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Virtual Log Books

Any racer is familiar with a log book - it's their record of participation and includes any infractions or tech inspection notes and must be presented along with the vehicle whenever it is entered into a race.'s Virtual Look Book is a similar record-keeping tool for all participants and for all event types. Not designed to replace a vehicle log book, our virtual book attaches any kind of note to any member in your database. Like Club Questions, this data is event-independent and is attached to the member profile.


There are several attractive features of the virtual log book functionality:

  • Entries can be anonymous or linked to the reporter (the person who filed it)
  • Entries can be about a subject or left anonymous as a general entry
  • Entries accept rich formatting for tables and more complex or structured notes
  • Entries have flexible sharing attributes:
    • No sharing, keep private to the organization and only administrators can see the content
    • Share with other organizers using with whom the subject also participates
    • Share with other organizers on and the subject of the entry making it visible to the person it was written about

Entry types are configured as part of your Club Profile at Log Book Types.

With hundreds of organizations using, the sharing options become a powerful database of background information on participants from around the country. Our strong customer density in most major markets of the United States mean the odds are good that you will find shared feedback about your participants.

Certain organization types like club racing may not find much value in this feature because they already have a structured licensing system for monitoring their racers. However, driving school, open track and other organizations with lower barriers to participation can find background information that will help confirm or refute claims about experience and skill level. It is designed to help loosely connect event organizers with additional information they may find relevant.


  1. Instructor or participant feedback
  2. Incident, off track or spin reports
  3. Financial notes

Instructor or Participant Feedback

By configuring log book types for "Feedback", you can collect and record feedback from your attendees in the database. For driving school programs, it may be worthwhile to distinguish between instructor feedback about students and student feedback about instructors.

Currently, there is no provision for the participant to enter the data online; it is an admin-only function. We have discussed adding one but the delay before entry is generally thought to lead to poor feedback and recollection.

Successful programs using this feature are collecting feedback at the track on notepads or in binders. Following the event, the administrative team enters the data into the system (often as part of a club-sponsored evening with food and drink to make data entry more tolerable!), making necessary edits and selecting the proper sharing flag:

If the feedback is flagged as share with subject, the attendee can log in and find all of their log book entries under the My Account tab like so:

Incident, Off Track or Spin Reports

By configuring a log book type for "Incident", "Contact", "Off Track" or "Spin" you can collect and record driving behavior feedback in the database.

Depending on the severity, you may wish to combine this with our Blacklist status to prevent bad apples from registering for future events with your organization.

Financial Notes

By configuring a log book type for "Financials", your registrar or treasurer can record payment issues in the database. While there are several places to record notes about payments, specifically as part of a credit and in the public or private notes of a single registration, it may also make sense to attach a note to the member profile to make it easier to see during future registrations.

There are always one or two in every group who create headaches for the registrar with bounced checks, late payments and other financial issues. These entries can serve as a record in the event further action is required at a later date.

Depending on the severity, you may wish to combine this with our Blacklist status to prevent troublemakers from registering for future events with your organization.

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