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Service Plans

We offer three plans currently:

  1. Standard - completely free, no integrated payments
  2. Premium - integrated payments cost 5.0% + $.30 per transaction
  3. White Label - Custom

There are no startup fees, monthly fees, event fees or fees of any kind beyond what's listed above. We charge a small percentage that is easy to budget with your entry fees regardless of whether you have 1 or 1000 registrations.

You can see an overview of the features here

It's important to understand that you can use essentially all of the EventMaster 360° registration and management tools for $0. The only fee we ever levy is when we process a real-time credit card or e-check payment. These fees include the 3+% that banks charge whether they use us, another payment processing service or their own merchant account.

You can see more about how these plans compare at

All plans receive the same fanatical customer support regardless of size or volume.

Standard Plan

The Standard plan includes nearly all of our registration and management tools at no cost. Because the organizer is responsible for collecting payment outside of our service, we do not charge any fees.

Premium Plan

The Premium plan includes everything in the Standard plan plus the following:

White Label Plan

The White Label plan includes everything in the Premium plan plus the following:

The White Label plan usually includes a fixed monthly fee in addition to processing fees and is designed for organizations who make their living running events and need a higher level of private labeling and integration.

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time by contacting us.