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Multiple Day Event Sold As Single Block Recipe

This event recipe is designed for multiple-day track events, generally lapping days or driving schools, where both days are sold as a single block and individual day purchases are not allowed. It's one of the simplest event types to create in

Secret Sauce

The Single Day Event has either one or a small number of segments, a minimum number of classes/run groups, and a very simple order form with minimal options to choose from..


This event is based on our Single Day Event Recipe. Changes and additions are listed below.


  • Basic Settings - Set the event dates field to reflect to two-day nature of the event.
  • Text and Waiver
    • Consider including basic pricing information on the Advertisement Page so people can see what the event costs before they create a account.


Ordinarily, a multi-day event where days may not be purchased separately would require only one segment. The exception is when you would like to change various assignment options from day to two. For example, if you would like to assign different instructors to students each day, you would create a segment for each day to capture that information. Likewise, if a given student would like to be in different run groups each day, a segment for each day would be required.

Registration Form

  • Assigners - An assigner may assign to as many segments as you wish. In the case where you have a multi-day event and require more than one segment (to enable instructor rotation, for example), it's generally easiest to create one assigner than assigns to more than one segment. That way, the registrant only needs to choose a vehicle once.
    • In cases where a registrant wants to pick a different run group/class for each day, separate assigners for each day will be required.