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Collecting payment is central to the registration process. supports several options depending on the plan and the situation for each event.

Event Payment Options

For customers on our Premium or White Label plans, each event has a customizable payment control with an option that permits deferred payment processing:

Payment options; deferred is reserved for Premium Plan customers

  • Not allowed - no payments will be accepted online for this event
  • Required - real-time payment is required in order to complete registration
  • Deferred - a form of payment guaranty must be provided and successfully verified but will be charged at a later date TBD by the organizer

Credit Card Payments

For integrated payments, offers Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Customers may also opt to accept American Express.

Premium and White Label plan customers have the option of our deferred payment processing feature, letting them verify the card at registration but charge it any time they like including as late as after the event!

E-Check Payments

We also support electronic checks (known as E-Checks) where the attendee enters a bank routing number and account number to electronically transfer funds. A small percentage of attendees are more comfortable paying from their checking account than a credit card and select this option.

As of February 2015, we are deprecating our acceptance of e-checks due to our banking provider discontinuing support in mid-2015.

Offline Payments

We support two kinds of payments, Offline and Online. An offline payment may be cash, check or some other payment source such as Paypal or Google checkout. You may also enter a credit or discount directly to a registration using the offline payment feature in addition to our regular credit and discount code support.

We recommend you record all of your registrations and payment details into to have a single, accurate database for your event. To encourage this, we do not charge any fees for entering an offline payment. Managing a spreadsheet or notes in addition to data in the system is likely to lead to errors.

Standard plan customers should put an offline payment address or directions into their confirmation texts instructing the attendee how to send payment. Once payment is received, the registrar can record it which will update the balance due.

Accepting Paypal

Because Paypal is not a bank and is not regulated like a bank, they do at times freeze funds and accounts of their customers. We did not feel comfortable being the middle man in a transaction where funds may not be available to one of our customers when they needed to pay a track deposit or buy equipment or pay the catering bill. Monies to run events are the most important thing we deal with and the risk (albeit small) of a frozen account with Paypal was simply too great to accept.

See for more details:

To use Paypal in conjunction with, simply process it like an offline payment:

  1. Provide a paypal email address in your confirmation text
  2. Premium/White Label plan customers who make payment optional can also fill out the offline payment tab under Text and Waiver
  3. Receive funds via email
  4. Record it using an offline payment
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