1. Create an account at You'll pick your own URL like

2. Log in to the administrative interface and upload the images or documents to your using the Media button in the left menu. It is available at a link like:

You can upload many documents at the same time.

3. For each uploaded document, you will see a block that lists the uploaded file location. It is a URL that begins with "". You want to select this URL in its entirety and then right-click and copy the URL.

You can also find this same information by going to the Media library at and clicking on any particular document.

4. Paste that document URL into the text and waiver area as appropriate and save. For images, click the image button on the toolbar and paste in the URL to your GIF, JPG or PNG image.

Your text and waiver pages will now serve your documents and images from

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