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Membership Event

Secret Sauce

The unusual part of a membership event is the idea of membership renewal as an event. Attendee’s don’t normally think of renewing their membership in terms of an event they register for. Practically speaking though, it’s only different in concept.

The attendee registers for something, in this case it’s their membership dues, they pay for it, and they are able to participate as an active member of the organization for a period of time. This event will be displayed on your organizations private landing page on MSR along with your other events, so the reality is that it is very visible to members (even if the concept is a bit fuzzy) and it becomes one-stop shopping for your attendees.

You can use this in conjunction with membership processing on MSR. If your organization is part of a national organization, you can use the automated membership process. If not, you can either upload a membership file or you can manually adjust the member status and expiration date.


The event set up is very similar to any other event with at least 1 segment and corresponding assigner. On the Basic Settings Page, you want to set the event type to “Membership”.

Club Profile

Generally, the only addition you might need to make is to add a venue for the event. Since a physical location doesn’t make the most sense for this type of event, you can use the mailing address for the Membership Office for your organization.


You’ll want to have a segment for Membership so that you can display and report on attendees that renew their member online. You could also add one for Name Badges if you think it would be helpful to display this information on the public attendee list.

Registration Form

  • Packages/Inventory – Set up packages for each of your membership options (annual, 2 or 3 year memberships, if you offer them). If you are offering name badges for sale, include a package for them. You can use custom/event questions to collect any additional information (ie: name as they want it to appear on the badge). You can export this information by including custom data in your report.
  • Assigners – You need one assigner for each segment. Most likely, this will only be one for membership, but you might also have one for name badges if you’ve determined it will be helpful to display that on the public attendee list.
  • Form Layout – Nothing tricky here. If you offer multiple membership renewal options, nest them under a group icon (that is set to required) on the Form Layout so that the attendee can only select only one option. If you offer name badges, keep those packages outside of the membership group so that anyone can select them, but are not required to.