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Refunds back to the original credit card or bank account were introduced in July of 2010. There is no additional cost and it is faster and easier than writing a check! Our refunds have some special characteristics and limitations. Please see below for a full understanding.


There is no fee for processing a refund . However, the original transaction fee is not refunded. You may refund any amount up to the original transaction total. For example: On a $100 transaction, the fee is 5% + $0.30 resulting in a net amount of $94.70. You can refund any amount up to $100 using funds currently held between disbursements.

We recommend having a cancellation fee of 5% to cover the fees. An alternative is to offer an in-system credit for free as a way of keeping the person participating in the future.


Payments must meet all of the following conditions to be refunded back to the original account:

  • Be a charge (you cannot refund a refund)
  • Be settled with the bank
    • For USD credit cards, the batch is settled nightly around midnight
    • For USD e-checks, the batch has a fluctuating settlement window so we check each time
    • For CAD credit cards, charges are settled immediately and are immediately refundable
  • Be no later than 90 days after the event OR 14 days since the charge was processed, whichever comes later
  • Most importantly, you must have funds pending disbursement in the current pay period to refund against

The Refund "Kitty"

Refunds are returned from payments you have collected from your attendees. The amount in your kitty is always equal to the online payments processed for the current pay period minus the total fees.

For example: You have an ongoing event and collected $5,000 between June 16th and 30th. It is now July 6th and you have only collected $300.00 since the current pay period began on July 1st. If a registrant cancels and you wish to process a refund in the amount of $500.00 – you will not be allowed because the amount you are trying to refund is greater than the amount of payments minus fees. You will need to wait until you have collected more payments or process the refund by check.

How to Refund

Refunds may be made one at a time from the registration screen or done in batch using our reconciliation manager (not yet available).

Refunds vs. Voids

When refunding a payment, you may see a red "Void 'til EOD" button which allows you to void an unsettled payment. In contrast to a refund, a void is processed before the payment is settled and no fees are charged. There is no guarantee that a payment may be voided as additional limitations (such as one payment that covers multiple events) may prevent a payment from being available for voiding. In those cases, refund the charge instead.

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