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Returning Event Masters

If you're feeling a bit rusty, jump-start your event set-up process with this short refresher video and cruise through your pre-season prep.

This video gives you an overview of the settings you need to review and highlights the areas you may need to update when creating your new events. It will walk you through the new event setup, with a suggested order for making changes.

Event Organizer Refresher Video

Event organizer refresher video

If you're thinking that's a good start, but you need more detail, then view the checklist below that accompanies the video (we don't want you to have to take notes!). It has links to our in-depth online help topics and even includes a few extra tips not captured in the video.

Enjoy, but no need to make popcorn, clocking in at a mere 7 minutes, the video will be half over before your popcorn is even ready!

Checklist for Setting up New Event

We've created this checklist to help remind you of the things to review and possibly update when setting up events for a new season.

Club Profile – These are global settings that can apply to any of your events like Venues, Classes, Groups, Numbers, Admin Users. If you have any of those changes, make them first.

Event Settings Review

If you are creating a new event, the best place to start is often with an old event. This is automated with our event cloning function.

Basic Settings -- Update & review the venue, event dates, reg open & close dates, cancellation policy, default registration status, payment method, default attendee status and registrar.

Text & Waiver -- Start making changes here, as it will help you think through the changes you need to make on the Registration Form. Each section has a mini text editor -- use toolbar at the top for links/images and text formatting.

Segments – You might need to update your number pool selection, classes, groups, PAX/Modifiers or class to group mappings. You generally need a segment for each separate "part" of your event.

Registration Form Review

Parts Bin - click on the following items Parts Bin(the left-hand pane) to edit them in the far right pane (i.e.: for pricing changes).

Form Layout - Review the following items to make sure they are still applicable to your current event. Click on these in the form layout (middle section)to edit them in the far right pane.

While in the Registration Form, you can Edit or Preview the form in far right pane. You can also preview the entire registration process by using the Preview tab.

Public Attendee List

Attendee List – This should reflect any setup changes you have made in the segments. You need an assigner on the Form Layout for information to be displayed on the public attendee list. Check any of the fields that you have captured during registration. You also have the option to restrict the visibility to registrants only.

Move between Settings & Registrations

You can use the far right tab to toggle between Registrations & Settings. If you are in the Settings, the far right tab will be Registrations, and vice versa, allowing you to easily navigate between the two.

Registrations Review

Review Registrations - Review registrations and updated as needed. Check the following areas:

  • Assignments
  • Packages
  • Payments – credits/discounts/online & offline payments

We also have some tips on the daily management of registrations.

Dashboard - This is an overview of what's going on with your event. You will see the last 5 registration and inventory counts.


Test, test, test - do your own testing, then ask a couple of people to run through the registration before you set it live. To test before it opens:

  • Basic Settings - make the event NOT visible, but open (reg open date)
  • Send the direct link to a few people to test out (have them go as far as Preview Order step).

Get your events listed early! Use stub events if don’t have all of the details:

  • Complete Basic Settings
  • In the Text & Waiver section, add some brief text in Advertisement & Requirements sections (indicate that more information will be coming soon or tbd)

Look for common event set-up mistakes.

Additional Resources

Looking for more in-depth information? Try our Event Masters Training or extensive online Help.

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