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Event Recipe Template

Discuss the purpose of this particular event configuration. Is it for club races, is it common among PCA driving schools, popular for rallies? Tags/categories will help define this but outline the purpose.

Secret Sauce

In two or three lines, describe what makes this event setup unique or special. "Uses two segments to capture different entries for saturday and sunday" or something similar.


This event is based on our RecipeForBasicDrivingSchool (or RecipeForBasicClubRace or RecipeForBasicSolo or RecipeForBasicSocial or ... ?) Changes and additions are listed below.


  • Basic Settings
  • Text and Waiver
    • Remind people to put basic pricing info in the advert/requirements, particularly for low barrier to entry events like Solo and HPDE, so people can see cost before getting an account.
  • Attendee list


How many you need, naming strategies (e.g., SCCA might name them after Sanction numbers). Solo or one-day events might keep it simple and name it "RaceDay" or "Solo" so they don't continually rename them.

Talk about using numbers or not, link to NumberManager for competitive activities to discuss pros and cons.

Registration Form

  • Packages/Inventory
  • Event Questions
  • Assigners
  • Date Constraints
  • Validation Rules
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