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Time Trials With HPDE Recipe

This event recipe is designed for combined HPDE and Time Trial events.

Secret Sauce

The Time Trial With HPDE Event has small number of segments, a minimum number of classes/run groups, and a very simple order form with minimal options to choose from.


This event is based on our Multiple Day Event Recipe. Changes and additions are listed below.

Club Profile

Add classes for the Time Trial in the Classes area under the Club Profile menu.


You should create as many segments as you need for the HPDE, as well as a segment for each Time Trial day that will be run. You can enable/disable classes as appropriate for each segment (i.e. disable HPDE classes for the Time Trial segments, etc).

Registration Form

  • Packages/Inventory - In addition to the HPDE package(s), create Time Trial packages with inventory for each Time Trial option available.
    • If the Time Trial is mutually exclusive with the HPDE, put all registation packages in a Group to enforce the exclusive behavior.
  • Assigners - In addition to the HPDE assigner, you should create a Time Trial assigner for each Time Trial segment available and nest it under the appropriate package.
    • In cases where a registrant wants to pick a different run group/class for each day, separate assigners for each day will be required.