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New Events

There are two ways of creating new events, from scratch using our wizards and cloning. Cloning is the preferred solution because it avoids creating the registration form and information from scratch. In rare instances where you are creating a completely different kind of event, it may be less work to use our wizard than clone an existing event.

Both approaches begin by clicking "Events" in the top navigation.

How would you like to create a new event?

Begin by deciding how many Segments your event requires. This is important so please review the documentation in case you are unsure.


Both wizards ask for most of the same information to create the bones of an event with a minimum of effort:

Both single and multi-segment wizards collect this information

These fields should look familiar as they primarily come from the basic settings screen plus a jump start for the things you will sell.

If you create a multi-Segment event, the multi-segment wizard will also ask for the names of up to three segments:

Pick up to three segment names

To have less than three segments (or less than four packages), simply leave the additional fields blank. Once you click Create Event, you will have the opportunity to then edit all of the parameters of the event using the standard tools.

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