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Street Survival Registrar FAQ is the Official Registration Service of the Tire Rack Street Survival teen driving program. These are common questions we receive from new organizers when using MSR for their first Street Survival event. For more help, please see the complete documentation index.

How Do I Get Started?

For administrative access to your Street Survival event data, start by signing in as an event organizer. You can sign in from the home page by clicking the organizer link in the lower right-hand corner.

See Who is Registered

You can access the event list, from the top black navigation bar. Click "Registrations" for an event. You can sort the registrations by any of the columns (click on the green up/down arrows).

Create an Entry List

Once you are viewing registrations:

  • Click on the Reports link above the list of attendees
  • Scroll down to "Attendees" and select the "All Active Registrations" report.

Send an Email Blast (including the parents)

When parents register their teens, they generally enter their teen's email address when they create the account. The parent's email address is captured in a Club Question (referred to as custom data).

If you send an email blast out with information about your event, you'll want to send the email to both the teen and the parent. By default, only sends email to the email address of the account (the teen). To add the parent's email from Club Questions, follow these 2 steps:

Step 1: Get the Parents Email Addresses:

  • Go to the Event, then Registrations, Reports
  • Under the Attendees section, select "All active registrations w/custom data"
  • Export the results to Excel
  • Open the file in Excel, Copy the column with Parent’s Email address to your clipboard.

Step 2: Compose your Email

  • Click the "Email Blaster" link just above the reports content you just generated
  • Click the button to Compose Message
  • On the next page, click on the Show/Hide the List link
  • Under Add Additional Recipients, paste the parent's email addresses that you copied to your clipboard
  • Compose your email and send

Move a Student From the Waitlist Into the Event

As spaces become available, you can move students off the waitlist by changing their registration status to either "new" or "confirmed". Contact them to let them know they've been accepted into the event (and you require payment). From the registration screen, click their email address to notify them.

If the student confirms participating in the event, they can finalize the registration by logging onto MSR and clicking on the Billing tab. Successful payment guarantees their registration.

See more information about processing waitlisted registrations.

Giving Access to Local Staff

If you need another local staff member to have admin access, contact Bill Wade (, the Program Manager for the Tire Rack Street Survival Teen Driving Program. He is the only one authorized to grant this access.

Set up Instructor Registration Online (for a TRSS event)

Under most circumstances we recommend handling student and instructor registration in the same event to keep your attendees together. However, in the case of Street Survival events, adding an instructor registration option to the form simply confuses parents. We have seen better results keeping the student and instructor registrations separate making it as easy as possible to get teens registered.

We recommend you create a separate event for Instructor Registration in your main account (BWW CCA, SCCA, etc) and NOT in your Street Survival account.