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Multiple Day Event, Sold Individually

This event recipe is designed for multiple-day track events, generally lapping days or driving schools, where days are sold as individual purchases (and may include an all-days option).

Secret Sauce

The Multiple Day Event, Sold Individually has a small number of segments corresponding to the days and an order form with various options to choose from.


This event is based on our Single Day Event Recipe. Changes and additions are listed below.


  • Basic Settings - Set the event dates field to reflect to multi-day nature of the event.
  • Text and Waiver - Consider including basic pricing information on the Advertisement Page so people can see what the event costs before they create a account.


A multi-day event with individual day purchases requires a segment for each day, allowing registrants to sign up for the days they wish to attend and allowing for who's-on-track-today style reporting.

Registration Form

  • Packages/Inventory - You will want to create packages that offer the range of registration options available; i.e. Day1, Day2, Day1+Day2 (perhaps reflecting a slight discount). Each package should contain an appropriate inventory item so you can get inventory counts on a per-day basis (you may also use inventory limits to close registration for days that sell out).
    • Since people have a surprising propensity to attempt to sign up for multiple options when only one is appropriate (i.e. Saturday and Saturday+Sunday), you should put your available packages in a Group.
  • Assigners - An assigner should be created for each day and nested under the appropriate matching package. For combination packages (i.e. Saturday+Sunday) it's generally easiest to create one assigner than assigns to both segments. That way, the registrant only needs to choose a vehicle once.