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Single Day Event Recipe

This event recipe is designed for single-day track events, generally lapping days or driving schools. It's one of the simplest event types to create in

Secret Sauce

The Single Day Event generally has only one segment, a minimum number of classes/run groups, and a very simple order form with minimal options to choose from.


This is a basic event setup.


  • Basic Settings - set the event beginning and end dates to the same value to indicate that this is a single-day event.
  • Text and Waiver - the Text and Waiver page is where you communicate event details to your participants.
    • The Advertisement Page - we recommend including some basic pricing information here, particularly for events such as autocross that don't have a long list of prerequisites for participation.
    • The Pre-Reg Requirements Page is used to list any minimum requirements that people must meet in order to attend your event (must have a driver's license, etc).
    • Use the Offline Payment Instructions box to provide alternate, offline payment methods if you are not requiring payment online. Examples are: mailing address for checks, Paypal address for Paypal payments, etc.
    • The Confirmation Page can be used to list last-minute reminders for attendees, including links to tech forms and the event schedule.
    • The Email Confirmation Page can be used to list last-minute reminders for attendees, including links to tech forms and the event schedule. This is particularly helpful as it ends up in the registrant's email Inbox.
  • Attendee List - set the Attendee List to include as much or as little information as you wish. Unchecking the "Make attendee list for this segment public to the world?" will limit visibility of the list to registered attendees only, which may be important if you have privacy concerns.


A Single Day Event generally requires only one Segment. If you allow registrants to choose their own run group/class, remember to enable the appropriate classes/groups in the segment.

If your event uses the Permanent Number Manager, choose a number pool for this segment as well.

Registration Form

  • Packages/Inventory - Generally, a one-day event has minimal package needs. At a minimum, you will need an Event Entry package and an associated inventory item. You may opt for additional variants of this package to handle non-member pricing, $0 instructor entries, early bird pricing, etc.
  • Event Questions - You may add question for any specific information you wish to collect during registration. T-shirt size, lunch choice, etc. are all candidates for event questions.
  • Assigners - A minimum of one assigner is required to ensure that assignments are correctly created in registrations. Typically, the assigner asks for a vehicle and optionally a car number (if registrants can choose their own) and a class/group (if registrants can choose their own run group). If your event has only one assigner, it's position on the order form does not matter (although it may make sense to place it near the event entry packages). If you have more than one assigner (perhaps to differentiate students from in instructors), you should nest an assigner under each package as appropriate so that the correct assigner is triggered when a package is chosen.
  • Date Constraints - Date constraints may be added to items on the Form Layout to enable early bird discounts, late fees, etc. as appropriate.