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Member Status

Member Statuses are one of our two Workflow Statuses that can identify membership or participant status independent of any single event.

There are two statuses in our system: Attendee status (per event) and member status (across all events). Generally, green is good, yellow means it might need your attention and red means the person is no longer relevant.


  1. Identifying active, expired and inactive members in membership-based organizations
    1. Memberships may be renewed through as one type of event
  2. Membership status is a filter for Reports and Email Blaster
  3. Approved status can be used in conjunction with invite only events to limit who can register
  4. Inactive status prevents member from receiving email from club (a method of opting out of mailings)
  5. Blacklist status can prevent difficult participants from registering for future events

Member Status Graphics

Approved. Someone has reviewed this member and flagged them as approved. This may mean their membership is valid for member-based organizations or it may mean their profile has been reviewed and accepted as complete. Uses the small green check in small form:
New. Every member in your database defaults to new. Uses the yellow star in small form
On Hold. You are waiting for something from this member or there is some question about their account. Uses the yellow question mark in small form:
Expired. Membership or participation permission has lapsed for your organization. This may be set automatically by membership verification when attendees register if you use this feature. Uses the yellow hourglass in small form:
Inactive. This person is not currently active with the club or doesn't want to receive emails. They can still register for events with this status. Uses the red X in small form:
Blacklisted. This person is no longer welcome at your events and will be prevented from registering once this status is set. Uses the red X in small form:
Deleted. This person has been removed from your member database. In some instances, such as after registering for an event or making a payment, we cannot delete the member profile from the database. We use this flag instead to indicate they have been removed. Also uses the red X in small form:

Note that these graphics may be similar to, but are different from attendee status which changes from event to event.

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