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Race With Enduro Event Recipe

This event recipe is designed for race + enduro competitive event (for example, an SCCA Regional With Enduro).

Secret Sauce

The Race Plus Enduro Event generally has only two segments, a selection of classes and race groups, and an order form with various race options to choose from.


This event is based on the Double Race recipe. Changes to the basic setup are listed below.


  • Basic Settings - set the event beginning and end dates as appropriate.

Registration Form

  • Packages/Inventory - Generally, a race event with enduro has a relatively short list of packages. At a minimum, you will need an Race Entry package for the main race, with an associated inventory item, plus a package and inventory item for the Enduro. You may opt for additional variants of these packages to handle non-member pricing, early bird pricing, etc.
    • The separate Enduro package is important, as racers may be signing up to race the Enduro as part of another entry (i.e. they are a second driver). You should probably create a Primary Driver Name question to nest under the Enduro entry so you can match secondary drivers with their teams.
    • Since the Enduro is usually an additional race on top of the main race, you probably don't want to put those packages in a Group as that would make them mutually exclusive.
  • Assigners - You will need an assigner for each race entry that requests car/class/group/number information. Each assigner should be nested under the appropriate entry package.
    • Generally you would not create a specific assigner for a Race+Enduro entry package that creates assignments in both the race and enduro segments, as people may not be running the same car in both events.