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Status and Workflow

Behind member profiles and registrations is a powerful workflow system that lets hands-on administrators track progress from start to finish. Two types of statuses are available: member status which is attached to the profile and attendee status, which changes from event to event for each registration.


Updating statuses is optional, however, certain statuses can trigger special behavior. An example is the Inactive member status will prevent profiles in your database from receiving email. By default, all member and registration statuses start out as New. Statuses can only be modified by an administrator with two exceptions:

  1. Attendee cancels their registration
  2. Membership verification can automatically set expired and approved based on an uploaded membership file or an external verification service like the one that SCCA offers

Relatively few organizations update member statuses but a majority use attendee statuses. We recommend, for all but the simplest events or for events where there are no prerequisites to verify, to use the attendee status.


  1. Membership sales and renewals
  2. Using status as a filter in reporting and email blaster
  3. Restricting registrations to Approved members only
  4. Blocking future registrations with Blacklist status
  5. Use inventory limits to automatically use Waitlist registration status
  6. Disabling New Registration Workflow

Membership Sales and Renewals

Many organizations without a National entity use to sell or renew memberships online. The process normally follows these steps:

  1. Setup an annual or long-running "Membership Event"
  2. Process new entries by editing member profile
    1. Set membership end date based on purchase
    2. Set member status to approved
  3. Use report filters to get expiring or expired members and send reminder emails

Exports can be used to generate membership cards, send postal mail or any other needed membership tasks.

Using status as a filter

Attendee and Member status can be used as a filter in many places including:

  1. Email Blaster
  2. Reporting
  3. Public attendee list

Restricting registrations to Approved members allows you to host "invite only" or "members only" events by utilizing the Approved member status. When configuring the event, selecting the "Invite/Members Only?" option will limit event registration to approved members in your club's member database. This setting can be toggled at any time, meaning that you can give early registration access to club members for a period of time and then allow non-members to register at a later date.

Blocking registrations with Blacklist

The Blacklisted member status can be used to prevent certain people from registering for your events. If a registrant's member status in your club is set to Blacklisted, they will be presented with a message stating that their registration has been prevented by the event organizer and to contact the organizer for more information (the organizer's email address will be listed as well). The Blacklisted status is used very rarely but is available for your convenience.

Inventory limits to force Waitlist can enforce quantities for items on the order form and automatically build a waitlist when those items sell out. To enable inventory quantity limits, visit the Registration Form and click a package in the Parts Bin. In the editor in the right pane of the Form Builder, set the quantity available for each inventory item in the Inventory area (0 means there is no limit for this item) by clicking and typing in the Quantity column.

Inventory Item Settings

In this example, 100 race entries are available. To enable waitlisting for a package when it sells out, check the "Allow waitlist when inventory items sell out?" box and then save the package. When any inventory item in the package sells out, the package will sell out as well and (if waitlisting is enabled) anyone purchasing the package will be placed on the waitlist automatically.

Disabling New Registration Workflow

If your events do not require reviewing registrations or accepting entries (common for competitive events like Races or Autocross), then you may elect to disable most of the workflow by changing your default attendee status for an event from "New" to "Confirmed".

Attendees will still be able to Cancel, be placed on the Waitlist or Checked In subject to your other settings but you will no longer move registrations from New to Confirmed.