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SCCA Weekend Memberships

We support the SCCA National web service which lets us send information back and forth between our systems. We use this for membership verification and remitting weekend memberships. Although primarily used by Solo and RallyCross, it is also possible for a club racer from another sanctioning body to compete in a regional race weekend with a weekend membership.

Our weekend membership tool has the following benefits:

  1. Eliminates need to fill out triplicate form on-site
  2. Eliminates manual reconciliation and submission to SCCA National
  3. Computer-to-computer submission reduces billing errors from National to Region

Each weekend membership remitted will generate a $5 invoice from SCCA National. Notify your treasurer!


  1. Event setup
  2. Remitting to SCCA National
  3. Weekend membership certificate

Event Setup

First, you must have an SCCA web service token on file which your Regional Executive can request from National at 1-800-770-2055.

The weekend membership tool is driven by an inventory item in the form builder. Just like an entry item, t-shirt or lunch, you will need a weekend membership inventory item. We generally see one of two approaches on the registration form:

  1. Standalone "Weekend Member" package for $5-$15 on the registration form
  2. "Member" and "Non-member" packages in a mutually-exclusive group

In both cases, rather than relying on the honor system, you can enforce the correct selection through a validation rule like the following:

validation rule to force selection based on membership status

If the membership doesn't come back from SCCA National as valid through the date of the event, then we will force the attendee to select the non-member or weekend membership package. Because your inventory item is tied to the package, the remittance tool will pick up on all attendees who purchased it.

Remitting to SCCA National

SCCA Regions see an additional link when managing registrations for Weekend Memberships. The tool lets you select which attendees to send to National and generate memberships.

remitting weekend memberships

According to SCCA National, you can remit this after the event meaning you can first remove your cancels and no-shows. This will prevent you from being charged for someone who did not attend the event and greatly reduces your reconciliation efforts with National!

Weekend Membership Certificate

For each attendee with an email on file, we will deliver a certificate when you remit to National:

Weekend membership certificate

We include details on how to redeem it for a discount and upgrade to a full SCCA membership. If you provide a custom note in the preceding step, it will appear between the upsell and the "Generated By..." text.

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