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Last Minute Trackjunkies Mailing List

Like the airlines, offers a mailing list for last minute discounts on track events. When an organization is running into problems filling an event and needs a last-minute bump, we can send a blast to our opt-in list to everyone within 300 miles of an event. We try to avoid sending it to anyone already registered in order to reduce the chances that an existing registrant will become upset by a late discount offer.

This is a free service we extend to our Premium or White Label plan customers as a courtesy, but is not part of any plan and may not be available on demand. Simply create a discount code for 15-20% off and we will use that as the basis for the blast. Please let us know if we can help.

Here's a sample email. You provide the "organizer" content between the lines:
Track Guys at Hallet this weekend - 15% discount code!

This is the "Last Minute Track Specials" mailing list from

Tired of seeing big corporations get all of the bailout money?  How about a 15% economic stimulus package for your track budget?  That's what Track Guys are offering as an incentive to attend their two-day event at Hallet this weekend, September 12-13, 2009 when you use discount code "LMTJHALLET09".

You guys in the midwest have it great - $225 for a TWO DAY event?!?  Out here in California that would barely get you on the track at Sears Point or Laguna Seca for a single day with 5 run groups and a ton of cars.  Take advantage of this deal!

Here's what organizer Dell Hughes had to say:

You, your car, our instructors... helping you realize your true driving potential.

Isn't it time to get you and your high-performance car on the same page? Track Guys Performance Driving Events can help you develop the skills you'll need to get the most out of both your car and it's driver. Track Guys events are open to all makes and models of cars (sorry, no 4x4 trucks or SUVs). "Any car can be driven well," says Jeff Lacina, Track Guys owner and lead instructor. "It really isn't about what you drive as much as20it is how you drive what you've got. Especially when you're starting out, technique is much more important than technology."
Track Guys events also provide seasoned, veteran track dogs with plenty of laps and seat time to hone their skills and tune their cars. Additionally, participants will get to drive "both" directions of Hallett: counter-clock on Saturday, clock-wise on Sunday - two tracks for the price of one weekend!
And most i mportantly, this Track Guys event will be run as the Mark Bettin Memorial, will all raffle, donations and profits from the event being donated to Mark Bettin's widow, Lisa. Mark was a long-time Track Guys instructor and died as a result of injuries sustained in a bicycling accident. "We have no doubt that Mark would have been instructing at this event, so, even if he isn’t with us in person, he will most certainly be with us in spirit," says Lacina. "and as a group, we will be doing something at the track in memory of our friend Mark."
Cost for the Mark Bettin Memorial, Track Guys event at Hallett is $250 for two full days on track. Please tell pass this information along to your fellow drivers, rookie or experienced, and register online at: or contact Jeff Lacina at or Dell Hughes at for more information.
And we sincerely hope to see you at Hallett for this very special event.


Mark Bettin Memorial Track Event at Hallett
Friday Sep 11 - Sunday Sep 13, 2009
$112.50/day or $225 for weekend

Registration CLOSES Thursday, September 10 at 11:59PM Central:


Use discount code LMTJHALLET09 when registering!

Keep the shiny side up,

Brian Ghidinelli
Owner, Pukka Software

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