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Refunds & Credits

Our reconciliation manager aids in quickly identifying attendees who are due a refund and processing credits. It is located under the "Post-Event" tab when working with Registrations. Currently we only allow in-system Credits towards a future event but we may make it possible to refund back to a credit card in the future. For refunds, this tool will help locate which attendees are due a check.


When creating credits, you can use the following options to control when and where the credit may be applied:

  • Restrict to event
    • Valid for all events will let the credit be used for any event run by your organization
    • Restrict to a single event will only display and accept the credit for a single event.
  • Expires date - the last date the credit may be used. After this date, it will no longer be available for redemption.
  • Note - a brief note here about why the credit is being given will help in remembering later. You may also consider adding the name of the person who processed it.


When loading the refunds and credit tool, it will include all attendees set to Canceled, Declined or Deleted. It will list each attendee with their current status, the date they canceled, the amount owed, amount paid and the difference, if any, between them. In the credit amount box, we suggest a full refund that you can edit as your refund policy dictates.

Under each attendee we list a full history of credits so you can verify you are not giving an attendee more credit than they are due and prevent double-credits being assigned.

If you do not wish to process a credit for an attendee, uncheck the box to the left of each attendee and it will remove them from the processing queue.

Clicking the Preview button at the bottom will draw a new screen with the credits that you're about to save:

If you're happy with your work and ready to save the credits, you can optionally send an email to each attendee to notify them of the action. Click save to finish:

The next time the attendee registers for an event with your organization where the credit can be used, it will appear on their payment screen to be applied towards their balance.

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