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Weekend Event With Friday Open Track

This event recipe is designed for multiple-day track events, generally lapping days or driving schools, where the previous Friday is an optional day (perhaps for instructors and/or advanced students only).

Secret Sauce

The Weekend Event With Friday Open Track has a small number of segments corresponding to the days and an order form with various options to choose from. The weekend portion of the event may be handled as a single block or as individual days.


This event is based on our Single Day Event Recipe. Changes and additions are listed below.


  • Basic Settings - Set the event dates field to reflect to multi-day nature of the event.
  • Text and Waiver - Consider including basic pricing information on the Advertisement Page so people can see what the event costs before they create a account.


A multi-day event with individual day purchases requires at minimum a segment for the Friday and least one segment for the weekend. You may optionally use a segment for each weekend day if you allow individual day sales or assign different instructors each day, etc. In either case, the goal is to allow for who's-on-track-today style reporting.

Registration Form

  • Packages/Inventory - You will want to create packages that offer the range of registration options available; i.e. Friday, Sat, Sun, Sat+Sun (perhaps reflecting a slight discount). Each package should contain an appropriate inventory item so you can get inventory counts on a per-day basis (you may also use inventory limits to close registration for days that sell out).
    • Since people have a surprising propensity to attempt to sign up for multiple options when only one is appropriate (i.e. Saturday and Saturday+Sunday), you should put your available packages in a Group.
    • It's possible that the Friday option may be available only to Instructors, in which case you may want to hide the package from Drivers/Attendees. In any case, the package descriptive text is a good place to explain who is eligible to purchase it.
  • Assigners - An assigner should be created for each day and nested under the appropriate matching package. For combination packages (i.e. Saturday+Sunday) it's generally easiest to create one assigner than assigns to both segments. That way, the registrant only needs to choose a vehicle once.
    • For special days like Friday, you may want to have the assigner force an assignment to a specific class or group (ie "Advanced") to save yourself some classification effort later.