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Member Types

As of December 2010, supports up to 28 customizable member types in your database. By default, all organizations start out with two types: Drivers/Attendees and Instructors. Adding custom types is a feature of the premium plan.


Custom membership types permit segmenting of your member database for customer relationship management (CRM) purposes. Since member types can be both visible and invisible to your attendees, they can be used to create public and private segments for reporting, registration forms and email blasts. Each member type may be separately assigned to a member profile and event registration.

While always visible to organizers, specify whether members may see or select these types when editing their profiles. You can also automatically assign it to new members as a default. In some cases the type may not be deleted but it can always be disabled ("soft-delete") which will eliminate it from drop downs, lists and other parts of the system.

Every profile added to your club's member database automatically inherits whatever types you specify as default. This includes, at a minimum, the "Driver/Attendee". As an organizer, you can also flag accounts as Instructors as appropriate and remove the Driver/Attendee status. These member types are used to control what members see while editing their user profiles (in the case of Club Question) or registering for events (in the case of Packages or Event Questions).


  1. Show/hide registration form elements
  2. Profile versus event-specific types
  3. Customizable types
  4. Filtering in reports, email blaster

Show/hide registration form elements

These member flags may be used to show and hide elements of your registration form. Note: removing all of the member types from a profile will result in a blank order form when trying to register for an event.

Profile versus event-specific flags

There are instances where a member may normally participate in a role but for one event they will hold another position or vice versa. To accommodate this, we support both a profile flag, which is attached to the member profile as well as an attendee flag attached to the registration. When registering, the event-specific flags default to the current profile flags.

One example is the per-event instructing flag that defaults to the member profile flag. The two flags allow regular instructors to be an ordinary participant at a given event or to treat an regular participant as an instructor for a single event (e.g., on a trial basis). This event-specific override may be performed for any member type. If Mary is flagged as an instructor on her profile and registers for an event, she will also have the event-specific flag even if she does not select instructor-specific registration options.

Note that changing the flag in either place does not update the other.

Customizable Types

For premium plan customers, the two default types may be extended to a total of 28 custom types. Use it to track racers, staff, volunteers, workers, stewards, board members, officials and more.

Note that at no time can you modify the two default types of Driver/Attendee and Instructor.

Filtering in reports, email blaster

A key aspect of CRM is segmenting your members for a more tailored experience and communications. Analyzing your data by member type will provide insight to improve your program.

Our reporting suite and email blaster support filtering results by one or more member types to give you exactly the data or mailing list you need to be successful.

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