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Vehicle Profile users have the ability to list vehicles in their garage. Whenever an event asks attendees for their vehicle information, their vehicle is automatically filled in, or if they have multiple vehicles in their garage, they are presented with a drop-down menu to choose from their list of vehicles.


Each vehicle has a profile that includes various information that can be used for efficient event management.


  • Year & Make: Custom makes can be entered by selecting Other from the drop-down menu (located at the very bottom)
  • Preferred Numbers: Organizers see these on the Assignments screen for use at their discretion
  • Reports: Each data point within the vehicle profile can be arbitrarily chosen for inclusion on reports. Some fields are optionally available combined into one cell (year/make/model/color)
  • Validating Data: Instead of asking vehicle specific questions on every registration form, validation rules can be used on Assigners to check the various bits of data on a vehicle profile.