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Waitlist Manager

The waitlist manager is a simple tool that shows you everyone with a waitlist status ordered by their registration date. You have the ability to update attendee statuses in any order desired regardless of the registration date.


Currently this tool helps you change the attendee status of waitlisted attendees. It does not automatically notify the people you clear.


If you have attendees on the waitlist, they will be listed with their registration date and any outstanding balance:

Generally you will move an attendee from Waitlist New or Waitlist Confirmed to be New or On Hold and save them.

  • If payment is required at the time of registration, attendees will not be able to pay while on the waitlist, changing their status here will allow them to return to the site and pay or finalize their registration.
  • If you are using deferred payment processing, the payment information will be captured at the time of registration and you will be able to process the charge once you change the status from waitlist.

Customers using our Premium Plan using deferred payment processing will already have an account on file and can charge the attendee at that time.

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