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Parts Bin

The Parts Bin is the left pane of the form builder and contains the core elements you can place on the form layout one or more times. Any questions you want to ask, any packages you want to sell and any assignments you want to create are managed here.

Each type is represented by an icon:

  • event question - Event questions collect per-event information. Specify the format and optionally the list of answers.
  • packages and inventory - Packages & Inventory are the things you sell and how much you charge. Control who can buy and how many can be sold.
  • - Assigners collect vehicle, class and group details to generate assignments. Enforce permanent numbers or select PAX classes.
  • - Co-Driver Pickers let one participant indicate they are sharing a vehicle or teaming up with another to link assignments together (Premium Plan Only).

Parts bin, the left pane of the Form Builder


  1. Add, Delete or Clone
  2. Creating from scratch
  3. Cloning for speed
  4. Reordering elements

Add, Delete, Clone

Using either the wrench ( ) or right-clicking in the Parts Bin will expose a menu that lets you manipulate this list:

Parts bin menu

If multiple people are updating the form builder simultaneously (say, over the phone) you can use the Refresh option to update any changes that may have been made.

Creating from scratch

To create a new question, package or assigner, click the wrench or right-click, roll-over the "Add" menu item and make your selection. In the right pane, a blank form will be loaded letting you fill in the details for that particular object. For more information about each, see the following:

The Edit pane on the right will look like one of the following depending on the type of item you create:

Edit pane

Cloning for speed

If you are creating a series of similar items, most commonly packages or assigners, it may be faster to use the Clone option. For example, a common scenario for two-day events is to provide three packages:

  • Saturday Only - $x
  • Sunday Only - $x
  • Saturday + Sunday - $y

Race organizations may have a series of similar selections for different series-with-in-a-series or specialized events (enduros, test days, etc). Cloning will quickly make a duplicate of the original letting you modify just the difference.

Once clone is clicked, the duplicate will be loaded in the Edit pane where changes can be made and the new item can be saved.

Reordering Elements

The order that questions and packages appear in the Parts Bin impact the order they are displayed in the registration screen and the order they appear left-to-right in Reports. It is possible to change this order by dragging an item up and down inside of the Parts Bin.

Keep in mind you can only drag Packages within packages, Questions within questions and so forth.

Once dropped, you will see upon subsequent reloads that the items retain the new order.

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